TESTING 1…2…365: Bob Bob Bobby Pin


Is It Time For A New One?

I keep getting comments on how people miss my blogs…

You mean the crazy 365 stunt??

The video uploads of my little monkey??

The daily crazy talk?? I could not have been that interesting so it must be about my little peanut!


How can you resist that face?

It’s a new year…is it already time for a new 365 challenge??

Is it?



Wine Spiral

My 365 day challenge finished yesterday yet I picked up the iPad as if to write my 365 blog entry…like I was on auto pilot!!


After 365 days, or a little more, of not drinking, I had my first quarter of a glass of red wine tonight! No more in case it knocked me off my chair! Apparently it made me a little cuckoo according to Stuart…well I kept doing the masturbation male ejaculation hand gesture over and over for some reason haha!! I say that’s just me being overtired and not wasted on my quarter of a glass!

Which tasted a little…..


Although in the photo taken I looked pained to be drinking it haha!

I didn’t miss drinking funnily enough. I would say to go T Total but I’m not sure I would last forever with no booze! That doesn’t sound quite right when related to me…even I know that!

That quarter of a glass has made me super duper tired…fighting staying awake. Imagine what more than a quarter of a glass would do to me!! Sounds amazing!!! It could put me completely out…and then I can perhaps sleep finally as I haven’t since 1952!!!!

Drinking wine has made me want to break all the other eleven 365 criteria I had to abide by!!!!

Is that what is next???

I feel like a rebel!! Even though I’m allowed to do (or not do) the 365 criteria…as I already won!!!

What a rebel am I with my old lady wine portion of a quarter of a glass haha!

I’ve left the apartment like a bomb has exploded…just too tired to even look at it right now…wow, I have turned into a rebel!

Against myself?

Is that even allowed???

365 ONE: day 365…DAY 365!!!!!!!! I DID IT!!!!

Day 365: January 7th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = traveling and carrying a million things and bouncing the little one in the ergo carrier

Dance of the Day was = “Our Love’s in (Jeopardy)” by DJ De Marchi

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Plane to America”

Anything to Note =


I DID IT!!!!!!

365 Challenge is COMPLETE!!!!!

I can’t believe it!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe I did it!!!!

For one whole year I successfully completed the following EVERY DAY!!!!

*20 Push-Ups (with some pregnancy and post birth adjustments πŸ™‚ !!)

*2 Minutes of the Plank (again with some post birth adjustments)

*40 Sit-Ups (and again with some post birth adjustments)


*Dance to One Full Song, with Each Day Being a Different Song

*Some Form of Cardio

*To Not Sit on Public Transportation (unless I was going to pass out…I think I sat for a partial moment/journey two or three times….however I didn’t sit when I had the onset of my labour contractions on the bus!)

*To Stand on Tiptoes During Every Subway Tunnel across water in NYC, or Through Two Stops if Abroad

*Eat Healthier

*Upload Improvised Piece to My Other Blog = Zoe The Actor = http://zoetheactor.wordpress.com

*Blog About it all here


*No alcohol! (which came about later as I realized I was pregnant nine days into the challenge and I hadn’t drunk those first few days, so I added it to the criteria to go all the way!)

So I ended up doing TWELVE criteria EVERY DAY for 365 days!!!

Holy cow!

I’m proud of me. I am.

Of course the perfectionist extreme girl in me is a little harsh and said I could have done it better. I am mad that I had to do any adjusting really with pregnancy and especially post birth in having a c-section! I am also annoyed that I could not go as extreme as I would have wanted with cardio in the post c-section time…but I am always hard on myself with everything! I’m never satisfied.

Funny story….I once got a fortune cookie which said “You are never satisfied with anything” in which I immediately responded with…

“I’m getting another one”

Haha!! True to the word! That was back in college.

Of course I also didn’t reach out with my 365 challenge for charity…an element that I had wanted to do but I got swept up with the million things I was doing while pregnant/with the baby, and just could not seem to get time to figure that out.

So now that is a goal…how can I touch the charitable element post 365 blog.

