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Is It Time For A New One?

I keep getting comments on how people miss my blogs…

You mean the crazy 365 stunt??

The video uploads of my little monkey??

The daily crazy talk?? I could not have been that interesting so it must be about my little peanut!


How can you resist that face?

It’s a new year…is it already time for a new 365 challenge??

Is it?



Wine Spiral

My 365 day challenge finished yesterday yet I picked up the iPad as if to write my 365 blog entry…like I was on auto pilot!!


After 365 days, or a little more, of not drinking, I had my first quarter of a glass of red wine tonight! No more in case it knocked me off my chair! Apparently it made me a little cuckoo according to Stuart…well I kept doing the masturbation male ejaculation hand gesture over and over for some reason haha!! I say that’s just me being overtired and not wasted on my quarter of a glass!

Which tasted a little…..


Although in the photo taken I looked pained to be drinking it haha!

I didn’t miss drinking funnily enough. I would say to go T Total but I’m not sure I would last forever with no booze! That doesn’t sound quite right when related to me…even I know that!

That quarter of a glass has made me super duper tired…fighting staying awake. Imagine what more than a quarter of a glass would do to me!! Sounds amazing!!! It could put me completely out…and then I can perhaps sleep finally as I haven’t since 1952!!!!

Drinking wine has made me want to break all the other eleven 365 criteria I had to abide by!!!!

Is that what is next???

I feel like a rebel!! Even though I’m allowed to do (or not do) the 365 criteria…as I already won!!!

What a rebel am I with my old lady wine portion of a quarter of a glass haha!

I’ve left the apartment like a bomb has exploded…just too tired to even look at it right now…wow, I have turned into a rebel!

Against myself?

Is that even allowed???