Virgin365: day one hundred and seventeen…Airbrushed

365 ONE: day 234…Happy Birthday Daddy!

Day 234: August 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Honey Pie” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Photos of Dad”

Anything to Note =

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful amazing dad!!

It is his birthday and me and my mum are in the UK and he is in Greece….which in the history of my life has never happened before. I have spent every single birthday with my father, and always made an effort to be where ever he is in the world, by his side to celebrate.

But today.

I tried so hard to find him a flight over but I failed.

I searched for days and nothing. Everything was sold out or outrageous in price! And I mean outrageous!!! Like thousands of pounds or euros – I mean even if you had lots of money it’s still not justifiable to spend such an outrageous amount of money to go just within Europe…these prices are equivalent to flying to America from Greece, or even to Australia and beyond!

This must be a combination of fuel prices, cutting back on the number of planes they have out there, that it’s August still, that the Paralympics start tonight, that people booked holidays after the Olympics ended, and pure poop against the less financially able, like us!!

Poop I say, again!!

So it’s just a little sad today as we can’t be together, and I, the travel agent in the family could not make it happen, so I feel guilty 😦

And it’s just sad as it centers around our financial crisis my family is going through and what life used to be about – just jump on a plane and go, anything for family – and now – when every penny needs to be watched or taken into consideration or justified…and I have always hated money and been money conscious but for my parents this downhill has really hurt them. And they are still just so generous and wanting to give us, give me, everything…and since I can’t fly I know my dad wanted to be here for me, with me, to give me that, and…could not.


I need to seriously play the lottery because I owe him the world. I hate money so much but life cannot function without it and I just wish I had it for my parents, not me. I am the eternal bargain hunter 🙂 And they come first in my eyes.

I’m sorry daddy.

Happy Birthday Loon (that is our nickname for each other, between me and my dad, which I know sounds funny and weird haha, but its Loon or Loonie, or Loonaki – Greek variations of that word!!)

I have no idea how and when that came about actually haha!! But it has nothing to do with the literal English translation of a crazy person or a bird haha! Just special nicknames for each other 🙂

Can you tell I am the ultimate daddy’s little girl???!!!!

My dad wants to come over for the birth of the little schmonkie so I will just have to organize a birthday celebration for my dad then…and get him some big presents to make up for him not being here with us today 🙂


365 ONE: day 232…Tedious

Day 232: August 27th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Ksexase To” by CReal

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Keep Calm and Drink Tequila”

Anything to Note =

Tedious day.

Seriously tedious day.


I was up early after a restless usual no sleep night – partly I am sure to the fact that my mum and I watched The Thaw horror film late last night about a parasite that crawls into your skin – just thinking about it again gives me the shivers!! I went through bedbugs and so naturally anything about small creatures crawling over you is not the greatest way to make me feel relaxed. How could it to anyone!

Anyway, we had a workman come over early so was up early and had to be out of my room so I literally spent the whole day upstairs at the desk where I can get Internet….doing tedious things….dealing with tedious things! Literally – I was there from 10am sitting at that desk until close to 7pm!

First I spent hours looking for a flight for my dad to come over to London. It’s his birthday in two days so we’ve been searching for a flight over tomorrow for the week so we could be together and there was simply nothing! I mean, I would not give up as I really thought there had to be a way – I searched air miles, all airlines, cheap websites, combinations of planes…the only flights I could find that we’re not sold out were outrageous in price! So now we’re all disappointed. I can hear it in my dad’s voice too. I’ve never spent a birthday away from him. And I know he will be over for when the schmonkie is here and that’s not far away, but it’s just sad.

Then I had to move on to figuring out Stuart’s flight to come over for when Fashion finishes. So more searching and irritation at how expensive things are. I was however able to figure out a way to pay out less by using some of my mum’s air miles. Annoyingly I discovered that my mum’s United air miles had expired and she had lost a lot – enough for two trips to USA and back – and this happened in March when my parents were sick and of course pre-occupied and nobody checked. But there was an option for reinstatement for money so to do so and use air miles brings the price down for Stuart. A little more successful, or we’ll see, but again was not ideal.

Then had to deal with mortgage emails and a lack of understanding and miscommunication with back and forth of emails that were driving me crazy! They kept saying they didn’t have attachments when they did and not understanding what I was talking about, and all of this is from my blackberry as my work email is on there. I was trying to take care of things to keep Stuart from having to deal with it as he was busy at work today, but my blood started to boil….I was already stressed from the day so far and I just couldn’t deal with re-explaining again and again, using different tactics. I had to give up and asked Stuart to just re-send what we had sent over ten days ago on his lunch break.

I knew I needed to get out and away from the desk and soon.

Instead I tried to do as much as I could as I was already at the desk. I have to swap over planners as my current one ends in three days and I have been putting it off! I have to copy by hand all my notes and all that into the new planner – yup, I still believe in hand written planners versus on my blackberry. I fear for everything being wiped! And actually something happened to my blackberry a few weeks ago and all my photos were wiped! Which was horrible!! So I now have less faith in the technological planner than ever! But copying everything is….


Anyway, it got to 7pm and I just couldn’t do anymore. I needed to get up and out and some fresh air…to breathe out the stress of today.

Out for a walk around the park!!

What a day. A tedious one.


