TESTING 1…2…365: Onion Sink Trick


365 ONE: day 98…Happy Greek Easter!!

Day 98: April 15th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Cleaning/Cooking/Walking back from parking car in garage

Dance of the Day was = “Voulez-Vous” from Mamma Mia! Movie Soundtrack

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Greek Day in Greek”

Anything to Note =


Or…in Greek…


I tried to get this blog done early in the morning before I started cooking and the crazy began but I ran out of time! I got the dance and the upload in as soon as I got up but then Stuart was up and we had to get cracking!!

I had to honor Greece and Greek Easter in my 365 today of course so my video upload was in Greek πŸ™‚ And my dance of the day was from the Mamma Mia movie, which was set in Greece πŸ™‚

Just sat down after cleaning up and packing up the vast amounts of food that we cooked! It’s leftover central in our fridge because I cannot help but cook too much!!

Long day! EXHAUSTED! But thank you to all that came over πŸ™‚

We did of course again do the eggs tradition game…and as usual…I lost 😦

For those of you who don’t know what the Greek eggs tradition is…well, you will have to come over next year and find out πŸ™‚

365 ONE: day 91…Happy (other) Easter to all!

Day 91: April 8th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (Jitterbug)” by Wham

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Stuart Sleeping”

Anything to Note =

Happy Easter to all of you!!!

I will be celebrating my Easter next weekend as Greek Easter falls only one week after this year. However, the more I think about it the more I realize today is also my Easter as well. My mother is Australian so this is her Easter and she definitely took us Easter egg hunting when I was little. And we definitely had lots of Easter eggs and chocolate and food! Our family never misses a holiday that involves food that’s for sure – it’s like we also always celebrated Thanksgiving growing up even though we have no family that are American – granted we went to the USA every year at either Christmas or Easter or both for skiing, so I know I have strong ties to America from childhood, but technically none of us have a direct American connection except our close friends…but hey, it was a chance to eat and have a dinner party! So, we did that! I also vaguely remember getting presents at Thanksgiving…which is not the point of the holiday at all!!!

Being half Australian and half Greek also meant that I got presents on Christmas but then also some more presents on New Years due to St. Nicholas coming then to deliver presents as the Greek tradition! So that was another score! AND, since I am Greek I have a name day, which actually fluctuates with Greek Easter – so St Zoe Day is always the Friday after Greek Easter. BUT ALSO, my real name is double barrel, so its Zoe-Christina, so technically I have second name day for Christina which comes from Christ so is indeed on Christmas….but I never really got more presents on Christmas because of that…althogh I should have!! I probably brought that up a few times when I was younger being the brat I was!!

It seems the Australian in me gets put to the side, and the growing up in England, and the American annual tie, as being Greek takes the forefront. And it’s true – I feel more Greek than anything and have a stronger connection to Greece and being Greek, always. So it doesn’t really feel like my Easter today at all. BUT, it is. AND, I was also thinking that I am now married to a Brit, and this is Stuart’s Easter so it really should now be more important in our family. And as I was picking up some Easter goodies for Stuart yesterday from the import store I realized that today was special and I should be celebrating. And I would want the new addition to our family to also have both Easter’s like I had. So ahead I should try to not let the Greek rule over the British traditions always (even though Greece of course rules πŸ™‚ haha!), at least for Stuart’s and the newbie’s sake, I will happily celebrate more holidays!

I mean who can say no to chocolate??!!

And who can say no to Stuart cooking a roast dinner tonight for us for when I get back from rehearsal??!!

I never believed in the Easter Bunny though – I do remember that! I knew it was my mum…so not sure about carrying on that part of the tradition to the newbie! Unless I make Stuart dress up like a giant Bunny every year haha!

I am not going to lie – it’s a little creepy!! Isn’t it??