Operation 365 Poem: day 365…I MADE IT…A POEM EVERY DAY FOR 365 DAYS!

Operation 365 Poem

I did it
I wrote a poem
Every day
For a whole year

True to life
Or comedic
Sometimes dear

Through hardship
No internet
Many issues
A shed tear

I still managed
To pull out words
Into a poem
And persevere

The only thing
That makes me sigh
Is the feeling
Of watching time disappear

Yes I was proactive
And have a whole book of poetry
As a souvenir

But a whole year passed
And how?
To me that is unclear

Time moves so fast
Need to make it count
Your life
Is your career

365 is a reminder
To do just that
Live daily to the full
And be sincere

Onto the next one
What’s my next 365?
Is there another?
I hear

But of course
I’m the 365 girl
Stay tuned
For my upcoming premiere!

I even made a 365 tattoo appear….

Operation 365 Poem: day 364…Down Under

Down Under

Waiting for the train
Same old same
To my left
Man approaching
Right up to me
Asking if I’m married
Which I said yes
And tried my best
To be polite
Turn a little to the right
Expecting him long gone
I was wrong
He said
Can I call you?
Silence for a beat or two
(I should go)
I’m sorry
Again said politely
He nods like he knows
And goes
Nope, was just a pivot
And now getting a little livid
So I can’t call you? I hear
Train is here
No, sorry, you can’t
(Still with a little enchant)
I just can’t flat out reject
Without a smile interject
As I don’t get
How anyone could want me as their pet
I finally
Was creep free
I looked up at the door
And realized I was still a whore
That I play
On stage
That in my haste
I still had bright red lipstick on my face
No wonder
He thought I’d go down under!

Operation 365 Poem: day 363…Alexaki’s First Movie

Alexaki’s First Movie

By the river
Wind blowing
Limbs seizing

Role was Mother
With her baby too
So was Alexaki’s
Film debut!

But was so cold
Had to bundle and cover
So it could have been
Fake baby and Mother

And to top it off
He wasn’t even awake
The cold put him to sleep
People really thought he was fake!

Oh well Alexaki
It was okay to miss this
Better you slept through
Won’t be arctic next time I promise

Operation 365 Poem: day 362…Mrs. Claus

Mrs. Claus

Am I Mrs. Claus?
And haven’t been told
That I got the position
Of a lifetime of cold?

Do I live at the North Pole?
Was I whisked away in my sleep?
So I wouldn’t fight it?
So I wouldn’t make a peep?

Am I in charge of elves?
Is it immoral to ask
Them to jump on me and hug
And keep me warm as their first task?

Anyone know where the sack is?
That’s usually filled to the brim
With presents and toys?
Do you mind if I jump in?

Are the reindeer in their stable?
Do they know the closest Starbucks?
Could they grab me a coffee?
Oooh and some treats from Dunkin Donuts

Do you mind if I lie down in this sleigh?
I simply can’t stop yawning
Wake me up when Rudolf and gang are back
Then I’ll (yawn) brave the cold (yawn) and start Claus-ing

Operation 365 Poem: day 361…Subway Sight

Subway Sight

Eyes sore
Everything’s too bright
Wearing sunglasses
I must be a sight

Sitting on the subway
Sunglasses on
Carrying lots of bags
Mumbling along

Wearing lots of layers
In prep for shoot outside
No one sat next to me
For the entire ride

I may look crazy
I may look homeless
It could be worse
I could be already in the prom dress

That I’ll be shooting in
Frilly and lime green
Although this is NYC
There’s nothing people haven’t already seen

Operation 365 Poem: day 360…Drowning Scene

Drowning Scene

In a dress
Prom dress
Like for school
In a pool
To drowning
For a film
I’m the lead
And in need
Of saving
Not bathing
Car crash
Plunge into water
As I hear my daughter
Eyes jolt open
To say the least
Dress was a beast
Weight when wet
Tangled in a net
Drowning for real
Panic feel
No sight about
Contacts fell out
As I knew they would
Over hour withstood
Pool of cold
May be getting a cold
All in all
In for the long haul
Just was hard
Or I am a retard
Surprised me
When I’m a water baby
Let’s hope they got
At least one good shot
And I do not
Have to be dressed
In a dress
A prom dress
And drown
Like a clown

Operation 365 Poem: day 359…Pee Show

Pee Show

What do you do
When you need to go to the loo
But stuck in your studio seat?

You smile and pretend
And hold it until the end
Until all the filming is complete

You can’t interrupt the taping
So you learn to get good at faking
Convincing yourself you don’t need to pee

At least I got to see the show
Audience seats opened due to snow
So being out there was a freebie

But on the flipside that meant
I couldn’t pee before my segment
Where I was cast to be in a workout

So when you see it on TV
And I look like I need to pee
That’s because I DO – especially in the jumping about!

Operation 365 Poem: day 358…Alexaki


On my lap
Wants to say hello

He typed all by himself
You know

If we translate
It’s a mix of
Food, noises and TV

I see McDonalds
I see it tasting good
I see CNBC

At least
That’s what I can decipher
With my very own eyes

Or is it because I must watch more news
And I’m feeling hungry
So in need of some fries!

Operation 365 Poem: day 357…Photos Hate Me

Photos Hate Me

I don’t like taking photos
I need a stand in that’s stunning
A beautiful goddess
Either that or some good photoshopping

I look unattractive enough
In person, in reality
So you’d think I’d get a break
And look better in photos…maybe??

Nope, not, nada
I look terrible in every photo I see
Hence the conclusion
I need someone to take the place of me

Any hot sexy stunners out there
Who are in need of some work?
Who love photo time
And can portray me – the flirt!

We’ll work it out perfectly
Get the routine down
As they go to snap the shot
I’ll duck and you rise up from the ground

So I guess I need someone
Who is almost like an identical twin
Just obviously much better looking
Like a gorgeous grin
Perfect skin
Nice chin
As I said…

Operation 365 Poem: day 356…Born to Entertain

Born to Entertain

There is an empty block
Coming up I see
That the calendar shows
I’m completely free

Holy cow
I need to keep it that way
Hasn’t happened in ages
But it could in a day

Nobody book me (haha do!)
On another day then please
But I’ve said this before
And it turned out to be a tease

Oh how I long
Just for a day of Netflix
A day in my pajamas
Some cute baby kisses in the mix

I know I’m the one dictating
I could just not submit for casting
Then I could make this fantasy
Reality everlasting!

No, being cast is good
No real complaining
I don’t sleep anyway
I was born for entertaining!