Virgin365: day two hundred and seventy-one…Nail Varnish Shoe

Virgin365: day forty-three…Pepto-Bismol

365 ONE: day 171…Baby in Tow!

Day 171: June 27th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Pink” by Aerosmith

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Cocktail Placemat”

Anything to Note =

The forecast for the next few days, and over my baby shower, is going to be SUPER SUPER HOT!! With heat warnings again! AHHHHHHH!! I mean good that it’s not raining as it originally said rain on Saturday over the baby shower bbq – but now it looks like it’s just HOT HOT HOT!

I’ve been told that they are playing a game at my baby shower where I cannot call myself fat otherwise I have to put $1 into a fat jar!! Great!! I will be broke by the end of the day!

Walking through Times Square is just one big friggin’ nightmare!

I mean its ridiculous even in my slow pregnancy speed!

People were so aggressive today though. I had to hold my hand in front of my belly numerous times as I crossed streets as they would push me from behind or cut in front of me and bash right into me! I mean I know I’m short but I’m HUGE so they should see me!!

I would have actively walked above or below 42nd street but I was rushing so had to go direct to my meeting.

It’s weird – I’m seeing people who I’m not going to see for a really long time! Ok, so like 6 months – but that sounds like a really long time! Even though time is flying and its already July 1st on Sunday, which is crazy!!

But like today…I was meeting with a friend, who is a great director and who I love and just connect with on so many levels and would work with anytime in a heartbeat. And we’re saying bye as it will be 6 months.


And then she says the next time she’ll see me it will be with baby in tow! I’ll have a baby!

What the?????

Now that’s just weird! And bizarre!!!