TEQUILA 365: your birthday is for ME!!

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Virgin365: day one hundred and ten…NO measuring/recipe/tasting Birthday Cake

365 ONE: day 234…Happy Birthday Daddy!

Day 234: August 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Honey Pie” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Photos of Dad”

Anything to Note =

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful amazing dad!!

It is his birthday and me and my mum are in the UK and he is in Greece….which in the history of my life has never happened before. I have spent every single birthday with my father, and always made an effort to be where ever he is in the world, by his side to celebrate.

But today.

I tried so hard to find him a flight over but I failed.

I searched for days and nothing. Everything was sold out or outrageous in price! And I mean outrageous!!! Like thousands of pounds or euros – I mean even if you had lots of money it’s still not justifiable to spend such an outrageous amount of money to go just within Europe…these prices are equivalent to flying to America from Greece, or even to Australia and beyond!

This must be a combination of fuel prices, cutting back on the number of planes they have out there, that it’s August still, that the Paralympics start tonight, that people booked holidays after the Olympics ended, and pure poop against the less financially able, like us!!

Poop I say, again!!

So it’s just a little sad today as we can’t be together, and I, the travel agent in the family could not make it happen, so I feel guilty 😦

And it’s just sad as it centers around our financial crisis my family is going through and what life used to be about – just jump on a plane and go, anything for family – and now – when every penny needs to be watched or taken into consideration or justified…and I have always hated money and been money conscious but for my parents this downhill has really hurt them. And they are still just so generous and wanting to give us, give me, everything…and since I can’t fly I know my dad wanted to be here for me, with me, to give me that, and…could not.


I need to seriously play the lottery because I owe him the world. I hate money so much but life cannot function without it and I just wish I had it for my parents, not me. I am the eternal bargain hunter 🙂 And they come first in my eyes.

I’m sorry daddy.

Happy Birthday Loon (that is our nickname for each other, between me and my dad, which I know sounds funny and weird haha, but its Loon or Loonie, or Loonaki – Greek variations of that word!!)

I have no idea how and when that came about actually haha!! But it has nothing to do with the literal English translation of a crazy person or a bird haha! Just special nicknames for each other 🙂

Can you tell I am the ultimate daddy’s little girl???!!!!

My dad wants to come over for the birth of the little schmonkie so I will just have to organize a birthday celebration for my dad then…and get him some big presents to make up for him not being here with us today 🙂


365 ONE: day 145…Stuart’s Birthday Today!!!

Day 145: June 1st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Bulletproof” by La Roux

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Underground Kid”

Anything to Note =

It’s Stuart’s Birthday today woooo hooooo!!!

We leave today for our friend’s wedding up in Vermont so had to get all this done early before our 1pm departure and deal with tenant drama, office drama, crapporama…so once again no sleep and early rise! UGH!

What I would give for sleep!!!! And Netflix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t believe its June!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although last day of May was annoying – between the office drama (that’s still ongoing), to picking something to wear to this wedding tomorrow and everything looking like I ate a whole cow, to losing pregnancy clothes in the laundry that I wanted to pack with me. Schmleh!!!!

You know, really the whole of May was annoying!

Every month has been annoying!!!

Can we tell I just need a break!!!!?????!!!!

I guess the fact that I am still standing is a token of success and a miracle!!

Let’s just focus on Stuart – HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!

365 ONE: day 115….It’s My Birffffday…Is It??!!

Day 115: May 2nd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Xeria Psila (Remix)” by DJ Stelios M. Feat. Mixalis Xatz

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Mini Birthday Cake Celebration”

Anything to Note =

Happy 31 to ME!!


Although, today has sadly been an icky day and hasn’t felt at all like my birthday 😦 I had a rough bad night of no sleep so felt icky and had a headache all day I couldn’t shake so stayed at home to work from here to try to get better. Nice way to turn the good ol’ 31 – sick in bed!

I also was very emotional today. And we can put it down to no sleep and over-tired, as well as probably hormones, but I was sad and have been sad today because I was supposed to be in London celebrating today with my parents – and I was looking forward to it and they were looking forward to it – and as a result I never planned anything or thought about it really, and now the day is here. So it was a little sad.

Sad and icky – great!!

I thought maybe  just maybe I would get the greencard today as a nice birthday gift but no, that would be too lucky!

So it’s been a little “meh” today which again is sad as it really is my birthday – would have loved a day off from everything but being sick and not feeling good is not a day off annoyingly and had clients calling me and emails to respond to…so hmmmmm….will have to reward myself with a birthday day off soon then!

Stuart sadly (ah the famous word for today – and actually a famous word I use often!!) had to work today and until late, but he gave me his cute birthday card before he left home this morning – which was beautiful 🙂

And made me emotional!!

My parents said we can always celebrate my birthday together on another date…

“Like on June 2nd” my dad said…inside joke so will explain…

Ok, funny story – years ago, I think the year before I started graduate school, so must have been in 2004, on June 2nd, I was in NYC staying with my friend off and on while I looked for an apartment and had audition interviews and such so I was staying with her when I would drive up from MD, where I lived at the time. And we spent my birthday together. And my phone rings. So I pick it up and its my dad on the phone and he says:

“Happy Birthday!!”

And I say, “What?” And start laughing.

“Happy Birthday my darling. I am so sorry that I forgot but I just remembered and woke up early to tell you Happy Birthday and that we are so sorry we can’t be there with you to celebrate” my dad says with a sleepy voice, as its something like 4am in Greece, where he is calling from.

“Daddy, it’s not my birthday. It’s June 2nd. My birthday is May 2nd. And you did spend it with me in NYC. You and mummy came over for it” I say through half laughing.


I thought he had been joking but turns out he actually was not!!

To this day we joke about that because we have no clue what happened!! And it never happened again – that one moment of, (kind of scary if you think about it), crazy! It was so weird! It was like half an hour of back and forth convincing my tired dad that it was a month late and that I had seen him on my birthday! If you ask me, I think he woke with a start from some dream that had something to do with my birthday and must have believed it and called…


I guess I can celebrate my birthday again on June 2nd 🙂 Which is now the day after Stuart’s birthday! And maybe it won’t be so icky then!

June 2nd will always be my “second birthday” thanks to my dad’s mishap 🙂