TESTING 1…2…365: IPad Stand Built to Withstand



365 ONE: day 222….Friday Business

Day 222: August 17th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Tha Me Thimase” by Antonis Remos

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Baby Uggs”

Anything to Note =


Today was a day spent on my iPad.


Sitting in the kitchen in an uncomfortable stool, straddling the counter top, so I could get some Internet and also have it plugged in below.


It’s been a day of baby product research. Have been baby shopping literally every day with my mum so we can get things on “the list” in case, as my mum puts it, the baby comes early and we need to be prepared!!!



I have no idea what’s going on so he can’t come early – I auto corrected the ‘it’ to ‘him’ just now i will have you know!! So perhaps that means I am progressing???!!!! Haha!

Well, he can’t come early because Stuart is still in the USA until after Fashion week, so that’s September 14th at least!!!!

And I’m NOT READY for that!!!!

Anyway, we’ve been on baby shopping mode every day which has been too much! But amazingly I have been able to distant myself while doing so. Mostly, I try to keep my mum on track to how much we actually need right now, and in the UK since we will be going back to NYC, so I spend most of the time justifying expenses and saying “no” to my excited grandmother-to-be!!

That’s weird!!! My mum is going to be a grandmother!

She is excited.

Stuart is excited.

Everyone is excited more than me it seems!!

All very strange.

I finished reading and going through the Mum To Be Organizer book i was given so then spent the day online trying to find cheaper ways to fulfill the “to do” and “to buy” list based off what we’ve seen out and about so far.

And then reading reviews.

Again, too much!

Overwhelming really. It can just go on and on and on.


Luckily I had to switch between baby online focus to mortgage documents being requested. Although, that was also ugh. Too much!

Thank you Stuart for helping me deal with all our mortgage stuff that had to be submitted as being here with no quality Internet, no printer and no scanner makes me limited. And that makes me feel a little helpless. There is an internet cafe not too far away but it’s expensive so Stuart and I tried to do it without that – me on the phone with him on his computer for some transatlantic business!! Thanks to our free calls!! Thank god for that really.

But no seriously. Thank you Stuart for today.

365 ONE: day 213…Who Really Reads The Instruction Manual??

Day 213: August 8th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was =”No Air” by Jordin Sparks feat. Chris Brown

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Huge Mirror”

Anything to Note =

Today was set up phone line and Internet line and alarm and electricity voltage capacity (after the blackout we had to prevent anything in the future) at my parents new house….all with the same guy!!

I missed the phone, voltage, alarm sections but came downstairs right as they were trying to figure out the Internet….which they apparently have been trying to do for ages and could not understand…yet, no one said anything to me to come help!

Anyway, it took us hours to connect the Internet and then get it wireless!

And in the end it was actually quite simple…it was all in the router instruction booklet that was included!!!!

I tried everything – on my netbook, on another netbook, on my iPod, on my iPad….and it would not connect to the wireless. This guy had no clue! Literally! But to his credit, it was not obvious to me either. We called the company OTE and they said we had to first set up the Internet to the modem using an Ethernet LAN connection….fine. But that is all they said!! Not something like – look in the instruction booklet and you will see!!!!

Anyway, so we tried with the Ethernet on my netbook for ages with all kinds of codes that they had given my dad and it was just not connecting.

I looked over in the box and picked up the booklet that was in Greek and just flipped through it and then saw in the middle, hidden, four pages of how to connect to the Internet for setup! And it was complicated with numbers and in the browser, where the other items we would have to insert…I mean, ridiculous!! There was no way you would have been able to figure this out without that booklet, especially as you had to type like a nine digit code into the browser to even start the setup!!


I guess I assumed this guy would know what to do, but after about a half hour I realized he did not. Then I guess I assumed he would have looked at the instruction booklet then that came with the router since they had apparently been trying for ages before I even came into the picture. So I didn’t even think of looking at it.

But, this is Greece for you!!!

I mean, it should be simple and not something you need to go to an instruction booklet for really, right?? I mean, this is just setting up wireless with a router….this is not rocket science!! And oh so easy in America, but here…I see it is not!!

It sounds stupid that it was all along in the instruction booklet and no one looked at it, but I just can’t believe you have to. And then it was even more complicated after that trying to figure out which username and code you had to change and when and ugh.

