TESTING 1…2…365: Lip Balm aids Price Sticker Residue


Day 249: September 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow” by The Monkees

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Urine Sample Bottles”

Anything to Note =

So last night my mum and I finished watching Lost season 6, the final season, that I had bought on DVD for her.

I LOVED Lost – it was a great series and even though I caught on late and had to watch the first three seasons in one go, which I did in less than a week!! It was one of the best shows I had ever seen.

There was no way I could watch it live though and have to wait a full week to wait for the next episode, especially with the cliffhangers at the end of each episode…I don’t know how anyone can wait a whole week to see what happens next with any show really!! It’s sooooo annoying! But even more so with Lost!

I would try though sometimes to watch it live as everyone would talk about it the next day so it was hard not to get any spoilers, but my schedule hardly allowed me to keep up, so for some of the seasons I waited for the DVD, some I watched on ABC.com as they would become available the next day after airing live, and some I would watch live with friends….but we were usually drunk before meeting up so then had to watch it again as had no clue what happened!! 🙂

And, if people know me…any chatting during shows or movies or anything results in me getting annoyed and pausing on remote, or rewinding back to re-watch…as I take them very seriously!! Haha! I recognize my crazy but I can’t help it!!

My mum is the most annoying as she will randomly chat about something that has nothing to do with what’s she’s watching or she asks questions that either just happened or will happen….and all she has to do is watch!! And with Lost, when everything is crucial information….there is always a lot of pausing!!!!

It has become a ritual with us with Lost. Since my mum and I watched the first three seasons together over a week one Christmas holidays years ago as everyone was raving about it, every year since then I would buy her the next season on DVD to watch over the Christmas holidays. I would have already watched it, depending on how much time I had, but we would addictively sit and watch the whole season in just a few days. And people who had no interest, like my dad, would have to watch something else. Although with my dad it worked out well as he would go to bed earlier anyway or want to watch the news. But then when Stuart came into my life and started to come with us for Christmas I then had to get him on the same page in order to be included!! So he had to catch up before he came out the first time and had to watch I think three or four seasons in one go too! I know – we are crazy!! But otherwise he would be left out!! So I watched a bit of the catching up with him too…which was so interesting to do with all the knowledge I already had.

Anyway, Lost ended a while ago, and I had bought the last season, season 6, when it did, ready for my mum and Stuart to watch….but then that Christmas was split with me in London with my parents and Stuart in Redhill with his….so we waited. And then this last Christmas I couldn’t leave the country due to my Green Card application and my parents fell ill and could not travel…so then again it could not happen.

So it’s been a waiting game….and naturally, and I don’t blame them, people sort of gave up. It had been so long that Stuart lost interest and didn’t care any more and then my mum sort of did the same. Which I found sad as a true Lost fan!

I had watched the final season of Lost, all 16 episodes in ONE DAY, on the day of the finale, as I had to catch up on the whole season to make it in time for the live two hour finale event that evening!! And it was an emotional whirlwind of crazy!! So I had always wanted to watch it again when I had time and could really pay attention and see how I felt and be able to interpret the ending properly.

So I have been waiting to watch this last season again…and since it has been a ritual with my mum and Stuart, I didn’t want to be a poop and watch it without them…so I have been holding out….and it just never happened!

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to bring with me now since I would be gone for 6 months from NYC and may be a good time to make the others watch with me perhaps??? And then I realized that it had to be watched now, before the baby, as apparently I will have no life after the baby haha!! So….since Stuart said be didn’t care…I made my mum and I watch a few episodes every day on a pre-baby arrival rush, and we just finished last night!! (Don’t worry Stuart, if you want to watch it, which I think you should, I will gladly see it again with you!!)

I have to say it was hard because it had been years since season 5, so remembering all that info and complexities and then having to explain to my mum, was quite taxing! As well of course as my pausing and rewinding constantly because she was soooooo annoying!! So it did take us longer to get through…but it was GREAT!!!

What a great show! And what a shame really that it is over.

I was quite surprised with how I felt at the end this time. And how my mum and I interpreted it….can discuss properly now with my Lost buddies!! Since I was so out of it that one single day of watching them all!

My two friends Paloma and Brianna said they wanted to watch the whole of Lost again, from the beginning…we said in one weekend, but that would be quite the feat….although I kind of want to do it that way as it would be an amazing challenge…so let’s do it!

Anyone else want to join us???

Stuart…you can watch the little one until we get to season 6 and then you can join in, right???? Or the little monkey can be the youngest Lost fan and watch the whole thing with us! 🙂


365 ONE: day 77…homemade 365!

Day 77: March 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Weights and Legs

Dance of the Day was = “Got Your Money” by Ol Dirty Bastard Feat. Kellis

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Scrabble Story”

Anything to Note =

I have soooooo many things to do today and not motivated to do any of it – having hard time sleeping so am sooooo tired too. But I needed to do script work and then go through all my greencard material for tomorrow’s interview before my meetings later on, so I forced myself to do all my 365 early and also be at home to maybe encourage the work I had to do??!!

