365 ONE: day 204…Dying From Yesterday

Day 204: July 30th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Unpacking

Dance of the Day was = “Thunder In My Heart” by Meck feat. Leo Sayer

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog = “iPad, iPod, Blackberry”

Anything to Note =

Dying from yesterday.

Did too much.

Left the old house for the new late after a long day. Long long day of moving and packing and such.

Then could not sleep as was so hot.

And my back kept seizing up when I shifted from side to side…should not have done that much, or been on my feet that long, but had to really. My feet are definitely swollen 😦 I feel like an old lady….well between my mum and dad and I we look like a family of creatures! My mum hurt her back and leg as she has been doing way too much so she is walking slowly with a limp, my dad has a back problem anyway and so is also having problems with walking and being up on his feet for so long, and then me with a bump out front waddling along…well it feels like I’m waddling or at least in some sort of slow motion.


I changed my flight to stay here a bit longer to help out as the new place looks like a bomb hit it with all the boxes and piles and piled furniture…everywhere….and I mean everywhere!

I don’t know.

That’s the phrase of the day.

Side note: apparently I use “…of the day” a lot and Stuart makes fun of me!


“that’s the question of the day” or “that’s the problem of the day” etc.


Although I have noticed it a bit now since he mentioned it but I guess I never noticed it before!

Do I really do that a lot????

I don’t know.

365 ONE: day 203…Final Moving Day in Athens

Day 203: July 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Moving/Packing/Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Don’t Look Any Further” by Dennis Edwards

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Columns”

Anything to Note =

Final moving day.

It’s a sad day today.

We are leaving the old house here in Athens to a new rental house. My parents and little brother moved here while I was at boarding school in the UK and they have been here ever since. They really planned on living here for the rest of their lives. That breaks my heart. Instead they stayed here for around 15 years, and now these hard times have taken the future away from them.

My mum put so much into this house, well she always does as she is an interior designer, but so much hard work is here that we are ripping out and packing up.

I was in boarding school and then went onto college and then graduate school, and so really I left home at 13, but I still call this house home. The constant throughout my life was actually Spetses so that is really where I consider my home home, but for my little brother, he was young when he came over to Greece and he grew up in Athens, so this house is his home.

He is sadly working down in Spetses as he got a job and had to take it in these bad times with so much unemployment out here, so he is not here to say goodbye. It’s probably a good thing really that he doesn’t see it go.

I just feel sad also because I can’t help my family the way I would like to. I so wish there was something I could do to help them all. I also can’t help the way I would like physically right now either being pregnant, and that is something I keep struggling with. Both my dad and mum are not well but have been at this packing and sorting and moving for over a month and they should not be doing all this. I came over to help but I just want to pick up boxes and carry heavy items, and I can’t. I know I’m doing some things but I’m the girl who carries their own suitcase (as the phrase goes)…the stubborn one who asks for no help. The one who lifts too much, does too much, has moved like six times….and so here, in this state, I feel a bit useless 😦


Amid this chaos and crazy, hard, sad times, my dad remains the eternal optimist. Well he used to be, now he goes in and out, but when he wakes to a new day that strength has regained in his sleep still…it is amazing! Something I have always admired and wished I had. He still has it within him. It’s actually something that Stuart also has, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with him – I love that about him. They say you marry qualities of your father….it is true!! And I wanted that, being a true daddy’s girl of course!!!

In the words of my dad then…

“We must look ahead as we are the A Team!”

The A Team is our nickname for Team Anastassiou.

We even had ski shirts made once and raced as the A Team!! My mum also made us family A Team t-shirts, with each of us as an A Team hamster!!! Haha!!!!

Anyway, the A Team represents strength, courage and determination to look ahead and fight! So we must look ahead.

To a new day tomorrow.

A new place.

And hopefully a new future. Soon.


365 ONE: day 202…Olympics from the TV

Day 202: July 28th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Unpacking

Dance of the Day was = “Back to Life” by Soul to Soul

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Baby Name Book”

Anything to Note =

I watched the official start to the London Olympics last night until 3am!!! With the time difference it meant that the opening ceremony didn’t start here in Greece until 11pm and it lasted four hours so it was not over until 3am…..and I of course felt obligated to watch it all despite how tired I was.

I actually missed the start of it, that had Kenneth Brannaugh in it and what looked like an explanation of the pilgrimage and history or something. I was on the phone and so kept peeking in to see but I couldn’t quite figure it out.

But I only missed a little bit so then I was in it for the long haul….with my one eye open at the end, watching the 200 something countries enter with all their athletes that took ages, determined to stay awake though until the end. Nothing some late night snacks couldn’t fix!!

Of course it was supposed to be a family event but both of my parents fell asleep before the ceremony even started! We are in crazy moving and packing mode here so they are both exhausted poor things. My mum went up to wait until it started and fell asleep and my dad sat near me but was out and then kept waking up now and then but immediately dropping off again!!

