365 ONE: day 177…Expo to the Challenge

Day 177: July 3rd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Delayed Devotion” by Duffy

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Schvitsy Coma”

Anything to Note =

I still find it funny when I have to explain my whole 365 to people! It cracks me up as it’s now become 12 criteria with the addition of no alcohol – which then leads me to explaining I was on a detox for the first week of just fruit and veg, which then leads me to say:

“….I started this 365 challenge and then 9 days later I found out I was pregnant!”

Which is super crazy!

I then get asked though why I didn’t just stop then and there when I found out I was pregnant….which is a valid question…but I didn’t know what was going on back then (I still don’t!!) – but my mind was all on getting through and I was so busy and had so much to think about, and a week retreat upstate with the theatre company  I was in rehearsals with….and I don’t know, 365 just kept on going.

I guess I had bigger things to think about.

And, despite how harsh this sounds, my initial reaction to finding out I was pregnant was a big “No!” so I didn’t know what I was going to do to be honest – this was all a shock and not planned, and interfered with the two weddings and honeymoon we had ahead of us with the due date falling on the exact date of when the Greek wedding was supposed to be….so I was thrown.

I guess I didn’t know then what the future held. I had to figure out whether I was going to move forward with the pregnancy or not first. And the days ticked by, meaning the 365 challenge kept going in the meantime, and then I got stuck as the days added up and up and up (which granted was not to a very big number) but it felt accomplished and something I couldn’t imagine quitting or starting again from scratch.

And we all know I am friggin’ insane!

It’s funny as when I decided to start this 365 challenge this year I thought about how much of a challenge it would be to have two weddings and then a honeymoon, and how interesting that would be for people reading along – like that of a reality TV show.

I had NO idea that there would be a giant twist in the show!!! 🙂

And now how can I stop?? I’m on day 177!!!!!

But believe me when I say that there have been moments where I really wish I didn’t have to do this anymore! Especially since I am so busy and so now 365 has ended up being something I have to do when I get home late and that’s the last thing I want to do!

I’m soooooooo tired my right eye won’t stop twitching!!

365 ONE: day 138…Missing Cards and No Booze Criteria

Day 138: May 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “I Say A Little Prayer” by Dionne Warwick

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Thanks To My Sis!”

Anything to Note =

Do you know what I realized?

I am waiting for a bunch of “cards”…my Green Card, my new health insurance card, my new British Airways credit card – all with promises of arrival, all late, all missing!

Ha – just thought of another card – my mum sent me a birthday card last year that never got to me either – another card haha! Well let’s hope the other cards I’m waiting for now don’t follow that path!!


I finally got around to actually sitting down and looking at my calendar and my schedule as I had an earlier thought in an earlier blog entry about whether I had drunk any alcohol on my 365, or not.



I can’t believe it – my earlier thought was true! I started 365 on January 9th with a week of detox of only fruit and veg, and then there was like three or four days, and then I found out I was pregnant!!

I looked at the calendar to see if there were anything in those three or four days but I was in rehearsals until past 10pm and busy, and nothing like a dinner or bar meeting or anything was scheduled, so it turns out I seriously have not had an ounce of booze in what now is 138 days!!

Which means now for real I need to consider this….

Do I add this officially to my 365? Do I make no alcohol the 12th criteria on my 365 Challenge? But then I would have to go all the way until January 8th, 2013!

Well, being pregnant, that would take me to September 22nd or thereabouts so that would already bring me to something like 250 days! So yeah that leaves like 100 plus days but if I am breastfeeding I am not supposed to be drinking anyway, so maybe it’s not so unrealistic after all??

Or am I going to want that shot of tequila after I give birth?? Or if I stop breastfeeding before January 9th or something??

But I would have gone so far though already.

I need to think.

I won’t announce it until I think about this, or I guess I can even wait and see how I feel.

What do you guys think?

365 ONE: day 126….Look Down Folks!

Day 126: May 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Apologize” by Timbaland

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “No Booze Zoe!”

Anything to Note =

To go along the lines of yesterday’s blog about looking down while you walk, and how in NYC, I think especially, you should be aware of where you are stepping…

I was walking yesterday and doing my usual looking down as I walk, and right there in front of me was money! Lying there were $3!! Three $1 bills!!

The funny thing was I arrived at the money right as this other group was arriving at the money, so we essentially got there at the same time! However, I bend down and picked them up a split second before they had the urge to. So there I was stopped with money in my hand saying “What?” out loud, as this other family was also stopped looking at the money in my hand too.

And then there was silence.


Was I supposed to SHARE my $3 with them?? What, here have a dollar just because we arrived at the same time??!!

Finders Keepers Losers Weepers….isn’t that the saying!!! Right??

It was just a super awkward moment, but they should have bent down quicker than me and grabbed it!!!!

So after what felt like hours, with both of us at a standstill on the sidewalk, I did the whole searching around and looking up at the houses to see if it belonged to anyone, and as I did so, moved a little away in my search, which then allowed them to finally leave me and walk on! Kicking themselves! HAHA!!

You see?? Look down folks, there’s money around!! 🙂

365 ONE: day 118…And Push And Tequila And Push…

Day 118: May 5th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Start Me Up” by The Rolling Stones

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Yo Yo Yo”

Anything to Note =

It always amazes me when I explain the 365 criteria which one gets people, as it seems for each person it’s different and sometimes unexpectant.

The “No Sitting on Public Transportation” seems to get to a lot of people – that gets the most common “no way” responses.

The “Tip-Toes in Subway Tunnel” weirds people out in general!!!

But the other day at dinner with some friends, one of my friends was explaining my whole 365 shebang and what really seemed to be her “I could never do that for a whole year” and hardest criteria was the daily “Improvised Acting Video” – which I found surprising as that is the most creative one and she is a very creative person. Now, granted, it can be annoying – I’m not going to lie…when I know I have to get it done and I am at home or at the office, and have to search for something to do in a setting I feel I may have exhausted and is unoriginal as it’s the same ol’ setting…but then it pushes the limit so that’s I guess a good thing. It just threw me as I guess I never thought about that 365 criteria being the hardest of all.

I’m guessing for her, for everyone, it’s the whole commitment for a whole year thing, perhaps? maybe? you think? hmmmm???

It’s funny as it just hit me while talking about plans tonight and how I could drive as I am not drinking obviously, and thus can be the designated driver role for months to come!…but I actually started my 365 back in January with a detox. I did a just fruit and veg detox with no coffee or alcohol and THEN I found out I was pregnant……..so on my 365 I believe (and I will have to officially go back and check this) that I have had no coffee or alcohol at all! Which will mean that it will take me to at least September, so why not continue on for the whole challenge if it is indeed true????

Methinks I may want a drink and some coffee after the whole 9 months shenanigans and the whole friggin’ labour!!!!!!!!!!!! A shot of tequila to help with the birthing I think is only fair!!!!!!! 🙂