What is post this 365 blog anyway???

Many people have asked me what is next?

Good question!!!

I just arrived home to our apartment in NYC to this…


I have such good friends πŸ™‚

They made it a little easier as it’s definitely weird being back in NYC after being gone for almost 6 months. And returning to this apartment with a little baby just feels bizarre! It’s like my old life suddenly got a shock to the system! Old meets new! Or old has to interfuse with new…somehow! Amid the piles and crazy amount of crap shoved all over in this apartment!

So what is next then now that this is complete??

I have a few tricks up my sleeve so watch out! Check back in. I’m certainly not going anywhere….right now.


I just found out….

I’m pregnant. Again.


Just joking!!!!

Just kidding!!!!!!

Or am I?

365 ONE: day 364…Packing Guru!

Day 364: January 6th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Packing and Sorting

Dance of the Day was = “The Girls” by Calvin Harris

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Frozen Breast Milk”

Anything to Note =

Tomorrow (today rather since it is almost 2.30am here) we leave for NYC.

The apartment looks like a bomb hit it…although better now as I have packed four suitcases…or rather three since I had to pack the one with the Moses basket in it to see how much I could fit in and then had to unpack it as that is what Alexaki needed to sleep in.

Sleep. Who am I kidding?? It’s 2.30am and he is still awake in the next room fighting closing his eyes! He went from painful crying to smiling when we tried to settle him. Poor Stuart is in there with him and he has to be up in like three hours as his flight leaves at 9am something…via Detroit!!!! It was literally the only flight I could find with my Delta Airmiles…so we can’t complain that he has a layover in Detroit! And there can be no complaining from the Stu-meister since I will be the one bouncing the poor little chap up and down the aisles for eight hours of flight while Stuart snoozes and watches movies!

Ugh. I really hope that Alexaki does not have a problem with his ears on the plane. He is still so stuffy and sniffley and blocked up. I have problems with my sinuses and ears sometimes when landing – that horrible feeling like they are going to explode! Ugh! I really hope he doesn’t feel that.

My little jet setter!

As Stuart said earlier….he’s just three months old and will have taken two trips already – one to Greece and one to NYC! A true Anastassiou baby πŸ™‚

Was just told the Sleep Sheep has finally settled the little monkey!

Even though its late it was kind of good that Alexaki was still awake until late as I hadn’t finishing the packing chaos! And I would have had to stop until he awoke again as it would have been too loud.

I am the best packer but I admit I am a little crazo with packing! My mum referred to me as Bossy Boots earlier! Well, I kind of had to be with all the masses amount of stuff were bringing back! We have six months of stuff here – mostly for the little one! Thank heavens we got items that could fold and be broken down…because I would not have been able to get everything in!

And I did it!

I even got the ‘maybe’ pile in!!

It took me the whole friggin day and luggage scales to get it done – and we only had to pay for one extra bag!

Each bag is literally exactly the right allowance…I’m telling you, I have a natural packing talent.

Only problem is its now late, I’m in pain from being on my feet all day, and am feeling wide awake as I’m still in adrenalin packing mode…and I have a full day of traveling ahead!

And I’m not sure yet what is going on really.

Am I happy to be going back to NYC? Am I sad to be leaving London?

I am sad to leave my dad tomorrow. We all fly to America and he is flying to Greece. He’s sad. He feels like we are all leaving him…but he has to take care of matters in person that have already been out off. He’s sad because he doesn’t want to miss out on any growth or new things or anything involving his little grandson Alexaki, since he has been with him from the beginning.

He feels like Alexaki is his strength to fight his battles. His hope. His courage.

He is. Alexaki makes everything better when you look at him πŸ™‚

Lets just pray tomorrow is not a hell travel day.

Tomorrow (I don’t count it being ‘today’ as a new day to me can only be deemed a new day if I’ve gone to sleep first)…tomorrow is quite the day.

Tomorrow is travel day AND my last day of 365. Now that’s friggin crazy! One more day!

Holy cow.

One more day.