It felt a little sad actually as the Olympics were going to be a family event. I worked hard to get some tickets for us all to at least be a part of it all together and now I am not sure any of us will get to see anything now live.

Granted the tickets Stuart and I got in the second round were not great – handball and hockey. But I picked those as they are events that are in the Olympic village and were cheap and were available, and so we could at least go in and see everything that you need a ticket to see. But Stuart is back in NYC so he won’t see them. And my mum and I will probably extend our flights to be in Greece a little longer than this Monday – which is when we have booked to fly back to the UK – but we have to be out of the house by tomorrow which we could not anticipate and we are not ready and we just can’t leave on Monday. So tomorrow I will have to change our flights.

Also now there’s talk of whether I should even be going while pregnant with all the crowds and the talk of security issues and that it will be hot and….I would have still liked to go though, but hmmmm….

Regardless, I do have to get back to London soon as my deadline to not fly approaches, plus I just feel, yes in denial, and not in reality, but very….what’s the word…not ready…UNPREPARED…that’s the word!!!!! Seriously. I have no clue what’s going on, but also what hospital, what doctor, what is going on with me and the NHS. Nothing!!! So I can’t extend too long.

Will have to figure out travel plans tomorrow amid the move!


365 ONE: day 199…Unpacking History

Day 199: July 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking & Unpacking

Dance of the Day was = “Other Side of the World” by KT Tunstall

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Empty House :(”

Anything to Note =

So hot here in Greece meant that sleep was out of the question. I also could not find another pillow as things have already been moved to the other house so I ended up putting towels and an inflatable physio round thing under my one pillow to try and hoist it up!!

Nothing worked anyway as was so hot and uncomfortable.


So it was a long day….of unpacking really. My mum and brother packed up my room already and had taken all the boxes over to the new place so I had to go through it all. Needless to say I am not done at all but I was there all day, like 8 hours trying to go through things to chuck or sort or look at or put on shelves or whatever.

They had to move it all as I wasn’t here of course but I have a lot of crap!! Or more like – I kept a lot of crap!

And I know why I did….I had plans to scrapbook everything back in the day. So I kept everything! And put them in boxes that I like to refer as “memory boxes”. Well I never had time to do so, so now there are shoe boxes piled high with crap in them!

And to my surprise I discovered a lot of crap crap….meaning ex-boyfriend crap….and that was not pleasant at all. It was actually really sad and something I just forgot about and so I had to face a lot of that today, and chucked a lot of it out! It still made me feel icky and just ugh. I don’t want to see that stuff. I don’t want to be reminded of all the bad times I went through. With THREE of them.

I know that I found the love of my life now, and I can’t imagine my life without him or with anyone else….but I still don’t find it fair or understand why I had to go through what I did to get here.

And they will say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that yada yada blah blah. But I wouldn’t wish all that on anyone.

Couldn’t I just have skipped the crap to Stuart?? Or had a little crap and not a lot??? Or with one and not three in a row???



Tomorrow will be me going through more of this crap crap sadly. And I haven’t even got to the piles of photos yet!


365 ONE: day 198….Farewell Until September :(

Day 198: July 24th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking and Squats

Dance of the Day was = “Sure Feels Good” by Ultrabeat vs Darren Styles

Improvised Acting Video I upload to my other blog was = “Silent Head Bang”

Anything to Note =

Today was a hard day.

I left the UK for Greece to go see my family and help them out with the hard times and moving and packing and the crappo-ness for a few days before I cannot fly again.

And I have not seen my parents since the NYC wedding as have not been able to leave the country due to my green card process….sadly even when both of my parents fell ill at different times. That has been tough and sad and so of course could not wait to see them.


I also had to leave Stuart.

And I know Stuart goes back to NYC Thursday so leaving today is just two days before that but it was the cheapest flight when I booked and I had to get out here.


I had to say goodbye to him at the airport this morning as I will not be seeing him until after Fashion work, which is past September 15th at least.


That is so far away. It’s a little unbelievable but the emotions still set in a bit as I hugged him and kissed him bye for two months.

Two months.

That’s odd.

I did not want to leave. I did not want to go through security. I kept turning back to blow a kiss or say bye or wave. It was so hard.

So this part goes out to him….

I just want you to know Stuart that I love you.

So much.

I miss you already Stuart.

A lot.



365 ONE: day 82…can’t sleep when I can sleep in :(

Day 82: March 30th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It” by Charlay/Dem Franchize Boyz/Jim Jones

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Large Size”

Anything to Note =

Super tired today but as usual could not sleep. And annoyingly, could not sleep in when I could have today!!!!

I didn’t finish moving and unpacking the office until 1am this morning!! There was drama all day with the movers and the building that only got worse as the hours went by and the 10pm apparent deadline approached for the movers to be done. They had to move out the whole office suite furniture for the others in the day and then it was supposed to take from 6pm-8pm to move us all up to the 18th floor with the furniture and boxes and items remaining BUT it was not that simple! The building wouldn’t allow the movers to use the freight elevator more than three times during the day otherwise they charge something like $180 an hour!!!!! CRAZY!!!! So, there was a delay in getting the mass amount of the building that accumulated until 6pm.

