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Day 129: May 16th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Twist and Shout” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Hairy Scary”

Anything to Note =

I was going to leave my cardio for the stairs again today but after yesterday and dying I decided against it! No way!! I only did 12 flights at the office yesterday (thank god!!) so said I would try to do the full 18 the next day, meaning today, but I had said that as I was walking down and not on my way back up huffing and puffing!

12 flights was insane enough! Holy Moly! I couldn’t breathe – my heartbeat was pounding in my neck and head, no matter how slow I went – and I had a hard time before I was pregnant, or 5 months pregnant – so what is it about stairs???

Friggin’ stairs!! Why so friggin’ hard??

You’d think that stairs would be easy as we have to walk up and down so many of them daily as New Yorkers travelling the subway. I was told though that you get out of breath more when pregnant – it was worrisome as I get out of breath just walking and speaking on the phone, across town, across flat roads, but they said not to think you are out of shape as it’s not that – good to know! As I was like – wow, I must really be out of shape, I mean REALLY out of shape! (Or they told me that to make me feel better!)

So far then I have learned that pregnancy makes you out of breath. And earlier in my blogs I had heard that pregnancy makes you stupid (still sticking to that one!!). It does! It does!!!!

Today, after dissing the stairs idea, I decided then to walk, and decided for the first time on 365 to walk to work in the morning instead of my usual from work. It was a nice wake up but I was dripping! It was humid out but not that humid! I must be generating more heat, and the over-the-top belly thing on pregnancy trousers makes me hot hot hot! I actually don’t like the over-the-top belly thing – its annoying especially while I am seated at the office – it also messes with my belly button piercing (yup, still have that in!!)

I also had a shower in the morning and put on all my creams and belly oil before leaving so I’m sure that didn’t help as I walked. I generated so much steam and sweat I fogged up my glasses haha!

So far then I’ve learned that pregnancy makes you…


Out of Breath,