PUPPET ME 365: Scaffold Swing

PUPPET ME 365: Apple Bat

365 ONE: day 125…Kodak Moments!

Day 125: May 12th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “More Than A Woman” by Bee Gees

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Freudian Free Write”

Anything to Note =

Yesterday was something special. Yesterday I needed a photographer following me around – not to take photos of me!! But to be there when I saw some amazing things….that sadly, I did not get to capture! Too many to name but my two highlights were:

1). On the subway there was a woman who was right out of an 80’s movie or catalog! It was incredible! Her hair was poofy – like it had been backcombed and hairsprayed majorly to stay in the exact positions that even the jolting train and passengers could not shake! She also had the classic poofy bangs in front! She was wearing the whitest of white old school sneakers, super bright pink top with matching pink lipstick, and of course all dolled up with lots of make-up! Dimples showing as she chewed her gum with her mouth open! It was amazing!! I could not stop looking at her (not in a creepy way!!!) but out of curiosity! I wanted to snap a photo so bad with my blackberry but there was soooo many people around and she was literally to the side of me, like right next to me, and plus when you take a photo with my phone it makes that obvious loud snap noise which makes taking sneaky photos impossible!

The best I could find on google was this – which kind of reminds me of her…

…only this woman on the subway was even more 80’s!!!

2). Walking home, for my 365 cardio of course, I was dodging the crowds of Grand Central people exhausted and just eager to get to the subway stop I had to walk to, and ahead I noticed lots of tripping, looking down, and double taking – something was slowing down ahead. As I got there, on one of the busiest NYC corners, 42nd Street and Lexington, there was a homeless man, or perhaps not a homeless man – passed out man maybe or tired man haha! Anyway, he was lying flat on his back, completely spread out, on the sidewalk, as if he was at home in bed or on a beach, somewhere with lots and lots of room! But he was in the way of one of the Grand Central entrances and causing quite the traffic jam! People obviously don’t look down as there were a lot of tripper-uppers! I definitely look down when I walk – I always complain that I miss things as I never look up! But I didn’t miss this 🙂 And how can you walk around in NYC and NOT look down as there is always something going on – holes, uneven grates, poop!

Closest I could find was something like this with arms and legs spread wide…

What made it even better though, was just by his head, lying out in the open, was a folded $1 bill. That was just sitting there. Untouched. Un-stolen. I found that promising (although not sure if it would still be there now!) but there were a few homeless men scrounging for food in the nearby trash cans, that you would think would just grab at the chance to get money from someone clearly not moving, especially as it was just lying there near his head! But nope, it belonged to this guy and rightly so 🙂

I would have again taken a photo but there were too many people around that would have mauled me over with their NYC ‘on-a-mission’ walking style! Plus, I wanted to get home.

It is amazing how many great shots are out there, right in front of our eyes! I think I get to notice more these days as my walking is slower than my normal crazy extreme girl pace!