Virgin365: day three hundred and twenty-six… Wheelchair Challenge (against toddler!)

Virgin365: day three hundred and twenty-three…December Challenge

Virgin365: day one hundred and ninety-nine…Ice Bucket Challenge

365 ONE: day 234…Happy Birthday Daddy!

Day 234: August 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Honey Pie” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Photos of Dad”

Anything to Note =

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful amazing dad!!

It is his birthday and me and my mum are in the UK and he is in Greece….which in the history of my life has never happened before. I have spent every single birthday with my father, and always made an effort to be where ever he is in the world, by his side to celebrate.

But today.

I tried so hard to find him a flight over but I failed.

I searched for days and nothing. Everything was sold out or outrageous in price! And I mean outrageous!!! Like thousands of pounds or euros – I mean even if you had lots of money it’s still not justifiable to spend such an outrageous amount of money to go just within Europe…these prices are equivalent to flying to America from Greece, or even to Australia and beyond!

This must be a combination of fuel prices, cutting back on the number of planes they have out there, that it’s August still, that the Paralympics start tonight, that people booked holidays after the Olympics ended, and pure poop against the less financially able, like us!!

Poop I say, again!!

So it’s just a little sad today as we can’t be together, and I, the travel agent in the family could not make it happen, so I feel guilty 😦

And it’s just sad as it centers around our financial crisis my family is going through and what life used to be about – just jump on a plane and go, anything for family – and now – when every penny needs to be watched or taken into consideration or justified…and I have always hated money and been money conscious but for my parents this downhill has really hurt them. And they are still just so generous and wanting to give us, give me, everything…and since I can’t fly I know my dad wanted to be here for me, with me, to give me that, and…could not.


I need to seriously play the lottery because I owe him the world. I hate money so much but life cannot function without it and I just wish I had it for my parents, not me. I am the eternal bargain hunter 🙂 And they come first in my eyes.

I’m sorry daddy.

Happy Birthday Loon (that is our nickname for each other, between me and my dad, which I know sounds funny and weird haha, but its Loon or Loonie, or Loonaki – Greek variations of that word!!)

I have no idea how and when that came about actually haha!! But it has nothing to do with the literal English translation of a crazy person or a bird haha! Just special nicknames for each other 🙂

Can you tell I am the ultimate daddy’s little girl???!!!!

My dad wants to come over for the birth of the little schmonkie so I will just have to organize a birthday celebration for my dad then…and get him some big presents to make up for him not being here with us today 🙂


365 ONE: day 4 and i’m exhausted!

Day 4: January 12th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Jumping Jacks/Leg Jumps onto a Bench (no idea what to call this exercise really!)

Dance of the Day was = “Womanizer” by Britney Spears

Improvised Acting Video uploaded to my other blog was what I refer to as = “Train Track”

Anything to Note =

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. I was a wreck today – so so tired. Didn’t feel like sneaking in some of my 365 criteria along the day today as was just not in the mood. I also feel quite sore mainly I think from the foam roller stretching exercises I have to do – has anyone used a foam roller before? I was told by the PT to get one and use it daily as my muscles are extremely tight and it turns out my tight muscles are what is affecting my knee, which I am not allowed to run on. Rolling myself over this roller on my calves and sides of my legs friggin’ HURTS!!! It’s enough to make you cry, seriously! I know it’s for the good but holy mother of mary!!!!!!!!


Who invented that stupid phrase anyway???

No sleep and also being on day 4 of just fruit and veg is also not a great combination. I am not sure how long I will stay on this fruit and veg only detox thing I invented. I have done it for a whole month before!! But that’s extreme….yes, I know, my middle name…but it’s not very healthy to do that and one of my 365 criteria is “Eat Healthy” so I can’t be on this detox forever….although what a challenge to do fruit and veg for 365 days!! WOWZA! Get it out of my mind! Out, I say!! Let’s not encourage me to do that!!

I got out of rehearsal earlier than expected today which was nice but then had to still do so many criteria like the Acting Improv, Dance of the Day, and my effing Cardio!

