365 ONE: day 262…Sex Talk

Day 262: September 26th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Hot Stuff” by DJ Liakos feat. Craig David

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Hooded Towel”

Anything to Note =

Its the 26th and the little monkey is still holding on! Four days late now!

My mum read the leaflet they gave us at the hospital yesterday about induction and the processes and everything and now it’s funny as she has flipped to the other side!

She is now encouraging me to do all kinds of things that she has been telling me off for or saying I have to be careful with…her new list of “must do’s” or “can do’s” are now…

– “go ahead and jump around as much as you can with your 365 dance”

– “do as much 365 as you want really!”

– “bounce up and down!”

– “yes, go, walk around, walk, walk, walk”

– “when you come home have a quickie” = now that was a good one!!

Sex seems to be the hot topic with her really in general as a means to start labor! Just now she called down on the internal phone line and asked what I was doing and then said:

“Finish your blog and start bonging!!” HAHAHA!!! (I did love the word bonging!! Haha!!)

I mean, all day she has been talking about it!! It didn’t help that my older brother called to check up and said that for all three pregnancies he would have an 8am quickie towards the end and avoided the induction date!!! That’s just great!

Sex is the stereotype to encouraging labor…I mean it is everywhere, but it is funny as my mum I think thought it was just a joke like what they say in the movies…but now she knows its real and
apparently effective she won’t stop!

And it IS everywhere – it’s mentioned all the time…on TV, movies…and it seemed to be mentioned on the exact programs she was watching today coincidentally!!!

I got an earful of info from Keeping up with the Kardashians show she watched…which mentioned how foreplay and making out stimulated labor….so then my mum started asking me about what gets me excited and all the different types of foreplay…and stimulation of the breasts…


We don’t speak about that!!! And there’s a reason for that!!!!

Too much! Too much!

I quickly left to come down and finish my blog!!

I understand she wants me to avoid anything that’s not going to naturally encourage labor as that is ideal but what a day of sex talk!!

Ah, mum!

Never thought I would see the day when my mum would be telling me to have sex!!


365 ONE: day 163…Screaming Odd-Ness

Day 163: June 19th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “All The Way” by Craig David

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “William Shakespeare”

Anything to Note =

Some strange things around. Some strange strange things…

I saw not 1, not 2, but THREE people yelling at their respective others on the phone as I walked to the subway. All female. And I mean YELLING! They were all yelling furiously into their phones, like nothing else mattered around them; who heard them, who was staring, where they were.

I couldn’t make out what their respectivesrspec other did to make these women scream so violently at them…but it must have been bad!

Also along my travels today I stumbled upon, or ended up behind rather, a bunch of couples pushing their babies in their prams. They looked like ordinary couples from the back, but as I passed each one, I realized that something was off. Seriously off.

The men I passed were so obviously GAY!

I am not even kidding – it was so weird! It was so obvious it was funny!!

And not to sound harsh or anything but the walk, the voice, the gestures, being super effeminate – all stereotypic I know – but it was so eye-popping it made me speechless! Several times! Several couples! It was like you wanted to stop them and say to the woman:

“You know your husband’s gay, right?”

Or maybe they do know – maybe this is all convenience.

Maybe the guy doesn’t know and is in denial, but how could the outside eye, the wife/girlfriend/baby mama not know…so it makes you wonder. I sound mean, but really it was super super obvious, I promise.

And the best thing of all…

A young guy sneezed on the train right as I was about to get off, right next to me, and it was like his nose exploded on his face in the process! Snot just beamed out of his nose……long long strands of it….down his face, and on his hand that was up there when he sneezed!

It was gross!

And he didn’t get it all off either. He was trying to wipe and wipe as he walked down the stairs, but it was everywhere!!!!!!

I hope he wasn’t meeting anyone at the bottom of the subway stairs!