YOU COMPETE ME 365: M-issing Train

TESTING 1…2…365: Help Point (to help?)

Virgin365: day two hundred and ninety-eight…Please Sir, I’m on Crutches

Virgin365: day one hundred and twenty-five…Subway Car to Car

Operation 365 Poem: day 37…MTA Play

MTA Play

Stuck in a hole
Excruciatingly hot
No where to turn
Holding everything I’ve got

Sweat dripping down
Like a sauna inside
Steadying balance
Painful train ride

Everyone tired
Everyone mad
Hungover, anxious
Or just plain sad

How could you smile
In this crammed heat
People breathing down your neck
Stepping on your feet

Then things slow down
Nothing but dark
Between two stops
The train decides to park

The moans begin
People try and shift
Lots of audible sighs
Everybody’s miffed

There’s no where to go
As much as everyone tries
You can feel the panic building
The tears in their eyes

No announcements
Nobody knows when it will end
No way to contact anyone
No messages will send

A woman starts screaming
A fight breaks out
As if there was room for that
As if we could move about

Patience growing thin
Want to pull the emergency cord
Suddenly the train starts moving
Thank heavens! Thank The Lord!

I spoke too soon, it stops
Back to the drawing board

365 ONE: day 183…Subway Observances

Day 183: July 9th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Don’t Worry Baby” by The Beach Boys

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Too Bright in Office”

Anything to Note =

Some subway stories again!

This morning the MTA card machines were not working – they were not accepting any payment with a credit or debit card, just cash. So there were huge lines of angry folks dashing about in panic this morning. They kept coming up to me asking if I had seen anyone’s card transaction go through in front of me, as I was also in line to refill my MTA card, but with cash….actually with coins!!

Since I am leaving in two days, and my monthly metrocard ran out Saturday, I have been scrounging around the house gathering coins to pay for my two subway rides a day – so again today I managed to find $4.50 in quarters and dimes for today’s journey haha! 🙂

So I was afraid that people were going to be mad at me for taking so long to put in all the coins to load my metrocard, but lo and behold they were already mad at the machines, so I escaped 🙂

As the journey continued…

There was a couple on one side of the subway car and then a younger couple across from them, in those two-seater sections. And as the elder couple got off the subway, the woman approached the younger couple and said:

“I was watching you both and I can tell you are both really in love and will be married a really long time.”

She also said that her and her husband were celebrating their 24 year anniversary so wanted to share that with them.

It was kinda cute! The younger couple were thrown off a bit and went bright red and kept saying “thank you” to them.

Ah love 🙂

Speaking of love on the subway – the busker last night on the platform was singing from The Little Mermaid!!! It was cute but kinda funny that it was coming from a guy 🙂 He had a good voice though!

And lastly, before my journey to the office ended, I saw two men with their flies down! Why does it not feel our place to tell people when their flies are down?

I wanted to say something but then one got off a stop later. But then I was across from the other one, and just wanted to tell him, but I didn’t feel it my place to.

It was rush hour too so kept thinking that I couldn’t just announce it to him as others would then notice and I didn’t want to do that to the poor fellow – and I was not close enough to whisper it….I hope someone told him!!