365 ONE: day 242…MORE Movement!

Day 242: September 6th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Flower” by Moby

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Carrots”

Anything to Note =


All the books I have been reading say that the kicking and movement in my pregnant whale bump belly should be less now and/or less pronounced – which makes sense as there is less room for the little one to move in at this stage.


There has been no slowing down of movement. Or less kicking/bubbling.

There has been MORE!!!

It’s like a constant bubble show down there!


I’m constantly bulging at the top of my belly with his feet prodding out all over! Happening right now as I type! Happens ALL the time!

And these prods are BIG still, not minor like the books say.


Does that mean that the little one is going to be the next Hulk Hogan?

Or is he getting so fat from all that I’m eating that he is super uncomfortable in the lack of space and fighting to find some room?

Or is he kicking me to show me his rebellious and naughty side from now so that I can be prepared for what the next decadeSSS will be like ahead?

Or is he trying to push down to get out?

Or is he in a constant sugar shock? And freaking out? Like mother like son!!!! Haha!!

I guess we will have to see.

In the famous words of everyone around me: “it’s countdown time”!!!!!


365 ONE: day 221…BIZARRE DREAM!!!!!

Day 221: August 16th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Feeling So Real” by Moby

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Daddy Long Legs”

Anything to Note =

The little schmonkie is constantly on my bladder!!!

So that doesn’t help the fact that I need to thus constantly pee!! It’s like I can never empty my bladder – I know it sounds maybe like too much information – but it’s always what I like to call “small pees”…I’ve become the “small pee girl!” Thus meaning I never empty my bladder obviously so constantly going annoyingly!!

This is evident in the night with how many times I get up to pee! So that doesn’t aid my lack of sleep 😦

And as a result of that I am still not going into deep sleep so am having bizarre dreams.

And I mean BIZARRE!!

Last night I had BIZARRE dreams…I mean, I always do, and I can never remember them all when I go to write them down later on, only that I have that bizarre feeling about them as I know they were BIZARRE!!

But last night, not only did I have the usual I’m-not-pregnant-and-then-I-wake-to-a-real-belly dream…which always throws me!! But I had a really really REALLY BIZARRE dream that I remember….

It was about my dad being gay!! Haha!!

That he just came out, or somehow we had just found out, or I knew, and I snuck into the room to witness his first kiss and other stuff with a guy I know at a party we were having!!!

And then after, I walked outside to the garden, where everyone had gone, and everyone knew what had just happened as just me, my dad, and this other guy had disappeared, and it was awkward.

And my mum was so embarrassed and hurt and upset and I had to give her a long hug.

And no one could look my dad in the eye when he came outside!

It was BIZARRE and too graphic also!!


I don’t want to see that again thank you very much!!

Please let me sleep! Or not remember in the future if the dreams are going to be like that!!!

365 ONE: day 24 with some technical difficulties

Day 24: February 1st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Wii Just Dance 3 Just Sweat Program

Dance of the Day was = “Disco Lies” by Moby

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Tribble Dribble”

Anything to Note =

I had some downtime in between things this evening so saved all my 365 criteria for that period of time….which I don’t recommend. The “to-do-list” of 365 items looks like a mile long when it’s not broken up. Doing it ALL in one go….ummmm….BLOWS!!

I think it dampened the whole process actually – I certainly was not in the mood for that Moby song. And I love that Moby song but dancing to it I suddenly just wasn’t into it at all, and by the time I felt like I didn’t want to dance to it, I had to just go with it so I didn’t have to start a whole new song. Song was too soft too….technical difficulty number one.

I decided on Wii Just Dance 3 for my cardio today. My cousin left NYC and the coffee table was still out of the living room due to the pull-out sofa space so it was perfect for me to dance! I did the Just Sweat program which I never had done before as all I’ve done is challenge people. The Just Sweat measures how much “sweat” you’ve supposedly worked and then after each thousand lets you know what that is equivalent to. So by 1,000 I apparently had crossed Central Park! And by 2,000 I had run some laps at some field…great can’t remember!! Brain….technical difficulty number two haha!

An annoying thing kept happening though with each Wii song I was dancing to – at about a quarter way through my speaker kept cutting out so the volume was severely reduced and it was too far in to stop or do anything. This happened FIVE times! For each song! No idea what the eff was happening with it tonight. It obviously hated me!! Sooooo annoying as part of the fun is the song and I need to hear it to keep beat for the points with the movement accuracy!! Technical difficulty number three!!!

I noticed something odd though today. I don’t breathe much when I do push-ups. I may not breathe at all! I also didn’t breathe much when doing the Wii dance…but maybe that was because I was trying to hear the music!!!! I used to have that problem with skiing and racing…holding my breath really with any physical activity…which is not good. I have to make the audible sound to rememeber…but I guess I still forget….technical difficulty number 4!! haha!!