In the end, I figured it out, but it was a little ridiculous….not sure who to blame though, really….OTE the company, the non-informative customer service, the technician, or me for not looking for an instruction manual and reading it hours before I did!



It’s now working on my iPad and iPod, but I can’t still get it to work wirelessly on my netbook….I give up for the day though!! Too much!!

365 ONE: day 212…Mosquito Nightmare!

Day 212: August 7th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Mamacita Buena” by Claydee

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Mosquito Battle”

Anything to Note =

I had a fight with a mosquito at 2am this morning for over half an hour.

It was me versus this annoying effing mozzy.

I was watching TV and saw it fly past the TV light and I was like UGH!!

Then I got itchy as it had already bitten me in several places the mongoid!!!

So then it was on!! It was a battle to the death!!

Lights went on. I was focused on all the lights in the room, ready with my hands out to clap it to death!

I kept missing it though!! It was on the door at one point and I realized it was huge!! I wish I could have taken a photo of it as it was really big but weird looking, with an almost bright orange/yellow tinge to it – with long long legs! I picked up the iPad to take a photo but it had already left. It kept disappearing and then would be on me trying to bite me again! It flew into my face at one point!

That really pissed me off! I mean, I was seriously getting irritated.

I finally cornered it in the bathroom. I saw it fly in there so ran in and shut the door behind me. It’s a brighter and smaller space to deal with but it kept coming to attack me – like straight for me! It was insane! And so difficult to keep track of!

Finally I clapped out in front randomly as I saw it coming and got the mofo!!

I had blood all over my hands as it was obviously full of MY blood!!

But how satisfying to kill it! I even made a noise when I got it – probably inspired by all the Olympics I’ve been watching haha!! I let out a loud groan of success when I got it!! You know, like they do when they throw the shot put or discus or hammer throw haha!! 🙂

It’s 43 degrees here in Athens, which is ridiculous, like over 108 degrees Fahrenheit or something (don’t quote me on that as have no idea!!) – but no wonder there are so many mofo mozzies flying about. They are everywhere in this heat and so lethal!!


365 ONE: day 204…Dying From Yesterday

Day 204: July 30th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Unpacking

Dance of the Day was = “Thunder In My Heart” by Meck feat. Leo Sayer

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog = “iPad, iPod, Blackberry”

Anything to Note =

Dying from yesterday.

Did too much.

Left the old house for the new late after a long day. Long long day of moving and packing and such.

Then could not sleep as was so hot.

And my back kept seizing up when I shifted from side to side…should not have done that much, or been on my feet that long, but had to really. My feet are definitely swollen 😦 I feel like an old lady….well between my mum and dad and I we look like a family of creatures! My mum hurt her back and leg as she has been doing way too much so she is walking slowly with a limp, my dad has a back problem anyway and so is also having problems with walking and being up on his feet for so long, and then me with a bump out front waddling along…well it feels like I’m waddling or at least in some sort of slow motion.


I changed my flight to stay here a bit longer to help out as the new place looks like a bomb hit it with all the boxes and piles and piled furniture…everywhere….and I mean everywhere!

I don’t know.

That’s the phrase of the day.

Side note: apparently I use “…of the day” a lot and Stuart makes fun of me!


“that’s the question of the day” or “that’s the problem of the day” etc.


Although I have noticed it a bit now since he mentioned it but I guess I never noticed it before!

Do I really do that a lot????

I don’t know.

365 ONE: day 187…Day With My Sister And Her Cute Schmonkeys!

Day 187: July 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Playing with 7 kids!!

Dance of the Day was = “Party Rockers Anthem (Arion Dubstep Remix)” by LMFAO

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Bath Time”

Anything to Note =

Today Stuart and I drove to Loughborough to spend the day with my sister and her family! It was an early rise with traffic and rain and road works, but so worth the trip!! I had not met three out of the four of my sister’s kids and could not wait to finally meet the little shmonkeys! And they were cute little schmonkeys indeed!

Schmonkeys must run in the family 🙂

SOOOOOOO cute and adorable!!

