365 ONE: day 136…Multi-Tasking the Drama. CHECK!

Day 136: May 23rd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “A Hard Day’s Night” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Conference Room Disappointment”

Anything to Note =

I know what you are thinking? How crazy is she? Two Beatles songs in a row!! Woah!! Wowza!! She gone crazo yo!! – clearly I am after that remark!!! HAHA!! These songs both just popped up by themselves on my ipod shuffle – you think I have time to choose songs????!!!! I don’t even have time to pee!!!!!!!!!!

It must be a tribute to Stuart since he is out-of-town on work in Chicago until Saturday and The Beatles are his “thang” so perhaps the ether misses him?? Or I miss him?? Or my ipod misses him??


Crazy crazy crazy day. Crazy crazy week, or 10 days (or YEAR…don’t get me started!!)

But yet another crazy crazy day.

What is it about being so super busy and then getting MORE stuff on top of that, all at the same time?! Huh??!! When you think that it’s just not possible to get any busier and boom somehow it happens!! Things always happen at once, I know. But, this is happening a lot so somewhere there needs to be a break or a “normal” day or at least “semi-normal”….whatever that means. It just can’t be crazy EVERY day, you know??

Although, it’s starting to get to that shake-my-head-with-tight-mouthed-smile place as there just is nothing else I can do but that.

I was on my blackberry through-out the whole of rehearsal today. Literally. Sadly. I was on my blackberry so much that it died before 2pm!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s how much!! Luckily, I thought about bringing my charger with me today otherwise I would have been screwed. The last two days it died at around 7pm so was do-able so I made sure to pack the charger on me today – and thank god I remembered!

And of course it’s just lucky that I am the queen of successful multi-tasking! Or able to be. Or also good at sneaking me doing work while in rehearsal.

Although this is actually kind of sad and frustrating to tell you the truth, as this is supposed to be an amazing opportunity for me to be working with the one and only Jose Rivera, and I’m already splitting my understudying hat with co-producing hat, and that is okay, but then to also be soooo relied upon for office work is just a little sad. It is frankly a little unfair. But I see no other way around it unfortunately. I feel too guilty, I have a new employee that just started and needs help, and rightly so, at the office when I am in rehearsal, and I am just better at dealing with the multi-tasking then my boss is and just know more or able to help out better, especially in the times of panic today!!!

Every day cannot be a crisis though, as literally over the last 10 days, it seems there is always something with a deadline, that’s life or death in nature or that is how it is presented, at work….

I can’t say ‘when will the drama stop’ as I thrive on drama being an actor 🙂 BUT….I have enough drama all over and around and coming out of my armpits (yup, crazy!) that the office drama on top, right now, is just…..like…..

No words really.

Just this…




365 ONE: day 128…WOWZA is the word of the day!

Day 128: May 15th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Down 13 Flights of Stairs, Up 12 Flights of Stairs

Dance of the Day was = “Blue Morning, Blue Day” by Foreigner

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Catch a Cashew”

Anything to Note =

I had to help a fellow office attorney out today as he doesn’t have an assistant and had big time clients in, so wanted to of course impress them and be professional and have someone offer them coffee or tea from the kitchen, and bring him any documents he needed while in his meeting in the super large fancy conference room.

So I get the phone call to come in and bring some papers a few minutes after they arrive and will ask them if they want anything to drink. In I go but only one person is sitting there at the large table – apparently the other client with the attorney had gone themselves to the office kitchen. So as I am walking out of the conference room I catch them and ask if they needed anything else….and the oddest request to date…

“Fruit Salad.

From the deli downstairs in the building.

Pineapple, strawberries, berries, but please pick out any watermelon. No melon.”


I rode down in the elevator with another work colleague who had been passing at the time of this request outside of the conference room, and he turned to me and asked if this client was being serious!

I said, “Yes, I’m on my way to the deli now.”

“Wow”, he said! He said it was the oddest request he has ever heard from anyone for a meeting, to have someone to get him fruit salad and then be specific and ask if they could pick out any watermelon!!

“Especially,” he continued, “from a guy who’s not clean-shaven. Who does he think he is?”


A good thing came out of it though – I made a profit in my reimbursement 🙂

Oddest client refreshment request to date!

Too funny!!

On another note, one year ago today, on The Highline, Stuart proposed to me 🙂

And I said yes obviously…not knowing that a year later I’d be married AND have a little schmonkoid on the way!!!!

What can happen in just one year….WOWZA!!!