Operation 365 Poem: day 153…Gay Pride

Gay Pride

When is too gay…well…too gay??
I know right, shocking! What did I just say?!

Its probably taboo to say that out loud
Especially today when it’s encouraged to be proud

But that’s what I mean and want them to do
Stand proud, feel good, be cute, but be you

Its not that I’m homophobic, not one bit
I believe in love, no matter what sex I’m with

Just walking home from my play late every night
I pass all kinds of actions and hear things that don’t seem right

They don’t feel real and frankly it’s a little insulting
Its almost like gay is fashionable and so their gayness is too jolting

They don’t have to prove themselves to anyone these days
They don’t have to fake it and be shocking in all these ways

I guess I feel like sometimes it’s too much and it’s just obviously fake
And it makes me want to say – its okay be yourself – for all my gay friends sake

365 ONE: day 161…Bubbles

Day 161: June 17th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog = “To Do Lists”

Anything to Note =

So the poor little one in my belly is developing a nickname due to my denial!!

Every time there is a kick it feels like a bubble….and there are a lot of “bubbles”….and I announce them as bubbles still, as am avoiding reality!! Now everyone is starting to use the word Bubbles to refer to the little one! And it’s my fault!!

People keep saying:

“How is Bubbles?”


“Can’t wait to meet Bubbles”

My dad started referring to him as MR. Bubbles!! Which made my eyes pop out of my head! I immediately was like AHHHHH!!! I told him that “Bubbles” or even something like “Bubbalaki” (to make it Greek of course) was better than Mr. Bubbles! You see, my dad has always been in charge of coming up with the nicknames for the young’uns and now I fear that I may have backed the little one into a corner with this one!

But Bubbles just sounds soooooooo effeminate!! Doesn’t it?? I don’t know! Or as I would say = gayness!

The poor little Schmonkey!

Oooooh…sounds like as I write this that the little one may have a few crazy nicknames coming his way!!

So, names used so far have been…




Please forgive me little one!!!