365 ONE: day 231…Boob Belly Shelf

Day 213: August 26th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Precious” by Depeche Mode

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Creepo In The Corner”

Anything to Note =

I had a boozy long lunch yesterday – well not me of course, my friends Clare, Emily and Laura did and did me proud by drinking for me and the little schmonkie 🙂

It was also pouring out, I mean super pouring, so we got stuck, and even though the restaurant we went to was close to me, it was crazy sideways rain outside so we stayed. We all met for lunch and left 6 hours later in the prime of dinner time! I’m sure the wait staff must have loved us haha!

Anyway, the convo naturally would always come around to babies frequently. And with each bottle of wine all the fun questions came out!

As well as the baby naming game!! Which I had to shut down haha!!

I know, I know – I have to deal with that soon – trying to finish this one book first and then will move on back to the baby name book!

Names game then moved to feeling Bubbles game 🙂

I loved how everyone wants to feel the little monkey move – and despite the little one being naughty and usually not bubbling when you want him to, they actually managed to feel him! I think me sitting for 6 hours schmooshed him enough for him to have to shift about! Sorry Tess – I know you waited for ages at my NYC baby shower to feel a kick/bubble and got nothing but that doesn’t mean the little schmonkie doesn’t love you!!!

Anyway, one of the best questions asked yesterday was – do my boobs rest on my belly now?? And I had never really thought about it to be honest or noticed that as something hilarious, as it is, as they do rest there!! Haha!! When I sit down – like right now writing this blog – its like a perfect perch!

I guess I never imagined that the pregnant belly would sit out and from so high up – although that’s the stereotype for carrying a boy – but I also don’t have small boobs. I looked down as I was about to type and yup, they are sitting on their belly shelf haha!!

I could hide things under there! Or lose things!! 🙂

I’ve been watching those Border Patrol shows on TV…so this could be a good smuggling tactic haha!!


365 ONE: day 224…Bumping the Bump

Day 224: August 19th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Moja Stikla” by Croatia at Eurovision Song Contest 2006

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Doorways of Spetses”

Anything to Note =

Today I got to speak on the phone with my really good friend Linda who is getting married soon in Australia!! And then just after that I got to have lunch with two of my very good friends Clare and Emily by the river near me.

I have not told everyone I am here or that I am pregnant even!! Let alone having the baby in London and will be here for a little while! I’ve just been so busy so haven’t had a chance yet but need to soon, before I have a baby in tow haha!!

So it was lovely to see and speak with three today!!

We went to the river to have some pub food as it was such a lovely day – the good weather is now in the UK so clearly I can’t escape the heat anywhere I go!! The weather just likes to rub it in my face that I can’t tan or get wasted 😦 So it was Pimms for them and some fizzy water for me! It was bikini tops out for them and my back to the sun to prevent my belly overheating for me! It’s funny as its August so I should be in Spetses on the beach, tanning, drinking and dancing on bars!! Instead I am shielding for cover and wishing it was colder!! Haha!!

It’s also funny as my brain switched to thinking how close I was to the river as have never walked there from my place, and how that would be a nice trip with the stroller for me and Stuart…..clearly I am in a somewhat baby brain mode within my denial to be thinking that! Progress!! Woo Hoo!!

I especially liked the reactions of Clare and Emily when I opened the door! It was funny! Emily hadn’t seen me since my hen party so now she was seeing me married and pregnant! And Clare I saw briefly when I was here registering for NHS a month ago…but I have clearly grown as they both were shocked at my pregnant whale bump! I also have switched, mostly due to the heat, from hiding the bump to no longer doing so, so it is now out there to be seen by all!!

We were talking about my bump (that Black Eyed Peas song just came into my mind with “my bump, my lovely baby bump” instead of “my hump” hahaha – sorry got distracted!!)

Anyway, we were talking about my bump and I had mentioned denial and blah blah blah and that I still bump into things or mis-judge and bump the bump. Which ironically I did THREE times now when I got home!!!

I opened the bathroom door and mis-judged to catch the belly!!

