Operation 365 Poem: day 359…Pee Show

Pee Show

What do you do
When you need to go to the loo
But stuck in your studio seat?

You smile and pretend
And hold it until the end
Until all the filming is complete

You can’t interrupt the taping
So you learn to get good at faking
Convincing yourself you don’t need to pee

At least I got to see the show
Audience seats opened due to snow
So being out there was a freebie

But on the flipside that meant
I couldn’t pee before my segment
Where I was cast to be in a workout

So when you see it on TV
And I look like I need to pee
That’s because I DO – especially in the jumping about!

365 ONE: day 197…Oddities Around!

Day 197: July 23rd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!


Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Breakout” by Foo Fighters

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “The Burgess Family”

Anything to Note =

There were some oddities today that I think deserve a quick mention…

1). We went down to have lunch in town with one of Stuart’s friends and on our way back we were behind a woman pushing a stroller up the hill in front of us. It wasn’t until about half way up that Stuart noticed and pointed out to me that she was not wearing any shoes! And this was a main public pathway with all kinds of icky-ness on it, plus it must have been super hot on the ground as it was super hot out. Very bizarre! I looked to see if there were any shoes anywhere like in her hand or in the stroller but I couldn’t see any…..odd.


2). While down in town I needed to go to the bathroom before heading back up home – seems to be the case these days annoyingly…we have lunch or a drink or be somewhere and we leave and THEN I need to pee….not while we are there but after it!!! The schmonkey must be on my bladder though as I seem to always want to pee these days!! Especially when I start walking! Anyway, had to pee as soon as I left having lunch with Stuart’s friend! So went to the Harlequin across the way to use their bathroom and there was a woman in a stall two down from me talking to herself! At first I thought she may be on the phone or something. But then every time it was quiet I could hear that it was constant mumbling! Like a mumbo jumbo of nonsense mumbling!! It was very very strange!!!