It’s hard to think of things to do around the house, especially as the cardio part – I mean, there a millions things I could do but I wanted to do something new and different today.

I found an old jump rope but there is just no space for it in the apartment without smashing things around me!

I would have jogged in place to the TV but I jogged yesterday and didn’t want to do more bouncing up and down two days in a row.

Thinking. Thinking. Thinking…

And then it hit me, I have weights I saw the other day near our games, so I invented a 20 minute workout in which I wanted to work out my legs and arms at the same time – of course I do! Since I’m extreme crazy inpatient girl 🙂

So set my ipod timer for 2o minutes, put on TBS on TV, which was playing the film Spanglish, and started to do reps of things like squats and twists and arm thingies – thingie being of course a technical gym term 🙂

It definitely wore me out!

“Get In Shape With The Zoe-Ster!” = will be my DVD workout haha!

I shuffled to a song for my dance of the day and a funny thing happened! First of all a classic song came on that brought me back to my college days with my friends! Such a great song – and there is a part in it like every 3 or 4 measures where it is perfect for clapping, so we would do that throughout the song, and I just could not help myself to do the clapping while I was dancing today, but…

We have one of these in the house…

A Star Trek Tribble…


Stuart gave me one for my birthday, and loud noises make it go off (used it one of my 365 video uploads if you want to see what it does when noise sets it off). But every time I clapped in my dance to the song, the tribble went off!!! At first I had no idea what that noise was and then I figured it out! It was so funny! It was going crazy behind me!! Wish I could have captured that on video but couldn’t stop!!

Ah the mini joys of home!

365 ONE: day 61…with Denise Austin

Day 61: March 9th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Denise Austin’s Cardio DVD Workout

Dance of the Day was = “Fly or Die” by N.E.R.D

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Denise Austin-ness”

Anything to Note =

I got home and still had my cardio to do. I was about to put something on the Wii when I remembered I once had a dvd workout somewhere on my dvd shelf. It was a Denise Austin dvd workout, a personal training dvd. I put it on and it was hilarious! It felt like it was from the 1980’s but looked at the back of the dvd and it said only 2004! My favourite quote in the intro was…

“Thanks to dvd technology you can now work out in your own home”

Thanks to dvd technology??!! In 2004??!!! I feel like we went back in time – I also felt underdressed…should have had on my leg warmers and headband….which later inspired my video upload of the day 🙂

I chose “moderate intensity” instead of low or high, thinking that I didn’t want to push it too hard, especially as I had just eaten, but clearly I was mistaken – I barely felt any sweat or increase in my heartbeat. It was not intense enough! I also had issues though – her workout required a lot of walking side to side, which was not possible in my living room, so had to modify and perhaps that meant I was not as committed? I am not sure that was entirely to blame though. It just wasn’t enough. I will need to try the “high intensity” program to see!

I also kept laughing at her constant smiling and cheesy lines of encouragement and commentating with her eye-popping! It’s too hard to…just watch this! I could not find the exact cardio workout online I did but here is a little taste…


365 ONE: day 48…lift that butt!

Day 48: February 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the day was = “Ma Baker” by Bonny M

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Bad Sleeper?”

Anything to Note =

Jam packed today again – yet another day of two shows so had to take care of the 365 early on. Yesterday I didn’t get home until around 2am so it was a good thing I had done the blog and all. That is the last thing I want to do when I come home that late, that’s for sure!

You know what helps you do the 365 fitness, doing it in front of the TV while watching an infomercial about getting fit! And ironically, this morning the infomercial was Jillian Michaels and her new 90 day DVD set 🙂 Normally I get the Insanity infomercials on a Saturday morning – which I have seen so many times!! And yet funnily enough, I seem to watch a lot each time before switching channels…I have to admit I like the before and after pictures…although it makes you wonder with the technology these days, what stops them from having overweight people and simulating what they would look like thinner and toned with Photoshop? Or the other way around – having a super athletic person and then transforming what they would look like if they were fatter and out of shape with a little Photoshop….

Right after I watched way too much of the Jillian Michaels show, guess what was on the next channel…another fitness infomercial, but one I had never seen before…something to do with a Brazilian personal trainer making promises to lift your butt! That’s right…the women testimonials and pictures were all about how this program had changed their butts! NO JOKE! The before and after photos focused on the butts of these women transforming with this fitness and dance regime over a few months…it was hilariously graphic!!! The butts did look better and lifted! That was a new one for me on a Saturday morning 🙂

Interestingly on these photos, just after I had thought about the photoshopping possibility and the authenticity of the before and after shots, this Brazilian butt lift show had photos too and at the bottom it said “these have not been photoshopped” or something like that! And boy did these photos look R.E.A.L!!! The real-ist before and after shots I have ever seen…stretch marks, fat dimples…it was, on one hand a relief that finally a show is baring it all, but on the other hand now seriously made me wonder how much photoshopping is being done on all the other fitness infomercials out there!

I found it, the Brazil Butt Lift brief infomercial on YouTube, but sadly this is like a minute version so the good real before and after footage is not there, but here is a little bit of what was on TV…its like butt porn!!!!!!!! BOOTY PORN!!!