All a bit of a whirlwind so I’m just focusing on what’s in front of my nose as they say! Things to get done, to occupy me.

I’m allergic to something. I keep getting itchy bite-like things. Could it be plastic? Trying to think of things I do every day as I get them every day. Could I be allergic to this 365 challenge haha? Or my baby??

He may be allergic to me….well, my breast milk…which is me, isn’t it?!!

Wouldn’t that be funny if it turned out I was allergic to him.


What is wrong with me??!!!!

365 ONE: day 363…HURU!

Day 363: January 5th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = bouncing and sorting into piles to pack and taking down Christmas stuff

Dance of the Day was = “Dancing on Ice” music

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Baby TV”

Anything to Note =

It is less than two days until we leave and I have not packed yet!!!

We had the Burgess family over today to see them one last time before we’re back in the summer, so we said our goodbyes with a sad face 😦

Next time they see Alexaki he will be something like 10 months old!! I can’t even understand what that means really? Will he be bigger? Longer? Taller? Fatter?

Will he be crawling? Walking? Talking? A singing and dancing clown monkey??

A little bar man who can bring his daddy beers at the ring of a bell? I actually gave Stuart that for Christmas…no really I did! It’s a bell and it has something like “Ring for Beer” on it! Haha! I thought it was funny…but in reality if he rings that bell he ain’t getting no beer from me yo!

Perhaps a first job for our 10 month old walking talking singing dancing clown monkey of a boy??? What?….too young for slave labour?

But who will tend to daddy’s needs???


Haha! And I haven’t even had any Fosters beer! Do you guys have that commercial over in the USA with the Aussie boys and Fosters beer? Otherwise Huru will mean nothing to you guys!

Well, here…this is a good one…

Ahhhh my Aussie peeps!

Stuart and I have started saying Huru now at random times! It’s brilliant!

Well, I’m Australian so I’m allowed yo!

I love how I can be three nationalities…when I want to…when it serves me best! Of course at the heart of it all I am Greek. I call myself Greek because at my core that is who I am and what I associate more with.

But, especially for auditions and acting roles, I am authentically British and Australian. I have a passport to all three so I am a national of both…all three countries….so it’s like I live three lives….and it depends on the day, the mood, the role to what I am and/or will be that day πŸ™‚

It’s like those documentaries about people living double lives and they get caught out…I sometimes feel like I’m just waiting to be found out that I’m not 100% Australian, or 100% Greek, or 100% British….or when I’m auditioning for American…then also 100% American.

I would never say I’m an American though. However, I have been to America every year of my life…and lived over there from February 2000…so I do have, and feel, a close tie to the country.

I’m just a multi cultural crazo! I’m that annoying accented crazo that you can never place as there’s British, with some American and some Aussie inflections in my accent when I speak! Yet, I call myself Greek!

Nothing wrong with that!!

I like it!


365 ONE: day 362….Mother or Bar Dancer?!

Day 362: January 4th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Lies (Otto Knows Remix)” by Burns

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Topple Over”

Anything to Note =

Two amazing things happened…

1). I had a deep tissue massage today. It was a gift from the wonderful Clare Mathieu – thank you Clare! It was actually supposed to be a pregnancy massage but I didn’t have time before I popped out the little weasel! So I managed to get a booking in before I leave. I’ve only had like two professional massages ever in my life…and this one was good!! Although its just hard to relax. I find it super hard to relax in general…and this was a deep tissue massage so it was her getting into the nitty gritty of my knots and releasing them with her knuckles, her forearms and her elbows! Regardless of me actually being able to relax or not it was a good massage….because I like it hard! Haha!

I do though πŸ™‚

The woman told me though that I must be favoring the left side when carrying the little monkey as I had a lot more tension on that side. I could definitely feel that as it was more painful on that side throughout.

Of course she advised after that I drink plenty of water, rest and apply heat packs…which I have done none of….oh and have these massages regularly! Well of course I would if I had a money tree!!!!! Guess that’s now my prescription for the Stuart pharmacy πŸ™‚

I think I need that prescription filled every night Stuart pharmacy!!

