Operation 365 Poem: day 362…Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus

Am I Mrs. Claus?
And haven’t been told
That I got the position
Of a lifetime of cold?

Do I live at the North Pole?
Was I whisked away in my sleep?
So I wouldn’t fight it?
So I wouldn’t make a peep?

Am I in charge of elves?
Is it immoral to ask
Them to jump on me and hug
And keep me warm as their first task?

Anyone know where the sack is?
That’s usually filled to the brim
With presents and toys?
Do you mind if I jump in?

Are the reindeer in their stable?
Do they know the closest Starbucks?
Could they grab me a coffee?
Oooh and some treats from Dunkin Donuts

Do you mind if I lie down in this sleigh?
I simply can’t stop yawning
Wake me up when Rudolf and gang are back
Then I’ll (yawn) brave the cold (yawn) and start Claus-ing