So, I have complained about low volume dancing and it not being enjoyable so soft, but now I don’t know what’s worse – low volume or dancing with the ipod and headphones on. I thought this would solve the loudness I want but where to put the ipod is an issue. Tried in my back pocket of my jeans and then it made my trousers fall down so kept hiking it up. Then shifted to putting it in my bra, which I normally do with my sports bra when I run in Greece or anywhere as I don’t like to hold anything – but a regular bra is not so supportive so kept falling out too. And the stupid earphones need to be pressed back in over and over. It ruined my Britney song and I LOVE BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!!!!!! Sad. (The experience, not me, so stop shaking your heads at me!!)

I ended up inventing my cardio on the way home in sketchy Athens Park! Was just spitting with rain so decided to do jumping jacks amid another exercise = swapping legs up on a bench up and down (hard to explain – no idea what to name it really). Anyway, made my pulse race….so check! 🙂

The sketchy men in the sketchy park though were watching me with their sketchy eyebrows raised…..oh how I love silent judging from strangers!

365 ONE: day 3 (Woo-Hoo! or Woo-UGH!)

Day 3: January 11th 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Speed Walking/Loom Movement Rehearsal Training

Dance of the Day was = “Sweet About Me” by Gabriella Cilmi

Improvised Acting Video to other blog was what I refer to as = “Stairwell Scare”

Anything to Note….

Well, today was Stairwell Day!! Meaning I ended up doing the improvised acting video in a stairwell in my office I found, and then later I ended up doing my sit-ups requirement in another stairwell before rehearsal started as had 10 mins to spare!! Stairwells were not a planned space! It felt like I have been sneaking in 365 criteria all over here and there! Recording with my ipod seemed to be annoying today – it wouldn’t load to youtube for hours so I got all panicky but finally it went through! I was already playing out how furious I would be to have to scrap that and do another one, so two in one day and I’m already doing enough!! I also would love a REMOTE!! As I have to turn on and off the video recording and it kind of has to be now a part of the piece or I have to figure out ways to get around it somehow..it’s proving annoying I guess. Does a remote for an ipod touch exist?

ALSO….and this is fun-nay!! I ended up doing my dance in the DISABLED TOILET at my office!! I put my ipod on the ground and on low volume and danced away! I of course picked the disabled loo because it was bigger since my dancing is full-blown out dancing mania 🙂 It happened to be perfect timing as literally just as the song ended someone came in, so I rushed for the ground to pause the song and flushed the toilet, made sounds with my jeans zipper to pretend I was done….not sure if I roused curiosity or made someone feel uncomfortable, or just simply made that person in the stall next to me think there was someone crazy in there with her 🙂 Oh well! I got the dance done, didn’t I??!! But here’s what I realize…so I LOVE TO DANCE…I want to be cage-dancer or go-go girl or a back-up dancer or a bar dancer – which I am haha! But dancing to a song on super low volume is just sad and crappy and I don’t like it! It needs to be cranked and loud and dark around….with a strobe light….or something Euro-techno like I love and crave!!

Despite all the UGH I feel I learned that I needed a checklist so that I can through-out my day mark off what’s been done to keep track. So I decided on copying and pasting the ELEVEN FRIGGIN’ CRITERIA to 365 days in the notes section on my Blackberry calendar and now I can just delete what’s been done. I need something since I am so busy every day, most until after 10pm, that I have to interweave it all within my day. Let’s hope this works or nothing happens to my Blackberry!!!

My heart just skipped a beat thinking about that…..

365 ONE: day 1 & 2

So its day two…meaning its 363 days to go still….HOLY SH**********T!!!!

I guess I technically need to report on two days since yesterday was my introduction to the whole 365 ONE Challenge on here, where I must blog daily. I accepted the challenge and then I went home and had to complete all the criteria I had set forth for myself.

My question is = why did I not pick only one thing to do for a whole year and not ELEVEN friggin’ criteria to do DAILY!!!! It’s too late…I must now take the challenge. Ugh. I was trying to explain the whole thing to my mum on the phone back in London and she said something along the lines of “Are you crazy?” and started laughing! What did she ask me…same as what I just asked…

Mum: “Zoe, why didn’t you just pick one thing to do for a whole year??”