2). The second thing that happened today that was amazing was just funny! After my massage I went across the street to JoJo Maman Bebe shop to cash in the credit I had as it was expiring in March and I won’t be back then…so was looking around the shop for items for little Alexandros and a few minutes in of me bopping to the music I noticed what song was playing and loud….

…”I’m bringing sexy back” !!!


I could not believe that that song was playing in a baby shop!! With all the babies and toddlers around!!

And then, and this made me really laugh!! You won’t believe the next song that came on…

…”My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard”


Amazing two song combo…in a baby store!!

I looked around to see if anyone else was listening or had noticed or anything…but nothing! I guess they were all too busy being proper mothers and I was too busy being a bar dancer!!!!

I can be a bar dancer AND a mother…you just watch me!

365 ONE: day 361…Blur

Day 361: January 3rd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “The Secret Is” by me! (Don’t you just love all the made up songs that come out of dancing with your newborn to calm him down! I would have a whole portfolio if I had actually written them down or recorded them!)

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was “Daddy’s Hair”

Anything to Note =

What to write today….

Getting tired of writing these blogs at past 2am in the morning! How come it always ends up this way???!!! Ugh.

I seriously don’t know what happens to the day. I keep a book of all the feedings, sleeps and nappy changes for little A and so many times, amid his crying, I look up to see if he is in need of something, and am shocked to find out its been three hours!!

Such a blur.

The day is such a blur.

This whole year has been a blur!

Not 2013, as that just started, but 2012, or really since we got “married” (put in quotation marks as I am still convinced that we were married by an actor…and it’s all fake haha!) so from September 2011 until now it’s just been one big giant blur!

To be fair…the guy who married us at the City Clerk office was really quite the character! He was shouting everything out so loud when there was like five of us in the room…it felt like we were on stage in some theatrical show! I think Stuart’s mum took a photo of him! I’m going to check on google for his headshot haha!

No, okay, fine…so maybe it’s true…I got married…but I still can’t say “my husband” with introductions as its weird! And I double take when Stuart refers to me as “his wife”!

I have to spell it out when I refer to me as that. I’m like…”blah blah blah, that’s how much you love your w. i. f. e. blah blah blah”

Who I’m spelling it out to, or for, is beyond me!

It’s good on my ears, that’s for sure! πŸ™‚

Too much denial talk. Over and over. In all my blogs. I’m sorry.

There is a plus side to being “married” and “a mummy”…

– supposedly a better tax break
– smiles and looks and cute little noises as well as being stared at in the eyes by a little adorable monkey
– what’s mine is yours mentality with Stuart’s finances haha!
– child benefits
– seeing this cute little creature every day just puts a smile on my face no matter how I feel or what’s going on
– having Stuart and Alexaki forever
– a daily challenge…and extreme girl Zoe likes a challenge!

I’m too tired and distracted by Friends on TV to continue the list, that of course could go on and on, because the truth is the pros outweigh the cons no matter how much denial I am in.

It doesn’t help that I consistently have dreams that this is all a dream…and in my short dozes its bizarre to wake up to find out its actually not…it definitely throws me!

I have to end this now as its taking me forever…and Stuart is being the cute adorable supportive “husband” and staying awake until I’m done to go to bed together.

What a cutie!

365 ONE: day 360…UGH Moment

Day 360: January 2nd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = TV commercials and show music

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Treacle Pudding in a Can”

Anything to Note =

What do you get when you mix snot with teeny nostrils???

A super miserable crying little baby 😦

Alexaki has had a cold for ages! And now I’m getting worried for our plane trip that’s coming up. I asked the doctor today if there was anything else we could do other than what we are currently doing – saline solution, sucking it out with a nasal gadget, and having him in the bathroom after a shower to breathe in the steam – but she unfortunately said that there was really nothing else that could be added to the list because he’s too young and fragile.

The poor little monkey 😦

Young and fragile….that sounds so cute!

I forget just how young and fragile he is…and that he is mine!!

