TESTING 1…2…365: Spinning Laundry is NOT Hypnotic!


TESTING 1…2…365: Dry-yer Clothes


TESTING 1…2…365: Dryer Sheet for Hair Static


TESTING 1…2…365: Conditioner as Makeup Remover

Virgin365: day two hundred and forty-six…Sink Shower

365 ONE: day 165…Laundry Mishap

Day 165: June 21st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Roll Over Beethoven” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Schvitsing”

Anything to Note =


It’s a scorcher as predicted today!!

I mean super super hot.

What I would give to be on the beach right now with the ocean a few steps away! Well, and not be a whale though!

And by beach….I mean Spetses Island, Greece.

And by ocean….I mean the Mediterranean, that blue clear water just steps away.

And by now…I mean NOW!! 🙂

I again could not find anything to wear in a heat wave.

A couple of weeks ago we realized that the laundry lost some of my trousers. We drop off the laundry and pick up as it’s so easy and cheap, and frankly we have no time to do it ourselves sadly. Never had a problem at all. But a couple of weeks ago we got back the laundry and I knew my favourite pink pajamas were in there as I had packed the laundry and had been wearing them. So thought that odd.

Then I couldn’t find my two preggo trouser purchases – my jeans, that I had tailored as well, and my capris – which I both loved! 😦

We went back to see if they had been misplaced or forgotten but they couldn’t find anything. Ugh. Sad.

Then this morning I looked in the laundry we got back last night and couldn’t find my other two flowy favourite trousers I’ve had for a while – so they must have been in the missing batch too! Which is super sad as those are my fave’s and I have no clue how to replace them 😦

So odd – a whole stack of my trousers must have gone into someone else’s laundry or something. Boo!

Anyway, they were the perfect trousers for this heat….hmmmm….so ended up having nothing to wear….and wearing my PAJAMAS!!


Black and white poker dotted pajama pants!