Once 6pm struck they were allowed to use the elevator again apparently as many times as we liked BUT the building said only to go up with the items!! So they battled it out and agreed to get the remaining bulk downstairs as they needed to apparently be out now by 10pm and the trucks needed to be loaded too. So half the men went down to load the trucks and then only a couple were left to move us all up to our new offices!

AND then it was something like 9.15pm and nothing from my office had even moved yet because they were doing it in order from the door and sadly our office is the furthest away, so we were last 😦

Well, why this drama was going on and the delays were growing, we all decided to carry up some small things ourselves, which I know, was not the thing I was supposed to be doing, but I couldn’t sit around. So I carried up small things and then ran out of those, so discovered that things on my shoulder were better so filled the large Ikea bag and carried up some things….and they were a little heavy, and I know I know I wasn’t supposed to be doing that when pregnant. I was smart though in my defence as I had to resist the urge to just take the crazy heavy things up, but I didn’t!!

It was funny though as I realized that I could not carry things in front of me with the BUMP! I realized that when I carry things I rest them on my belly or on my hip to make it easier, which could not happen, so had to rely on arm strength and my lack there of made it sooooo hard!!

The bump was in my way!!

But, it was a constant reminder to take it easy, so I guess that was good 🙂

Anyway, it was a long day and a late night, so was able to sleep in….and guess what…I could not! My body and back have been achy these past few days so needed to rest but ugh, sleep is rough these days. Somehow I need to fix this 😦

Hence why the early 365.

Hence why my dance was in slow-mo in the kitchen when it should have been a crunk dance party.

Slow slow slow putting!

365 ONE: day 81…moving day…with hours to go still!

Day 81: March 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking/Moving

Dance of the Day was = “Faster Kill Pussycat” by Brittany Murphy

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “No Desks”

Anything to Note =


Bye Bye 17th floor and Hello 18th floor!! (well, haven’t finished yet but it’s started!)

One moving company came and took the items going up to my boss’s apartment so the desks were just taken away! Had the laptop on my lap (hence the name haha!!) for a little while and then decided to create my own makeshift desk and side table and placement for the office phone with the piled boxes! This inspired my video upload of the day so you can take a look at my little created workspace 🙂

It’s funny though as the best way to be at the computer on top of these boxes is to straddle them, so feeling like a little hoe here while all the moving men are around!!

Just heard the tech guy come by and say are we ready to close down the internet….so I panicked and crammed in all my 365 and typing like a mad woman right now to get this all in before the internet is gone!

Internet Addict!!!!!!!!!

Aren’t we all, really? Strange what happens to you when the freedom of the internet is taken away from you, or even threatened to be taken away!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!! Thank heavens for my blackberry on the go 🙂

So, with all the moving men around had to be discreet with all my 365 but made it work!!

Hours more to go………………………..

365 ONE: day 80…Office Packing Day :(

Day 80: March 28th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!


Dance of the Day was = “It’s A Fine Day [ATB Remix] by Miss Jane

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Packing Parody”

Anything to Note =

Other than it was PACKING day at the office.

From 9am until after 6.30pm of straight packing…SOLO. 😦 I would have been there even longer but we ran out of boxes and bags!!

I am soooooooooooooo tired and spent and exhausted and sadly achy. I was on my feet all day long making boxes, packing boxes, moving things from one room to another, getting files out, labeling the boxes with a horrible and pungent smelling marker…

Did I mention it was office PACKING day??!!

Did I mention it was me packing SOLO??!!

It had to be done as tomorrow the movers come to take all our things up from the 17th floor to the 18th floor, and then some things to storage, and some things to my boss’s apartment too.

We will no longer be Suite 1710 folk! On to a whole new level up….ooooooh 18…..oooooooh!

Naturally it inspired the 365 today, or more like dictated how I felt which in turn dictated my 365.

Well the moving and packing and whole long day on my feet took care of my cardio, more than took care of my cardio requirement! I hope I can walk tomorrow as I am already feeling it in my back and feet and legs and I am sitting down!

The exhaustion and packing naturally inspired my video upload where I sang to the tune of “Someone Like You” by Adele as I walked away from the office!

And then it inspired me to choose the song “It’s A Fine Day” for my dance since I thought it was funny and ironic after the day I had! All that packing made me very slow and a little retardo in my dancing since my feet hurt so much!

Why I chose boots to wear today is beyond me – they are my most comfortable boots I own but there is a slight heel so am feeling it now being on my feet on them all day. We had to interview a potential candidate to fill my position at work while I am gone down the line so I felt like I shouldn’t slum it completely today and look like a Boo-Ya. Paying for it now though 😦

Guess, what tomorrow is??????????


And guess what the day/dayS after that will be?????????????

UNPACKING DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wow, a bright future ahead 😦 Pack me and ship me away!!