YOU COMPETE ME 365: Mind Over Toes

Virgin365: day two hundred and thirty-three…Blistex

Operation 365 Poem: day 70…Bobby, Robbie and Pinky

Bobby, Robbie and Pinky

“Wait for me!”
Said Bobby the cat
As he jumps to the street
Tailcoat and top hat

“You’re dressed to impress”
Said Bobby to Pinky
The cute little tabitha
Looking all slinky

“Why thank you Bobby”
Said Pinky with a smile
She knew she looked good
She knows she has style

“Didn’t know you were invited”
Said Pinky to Bobby
Who got a little offended
When down jumped Robbie

“Howdy guys” said Robbie
Giving Pinky a kiss
Bobby starts growling
Robbie responds with a hiss

“Stop it boys” said Pinky
“No fights tonight”
Bobby and Robbie back down
And follow behind

“I’m sorry” said Bobby
“I’m sorry” Robbie shouts
Pinky blows him a kiss
Bobby stops and pouts

“Have a good time”
Bobby says, strolling away
Robbie beams a smile
But Pinky wishes he’d stay
All day
Every day
“I love you” to herself she’d say