Although in the crying fits he has, I take over and bounce him around while saying things to calm him down, and he does…he calms down. Stuart says that he just needs his mummy…and in those moments I realize for a split second that I am his mummy. Something I have calms him down – my voice, my heartbeat, my smell…he recognizes me.

It’s reassuring to be able to calm him from a crying fit but still freaky to think that he is mine and forever! And seriously not a toy!

When will me thinking Alexaki is a wind up toy end??

Denial denial denial. Or it hasn’t sunk in yet…a pattern along the way!

The pregnancy was denial.

The pain in my 33 hours of labour however WAS EFFING REAL!!!

The baby is not real.

The constant waking in the night and sleeplessness IS REAL! Whether I associate it with having a son and being a mother, I’m not so sure…but I can admit that each time Alexaki doesn’t settle and he starts crying in the middle of the night, it is a heart sinking moment. An UGH moment. It sounds harsh, but since I don’t sleep I really feel it when I’ve just dozed for a second and the noises start…I do, I feel that UGH moment.

It passes when I see my little boy.

But it’s there. And it makes me feel guilty that it’s there. Am I not supposed to feel like everything is flowers and rabbits and puppies and rainbows?? A world full of pretty??

Perhaps if I didn’t always feel sick 😦 Perhaps if I could get some sleep in there somehow!

Everything is a world full of pretty when he is asleep in my arms….so young and fragile.

I can’t believe I am responsible for raising another human being!! What an enormous job!! Who trusted me with that????!!!!

365 ONE: day 359…Scratch It!

Day 359: January 1st, 2013 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = baby running and bouncing

Dance of the Day was = “212” by Azealia Banks

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Backwards Learning”

Anything to Note =

A new year. Wowza!

Writing 2013 is just strange!

We had a nice day of eating and pressies and games – Greek tradition dictates that St. Nicholas comes on New Years Eve so my dad used to get presents on New Years Day when he was young….so its now become a tradition in our house to keep one present back, or a couple back, or get a few new ones, just for New Years Day, to open. And somewhere along the way we started giving scratch cards as one of the gifts for New Years…as we love them!

I have to say it is exciting to get a scratch card and do the scratch card….and of course win haha!

I’ve always been pretty lucky actually every year – I always seem to win something with my scratch card on New Years Day.

And I did again today! I won Β£4! Okay okay okay, so it’s small but it’s something!

We are a lottery family in general. My parents play the lottery every week here in London when they are here…they say its a small price to pay if you can be so lucky to win the jackpot…which is true of course! But I don’t seem to ever win anything on the lottery…well, I also only play the lottery in NY when its rolled over to a big jackpot, and I usually forget and have my parents telling me from abroad to go buy a lottery ticket! But, I really have never won on the lottery…just small little amounts on scratch cards….and oddly on the ones I get for New Years!

Not that I go out and buy scratch cards any other time – I actually never buy them other than on New Years strangely now that I think about it…this is all making me want to buy more scratch cards haha!

I will gladly buy a lottery ticket in the hope of being “lucky lucky lucky” but never even thought about scratch cards…

Yet, by my argument I have been more successful on scratch cards than the lottery…hmmmmm….

By George, I think she’s got it!

“The rain in Spain stays mainly on the plain”….haha!

I’m on a sugar high!!!! Can you tell??

Chocolate table is decreasing successfully! Well, we can’t take all this back to NY…there’s no friggin’ room!!! So we must “eat it, eat it, eat it!”

Soooooo…in my chaos of a blog I have figured out that I must buy more scratch cards…and that chocolate makes me cuckoo!

Cuckoo for Cadbury’s!

Or cuckoo for avoiding the real issues discussed and argued and building in the family.

Fingers crossed for a better year people!

Sidenote: a lot of people think my 365 is over because its the end of the year and now a new year, which is all grand if I had started my 365 challenge on January 1st of last year…but I was too hungover to begin then, so waited for the next Monday to come along to begin….so it’s not over everyone, as much as I wish it was…I still have 6 days to go!!!


Don’t screw it up Zoe!