365 ONE: day 186…Airport Toilet Craziness!

Day 186: July 12th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was =Walking

Dance of the day was = “Pesto Me ‘Na Fili” by Katie Garbi

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Chocolate Dance”

Anything to Note =

Well that was a first yesterday…I had to do my dance and then all fitness criteria, so push ups, planks, and sit ups, in the JFK BA terminal 7 toilet stall!!!!

I was in packing crazy and then we saw both our respective flights were delayed by an hour or so, so I planned to leave an hour later and had more time – then Virgin had contradictory travel info and then they said they were still doing the same cut off time to check in baggage regardless of delay in case they could depart earlier – so the gears had to shift suddenly and we had to leave!

Thus I did not have time to do my dance or fitness 365 before we left the house. It became frantic pack time with weighing and adjusting and weighing and re-adjusting to fit the weight limits.

We realized that Virgin had changed their hand luggage rules – not only do they weigh the hand luggage which most do not, like on BA I was fine, but they added this new criteria where you are not allowed to also carry a separate laptop bag in addition to the hand luggage, so the laptop had to be included – which sucks as that is how we beat the system. We have a wheelie bag to carry on and go overhead that fits things and takes some of the weight, and then the laptop bag is what we need out and goes under the seat – and with mine being a netbook (and now iPad thanks to my generous boss!) they don’t take up the whole bag so there is even room in that to fit extra things!

But with Virgin weighing the ONE CARRY ON that has to include the laptop then nothing else can be combined with that. I mean literally! We weighed Stuart’s laptop and it was already almost 7 lbs and the total allowed was 12 lbs!


Anyway I managed to get everything in and all under the weight limits – just under, but it worked!

That took up my last moments though so I was faced with where do I do my dance and fitness 365…

Naturally one would choose the loo! Right???!!! The gross airport disabled toilet!

It was ridiculous with me dancing with headphones on let alone on the floor, the airport toilet floor, doing planks and push ups!

AND there was a woman pooping in the stall next to mine!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! My head was near her feet!!!!!!

After I washed my forearms down vigorously I looked behind me and you could totally see into the cracks of the stall!!!!!!


Anyway, after that it became a race to who would get to the UK first on our different delayed flights…..


In the end…

I WON!! 🙂

365 ONE: day 73…true or false confessions?

Day 73: March 21st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “La Isla Bonita” by Squeeze Up

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Toilet Confessions”

Anything to Note =

Have rehearsal after work so had to get all my 365 done before hand – you gotta love salsa dancing in the disabled toilet at the office….surprisingly there is enough room!! 🙂

I also decided to do my video upload whilst in the bathroom at the office – it was a bathroom 365 day today!!


I ask you…..

Watch my video upload on my other blog: www.zoetheactor.wordpress.com

And tell me…

Which of the ten confessions are TRUE??

HAHA!! 🙂


365 ONE: day 19 and body is tired!

Day 19: January 27th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!

Cardio was = Light Jogging

Dance of the Day was = “Relax Take It Easy” by Mika

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Subway Rat”

Anything to Note =

I did some fitness items while waiting for the renovation company and contractors to come to a client’s apartment to take measurements this morning. I was hoping to get a bunch in but they arrived and cut it short – but it is nice to do these criteria in different places and in different ways. Although I am glad they rang the doorbell as they would have caught me in some odd shapes on the floor if they had just walked in!

I had a bad headache today, all day. It was just a dull pain and so it made me not want to do anything intense or that had any pressure – I was dreading the planks and push-ups as the pressure goes to my head. I took them slowly and broke them up through the whole day in order to avoid it at once, which was nice.

I did my video upload on the subway platform  – tried to talk close to my ipod to be heard but also so that others around me didn’t think I was completely insane….although…I am! And NYC is full of crazies – which is why it’s a perfect place to run lines to memorize out loud to yourself as no one thinks anything of it!

Dancing in the disabled toilet again today! AHH! I knew this would probably happen often if I was to get some criteria done while at work. My body is so sore today from having days of residency training…I need a break. My back really hurts actually – I tend to always do something that feels like I’ve trapped something and it won’t release….so I have that now on the left side of my back and I need some recovery time but have rehearsal again tomorrow for a big chunk. Neverending 😦

I hadn’t done any cardio due to my back so decided to jog from the subway to my boss’s apartment, which isn’t far, but I figured it would count to get my heart pumping a bit. Annoyingly though I had to carry a bag in each hand. And had no sports bra on! DISASTER!! Boobs galore! And, then the wind decided to grow out of nowhere – was ridiculous how slow and how much harder it made the run. I must have looked hilarious running, boobs flailing, bags in hand, and super super slow against the wind!

365 ONE: day 3 (Woo-Hoo! or Woo-UGH!)

Day 3: January 11th 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Speed Walking/Loom Movement Rehearsal Training

Dance of the Day was = “Sweet About Me” by Gabriella Cilmi

Improvised Acting Video to other blog was what I refer to as = “Stairwell Scare”

Anything to Note….

Well, today was Stairwell Day!! Meaning I ended up doing the improvised acting video in a stairwell in my office I found, and then later I ended up doing my sit-ups requirement in another stairwell before rehearsal started as had 10 mins to spare!! Stairwells were not a planned space! It felt like I have been sneaking in 365 criteria all over here and there! Recording with my ipod seemed to be annoying today – it wouldn’t load to youtube for hours so I got all panicky but finally it went through! I was already playing out how furious I would be to have to scrap that and do another one, so two in one day and I’m already doing enough!! I also would love a REMOTE!! As I have to turn on and off the video recording and it kind of has to be now a part of the piece or I have to figure out ways to get around it somehow..it’s proving annoying I guess. Does a remote for an ipod touch exist?

ALSO….and this is fun-nay!! I ended up doing my dance in the DISABLED TOILET at my office!! I put my ipod on the ground and on low volume and danced away! I of course picked the disabled loo because it was bigger since my dancing is full-blown out dancing mania 🙂 It happened to be perfect timing as literally just as the song ended someone came in, so I rushed for the ground to pause the song and flushed the toilet, made sounds with my jeans zipper to pretend I was done….not sure if I roused curiosity or made someone feel uncomfortable, or just simply made that person in the stall next to me think there was someone crazy in there with her 🙂 Oh well! I got the dance done, didn’t I??!! But here’s what I realize…so I LOVE TO DANCE…I want to be cage-dancer or go-go girl or a back-up dancer or a bar dancer – which I am haha! But dancing to a song on super low volume is just sad and crappy and I don’t like it! It needs to be cranked and loud and dark around….with a strobe light….or something Euro-techno like I love and crave!!

Despite all the UGH I feel I learned that I needed a checklist so that I can through-out my day mark off what’s been done to keep track. So I decided on copying and pasting the ELEVEN FRIGGIN’ CRITERIA to 365 days in the notes section on my Blackberry calendar and now I can just delete what’s been done. I need something since I am so busy every day, most until after 10pm, that I have to interweave it all within my day. Let’s hope this works or nothing happens to my Blackberry!!!

My heart just skipped a beat thinking about that…..