Me: “I don’t know. I should have. But it didn’t sound as extreme, and you know, I’m extreme girl”

Like I am some kind of superhero – “Extreme Girl” to the rescue….of herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mum did make a valid point though, in that I blog daily as one criteria and I have to upload a new improvised piece every day to my Zoe The Actor blog, and this is evidence of me doing it, but the rest of the criteria like the fitness, cardio, daily dance, transportation crazo rules I guess you will have to take my word for it. I wanted to upload a dance video every day too but then I discovered that the music of the song would be heard and that’s copywrighted…so I don’t know – maybe I will come up with something along the way as proof or something to show other than to write about it – silent video of me dancing???? Any ideas???

Mum: “They will just have to take your word for it. So then no one will know if you don’t do it”

Me: “I would know!!!! And that’s the whole point! I would know I cheated!!”

And that’s it. This is my challenge, so folks – you may have to take my word for it that I did the number of sit-ups and push-ups and such but I will not lie to you. If I fail a criteria then you will be the first to know! Let’s hope I make all ELEVEN all 365 DAYS!! I really don’t want to fail 😦

So….to report:

Day 1: January 9th 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Wii Just Dance 2

Dance of the Day was = “Its Raining Men” by The Weather Girls

Improvised Acting Video to other blog was what I refer to as = “Big Glasses”

Anything to Note = Day 1 was hard!! I decided to add a fruit and vegetable only detox as my Eat Healthy criteria…..why would I make it harder….shoot me! I wanted to go on a detox. Thinking of a week of just fruit and veg, maybe longer. But not sure as rehearsal packed schedule starts so hmmm.

Day 2: January 10th 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!

Cardio = Running up and down stairs/Walking

Dance of the Day = “Family Affair” by Mary J. Blige

Improvised Acting Video uploaded to my other blog was what I refer to as = “Office Theft”

Anything to Note = Haven’t actually seen the whole of my uploaded video yet haha!! Recorded it and then my boss came in while I was playing back so just uploaded it! And still haven’t had time yet to view it! Today wasn’t even a busy day compared to what it can be and will be starting tomorrow and I found myself crunched with time – meaning, I did the 20 push-ups in the office bathroom!!! I also danced to the song in the office with the door shut. I’m sure the offices across the road were laughing their asses off if they saw anything 🙂 I feel like this may be a way for me to incorporate the criteria into my days so I expect more to come ahead of fitness in the loo and dancing to the skyscrapers across the way!!!

Oh, and note to self: don’t do the stretching exercises in tight jeans!!!!!!!


OKAY….the first 365 Challenge has begun! Challenge Name: 365 ONE

START: 7.30am January 9th 2012

END: 7.30am January 7th 2013

What is 365 Challenge?

Exactly what it sounds like! It is the challenge to do something for 365 days – one whole year!! I have a nickname….”Extreme Girl”….and here is something extreme! I challenge myself to do a 365 Challenge! I came up with 365 Challenge a while ago and finally today it begins!!

What is 365 ONE?

Also exactly how it sounds! So, I had to be careful as I literally wrote a whole list of what I wanted to do for my first 365 Challenge….and my list grew and grew as you can imagine because I’m clearly crazy. I decided on the below criteria, which I still consider to be “extreme” but a list I can I hope maintain realistically through thick and thin!

What Must I do EVERY DAY for 365 ONE?

*20 Push-Ups

*2 Minutes of the Plank

*40 Sit-Ups


*Dance to One Full Song, with Each Day Being a Different Song

*Some Form of Cardio

*To Not Sit on Public Transportation

*To Stand on Tiptoes During Every Subway Tunnel in NYC, or Through Two Stops if Abroad

*Eat Healthier

*Upload Improvised Piece to My Other Blog = Zoe The Actor = http://zoetheactor.wordpress.com

*Blog About this all Here!

Join me! Challenge yourself to do something for 365 days! And tell me about it 🙂

Check back along the way on my two blogs!!