365 ONE: day 216…Last Day in Greece

Day 216: August 11th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Packing/Traveling to London/Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Sala Sala” by Despina Vandi

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Last Day in Greece”

Anything to Note =

I leave for London today, well tonight, actually in a few hours really I will have to leave for the airport. It’s weird as one month ago today, Stuart and I were leaving NYC for London in the late evening too to go visit his family…so the 11th seems to be the travel date to London!

Odd that I left a month ago tonight from NYC. It does not feel like a month since I have been so busy and doing so much between the UK and Greece. Moved houses as well. Plus I have also been still working from my blackberry while gone, so does not feel like I have been away, especially for a whole month!


Finished my photos early this morning, and by early I mean I did not go to bed until after 4am!! Ugh. But I had to get it done before I left and I was awake so pushed through to have it all complete as still had to pack today and do other things.

It was funny though as came across some graphic, some nudey, beach topless party photos!! Ahhhh good times!! Haha!!

It was refreshing to come across some fun friends ones like that as had enough of all the ex photos. There are a few of some ex’s in the mix still as they are with others and some of those photos I just couldn’t throw away…but only a few. Otherwise, I have now successfully deleted as much as I can of the bad memories and the hurt among the photos and papers.



Next would be to actually get more photo albums and insert the mass piles that I have kept that have no place right now….another time….at least I got through them all!

On a sidenote: I noticed on my supermarket travels, and again today, that there is a huge frozen yoghurt surge in Greece! They have opened frozen yoghurt places everywhere! I mean even on the small island of Spetses they opened two within the same town, with the town being like 5 minutes long!! One of them is Greek frozen yoghurt I think, or maybe both. Anyway, that’s crazy!! I guess they have just discovered the market and it’s become like the new craze!

Should I break it to them that it’s been around for ages already around the world??!!

365 ONE: day 211…What I Learned After My Spetses Weekend

Day 211: August 6th, 2012 = 2012

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Hearts Collide” by Eleftheria Eleftheriou

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Photos”

Anything to Note =

Here is what I learned over the weekend…

1). Never walk in Spetses as it gives you blisters!

2). Therefore always take the moped.

3). You don’t need alcohol to feel drunk, just go to Rendez Vous bar and absorb it in the air 🙂

4). Always walk into bars bottom first when pregnant to avoid the jumping drunk dancers bumping into the bump!

5). It is very easy to stay out until 6am with no booze!

6). Being pregnant saves you so much money as you’re not buying alcohol.

7). The bump brings attention and questions and touching so be prepared with something more than “I don’t know” as it leads to more questions!

8). Driving the moped at grandma speed allows you to enjoy the view more!

9). But driving the moped at grandma speed also tests your patience and competitive urges after watching every one zoom past annoyingly!

10). Go in the sea more frequently than two brief plops!

11). Water is your new favorite drink in the heat.

12). Don’t leave the remainder of 365 until 6am!!

13). Delegating shots and drinks to others is fun!

14). Once again it is very hard to do work on your computer while on Spetses. It’s just hard to be productive when you don’t realize what day or time or date it is!

15). Be careful on Spetses while pregnant as the concept of giving birth on an island with no hospital and a crap clinic is not pleasant.

16). It is impossible to see everyone and do everything with a day and a half!

17). Therefore non-island time schedule does not work on island time.

18). Stray dogs and cats are drawn to you when pregnant.

19). So are children.

20). Spetses is only a magical island when you fully partake in the Spetses-ness, otherwise you leave exhausted, with back-ache, foot-ache and in food and island withdrawal!!


365 ONE: day 199…Unpacking History

Day 199: July 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking & Unpacking

Dance of the Day was = “Other Side of the World” by KT Tunstall

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Empty House :(”

Anything to Note =

So hot here in Greece meant that sleep was out of the question. I also could not find another pillow as things have already been moved to the other house so I ended up putting towels and an inflatable physio round thing under my one pillow to try and hoist it up!!

Nothing worked anyway as was so hot and uncomfortable.


So it was a long day….of unpacking really. My mum and brother packed up my room already and had taken all the boxes over to the new place so I had to go through it all. Needless to say I am not done at all but I was there all day, like 8 hours trying to go through things to chuck or sort or look at or put on shelves or whatever.

They had to move it all as I wasn’t here of course but I have a lot of crap!! Or more like – I kept a lot of crap!

And I know why I did….I had plans to scrapbook everything back in the day. So I kept everything! And put them in boxes that I like to refer as “memory boxes”. Well I never had time to do so, so now there are shoe boxes piled high with crap in them!

And to my surprise I discovered a lot of crap crap….meaning ex-boyfriend crap….and that was not pleasant at all. It was actually really sad and something I just forgot about and so I had to face a lot of that today, and chucked a lot of it out! It still made me feel icky and just ugh. I don’t want to see that stuff. I don’t want to be reminded of all the bad times I went through. With THREE of them.

I know that I found the love of my life now, and I can’t imagine my life without him or with anyone else….but I still don’t find it fair or understand why I had to go through what I did to get here.

And they will say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and all that yada yada blah blah. But I wouldn’t wish all that on anyone.

Couldn’t I just have skipped the crap to Stuart?? Or had a little crap and not a lot??? Or with one and not three in a row???



Tomorrow will be me going through more of this crap crap sadly. And I haven’t even got to the piles of photos yet!