Operation 365 Poem: day 358…Alexaki


On my lap
Wants to say hello

He typed all by himself
You know

If we translate
It’s a mix of
Food, noises and TV

I see McDonalds
I see it tasting good
I see CNBC

At least
That’s what I can decipher
With my very own eyes

Or is it because I must watch more news
And I’m feeling hungry
So in need of some fries!

Operation 365 Poem: day 357…Photos Hate Me

Photos Hate Me

I don’t like taking photos
I need a stand in that’s stunning
A beautiful goddess
Either that or some good photoshopping

I look unattractive enough
In person, in reality
So you’d think I’d get a break
And look better in photos…maybe??

Nope, not, nada
I look terrible in every photo I see
Hence the conclusion
I need someone to take the place of me

Any hot sexy stunners out there
Who are in need of some work?
Who love photo time
And can portray me – the flirt!

We’ll work it out perfectly
Get the routine down
As they go to snap the shot
I’ll duck and you rise up from the ground

So I guess I need someone
Who is almost like an identical twin
Just obviously much better looking
Like a gorgeous grin
Perfect skin
Nice chin
As I said…

Operation 365 Poem: day 356…Born to Entertain

Born to Entertain

There is an empty block
Coming up I see
That the calendar shows
I’m completely free

Holy cow
I need to keep it that way
Hasn’t happened in ages
But it could in a day

Nobody book me (haha do!)
On another day then please
But I’ve said this before
And it turned out to be a tease

Oh how I long
Just for a day of Netflix
A day in my pajamas
Some cute baby kisses in the mix

I know I’m the one dictating
I could just not submit for casting
Then I could make this fantasy
Reality everlasting!

No, being cast is good
No real complaining
I don’t sleep anyway
I was born for entertaining!

Operation 365 Poem: day 355…I Hear You

I Hear You

Can’t help it
Makes me smile a bit

A bit, but a whole lot
I had forgot

Too long since I’d heard
And your spoken word

Amid life’s technology
Have a jolt of reality

This constant messaging
A wonder I’m not hemorrhaging

Up in a world that’s uncertain
Would be to see you in person

Operation 365 Poem: day 354…Baby Two

Baby Two

How long is too long?
Is there a general rule?
Are siblings closer when spread out?
Or when together at school?

I’m sure studies have been done
I’m sure there’s arguments for both sides
And everyone’s individualistic
That all research out there are just guides

Everyone also seems to have an opinion
But I guess in the end it’s all up to me
I know I don’t want my son to be an only child
So I know I need to have another baby

What, when, what, when continual nightmare
Doing it all again does not make me smile
Perhaps one baby should be my new belief
Considering I’m still a mother in denial!!

This whole internal conversation is making me anxious
I need to go breathe deeply for a while

To file

Operation 365 Poem: day 353…That Feeling

That Feeling

What is that feeling?
Deep inside your body
That makes waves up and down your spine?

It was the same feeling
That came from deep inside my body
When I knew my ex-boyfriend was lying

It’s a weird feeling
That starts deep inside as a ball
And gets more and more painful as it grows

You can’t stop that feeling
Hurting deep inside your soul
You just pray it eases up and then goes

There’s nothing worse than this feeling
Inside me, deep inside me
It’s not something when absent that I miss

I wish I knew when this feeling
Would start and end deep inside me
So I could be prepared at least for when it hits

Operation 365 Poem: day 352…Info-Mercial


At a shopping mall
Waiting to be called
Into the hair and makeup chair

Watching other actors go
Putting on their Woah Show
As they slate then demonstrate

Mic set under my shirt
My turn to spill the dirt
And market to clean the carpet

Actually what you’ll see
It works amazingly shown by me
Watch for Clean N Green on your screen!