The last time I had seen them was in Greece when I had baptised their oldest Max….and he is now 7 and half years old!! He was a little bambino being dunked into the oil at the church and now he’s almost as tall as I am!! Granted, I am only 5’2″ but still! Crazy times! How time flies and flies!

Max picked out the dance of the day song, although we found a remix on youtube of it instead of the original, and we got the whole gang involved with some 365…

Max and the next oldest Will also accompanied me in doing my push ups and planks – which was very sweet of them – although I believe they gave up by the time I got to my sit ups…and I don’t blame them! I would give up too haha! They must have been like, “What is Auntie Zoe doing??!!”

Little Tommy, who is the youngest boy, didn’t even bother to join in because he knew Auntie Zoe is a nutso!! A nutso I say! A super…

I of course could not wait to meet little Ruby – our token girl in the family 🙂 Counting my little schmonko to come, Ruby is the only girl among 7 brothers and cousins! And she is so smiley!! You just say her name in a higher pitch and she lights up! Cutie cutie pie – I had to use her bath time as my video upload today 🙂

We also got to see and meet Steph’s husband’s brother and his three kids too – also adorable – so there was a wild pack of 7 running around!

7 children…despite how cute and well behaved…not sure 7 are in the cards for us!! NOPE SIREE!! Sorry Stuart if you wanted a total of 7 coz you ain’t gonna get it haha! Although, he was there with me with 7 around, and methinks he would be okay to not have 7 either!

Let’s get through the one first before anything further is considered – being around all these kids of different ages still did not kick me into reality! What will I wonder??

It was a lovely and beautiful day and I already miss them all 😦

Stuart finally got to meet my sister!! Finally!! And the fam! So that was nice. We will have to skype them so I can see them more often as it was way too long and I can’t let that long pass again until I see their cute little faces.

We did leave with some parenting pointers…

1). enjoy our time now before there IS no time haha!

2). if the kid doesn’t eat anything or doesn’t like anything or won’t eat anything then we should try a hot dog bun, buttered, with soy sauce on it!! 🙂

3). and always have an ipad handy as that is the center and key of it all!!!!!

365 ONE: day 186…Airport Toilet Craziness!

Day 186: July 12th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was =Walking

Dance of the day was = “Pesto Me ‘Na Fili” by Katie Garbi

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Chocolate Dance”

Anything to Note =

Well that was a first yesterday…I had to do my dance and then all fitness criteria, so push ups, planks, and sit ups, in the JFK BA terminal 7 toilet stall!!!!

I was in packing crazy and then we saw both our respective flights were delayed by an hour or so, so I planned to leave an hour later and had more time – then Virgin had contradictory travel info and then they said they were still doing the same cut off time to check in baggage regardless of delay in case they could depart earlier – so the gears had to shift suddenly and we had to leave!

Thus I did not have time to do my dance or fitness 365 before we left the house. It became frantic pack time with weighing and adjusting and weighing and re-adjusting to fit the weight limits.

We realized that Virgin had changed their hand luggage rules – not only do they weigh the hand luggage which most do not, like on BA I was fine, but they added this new criteria where you are not allowed to also carry a separate laptop bag in addition to the hand luggage, so the laptop had to be included – which sucks as that is how we beat the system. We have a wheelie bag to carry on and go overhead that fits things and takes some of the weight, and then the laptop bag is what we need out and goes under the seat – and with mine being a netbook (and now iPad thanks to my generous boss!) they don’t take up the whole bag so there is even room in that to fit extra things!

But with Virgin weighing the ONE CARRY ON that has to include the laptop then nothing else can be combined with that. I mean literally! We weighed Stuart’s laptop and it was already almost 7 lbs and the total allowed was 12 lbs!


Anyway I managed to get everything in and all under the weight limits – just under, but it worked!

That took up my last moments though so I was faced with where do I do my dance and fitness 365…

Naturally one would choose the loo! Right???!!! The gross airport disabled toilet!

It was ridiculous with me dancing with headphones on let alone on the floor, the airport toilet floor, doing planks and push ups!

AND there was a woman pooping in the stall next to mine!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! My head was near her feet!!!!!!

After I washed my forearms down vigorously I looked behind me and you could totally see into the cracks of the stall!!!!!!


Anyway, after that it became a race to who would get to the UK first on our different delayed flights…..


In the end…

I WON!! 🙂