365 ONE: day 23…now onto February!

Day 23: January 31st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Pelvic Walking/Down Squats into Chair against Subway Doors between Stops (mouthfull!!)

Dance of the Day was = “Groovejet (If This Ain’t Love)” by Sophie Ellis-Baxter/Spiller

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Rehearsal Nap”

Anything to Note =

Super nauseous today! It was soooo hot in the office it was gross…there’s nothing worse than feeling hot when you feel sick. I would rather be cold. But it was just not cold out today in general so in the office the heat was blasting and it made me feel horrible! So, because of that, I felt way too woozy to sneak any 365 into the office – there was no way I felt up to it. So I had to smoosh them all in at breaks in rehearsal later on.

I was counting on accrediting my cardio today to rehearsal movement training but it turned out that I didn’t have to be super physical today (which fit nicely with how sick I felt) but then it meant that I had to still fulfill cardio and rehearsal ended after 10pm! Soooo not in the mood to do anything that late! So I ended up just walking further to a later subway stop to get on rather than the closest obvious station, and I got off the subway a few stops earlier and walked home from there. I also made it into a “Pelvic Walk”…meaning I would push forward with my pelvis and do like pelvis twisty concentrated walking. It was interesting as I could really feel it in my legs – was aiming to utilize some different muscles groups. But then, Miss Overachiever here, didn’t feel like that was enough so on the subway I did a few 90 degree angle chair sits against the subway doors between stops to work out my legs. People were definitely wondering why I was squatting into Air Chairs and not just sitting down!! HAHA!! Little do they know I am not allowed to sit down 🙂 Anyway, this just shows there is something wrong with me – doing more than I need to. When will I learn to be normal, relatively speaking???

I wasn’t happy with my video upload today – I turned it on to try to capture something along the lines of me trying to take a nap in rehearsal, but it just didn’t feel right – it actually felt contradictory as I was shhhing and getting mad but then I didn’t want to disturb the others doing work or line throughs so my attempts to shhhh them and get mad just felt false. This would be where I would need a louder internal moment on camera somehow – a good mic, a camera-man, a way to capture me and what I am going through but incorporate the bigger picture around me too to tell the story. The only thing that did work was just how loud the noises were – I had the ipod on the floor so the resonation of sound carried onto the recording. But….I need a whole camera crew!!!!!!!!!

End of January! WOO HOO!