365 ONE: day 200….I Made it to DAY 200!!!!

Day 200: July 26th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Unpacking/Dancing

Dance of the Day was = “I Should Have Known Better” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Little Leo’s Birthday”

Anything to Note =

I am sitting, literally, in the dark, outside on a stool, in front of a window sill, out back as apparently this is the only position I can get Internet here!!! Seriously!!! We are in the process of moving so we have no Internet so am stealing Internet from obviously this one house behind me as it is the only place I can grab enough signal, or any signal for that matter! I can’t move the iPad from the window sill otherwise it is lost so sadly have to type at a weird angle. I’ve been standing or rather slightly squatting to type here these past few evenings but I just found a stool, that is too low, so not sure this is any better! Ugh.

I’ve also tried to do my blogging earlier in the day but it has been so so hot here and the sun points directly at this window sill all day, so I have not been able to do so. I actually tried this morning but I was dying so gave up!


Soooo….something to note today and worth mentioning….I made it to DAY 200!!!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!

I can’t believe I have made it to DAY 200!!!!!!

I know I still have a long long way to go but there is something satisfying about making it to the two hundreds now!

Although to be honest with you….I am getting a little fed up and annoyed that I have to do this daily…especially when so busy and doing so many things. I just want to rest and do nothing but I can’t as I have to help my parents move by Sunday…and what annoys me is that even if I have nothing to do, I would still have 365 to do. Ugh.

I was going to introduce the charitable element to this challenge to keep me going….may have to invoke that…and soon. Hmmmmm.