I went around the corner and again mis-judged and caught the belly on the way past!!

And then as I sat down to write this blog at the desk I pulled in the chair to hit the belly as I had gone too far!!!!! That actually happens to me the most. I go to pull the chair closer as I feel so far away from the desk or table, but forget that there is a giant bump in the way so cannot get that close! It’s just weird!


365 ONE: day 171…Baby in Tow!

Day 171: June 27th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Pink” by Aerosmith

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Cocktail Placemat”

Anything to Note =

The forecast for the next few days, and over my baby shower, is going to be SUPER SUPER HOT!! With heat warnings again! AHHHHHHH!! I mean good that it’s not raining as it originally said rain on Saturday over the baby shower bbq – but now it looks like it’s just HOT HOT HOT!

I’ve been told that they are playing a game at my baby shower where I cannot call myself fat otherwise I have to put $1 into a fat jar!! Great!! I will be broke by the end of the day!

Walking through Times Square is just one big friggin’ nightmare!

I mean its ridiculous even in my slow pregnancy speed!

People were so aggressive today though. I had to hold my hand in front of my belly numerous times as I crossed streets as they would push me from behind or cut in front of me and bash right into me! I mean I know I’m short but I’m HUGE so they should see me!!

I would have actively walked above or below 42nd street but I was rushing so had to go direct to my meeting.

It’s weird – I’m seeing people who I’m not going to see for a really long time! Ok, so like 6 months – but that sounds like a really long time! Even though time is flying and its already July 1st on Sunday, which is crazy!!

But like today…I was meeting with a friend, who is a great director and who I love and just connect with on so many levels and would work with anytime in a heartbeat. And we’re saying bye as it will be 6 months.


And then she says the next time she’ll see me it will be with baby in tow! I’ll have a baby!

What the?????

Now that’s just weird! And bizarre!!!

365 ONE: day 156…Is Obsessive Good?

Day 156: June 12th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Lonely Lover” by Shaggy

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Like Totally”

Anything to Note =

I watched a woman on the subway look at a dress, she obviously just bought, as it had the tag on it still, meticulously all over for the entire half hour subway ride. METICULOUSLY!! I mean, she looked at every stitching, each piece of embroidery on the front, on the back, I mean seriously every inch of this dress! It was with no expression on her face, just like a routine effort to make sure the dress she bought was good – a very detailed once over indeed!

She must have been pleased as after the half hour, she folded it up and put it in her bag – as if what she just did, that captivated all of us around her, wasn’t something out of the ordinary at all.

Perhaps I should have her around when I shop to go over my items and make sure they are all good to go – although that might take me all day at her rate!

I wonder if she is like that with everything.

I have been getting these weird pains in my right side of my belly when I walk these days – is that normal? Anyone experienced that around 6 months pregnant?

I may call the doctor tomorrow as its been happening every day these last days at some point in the day. I mean it may be something like indigestion or the schmonkoid schmooshing my organs or growing pains or the schmonkoid telling me to stop walking and sit down!

But this pain prevents me from walking fast or sometimes at all and it’s like bloomin’ London here with its rain every day, so I keep getting caught in the rain as I can’t move my bum fast enough to keep ahead of it 😦 But I guess I can’t do anything about it when it comes other than adhere to walking slow or to stop and take a moment to see if it will ease.

I also can’t figure out if the pain is related to something – thought it may be after I ate, but then today it happened when that wasn’t true – so maybe when I need to pee? But that also hasn’t been the case each time. Or hungry? Again, not been the case each time. I dunno.

A mystery.

365 ONE: day 153…Bubbles are Baby KICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day 153: June 9th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Canto Di Orfeo” by Espirito

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Pregnancy Belly Dance”

Anything to Note =

I had my doctors check up appointment yesterday where we discovered a few things….

1). I indeed have gained a lot of weight as I predicted and definitely need to stop reaching for carbs even though they make me feel less nauseous 😦 Have to figure out a way to deal with that as am a heffa!!!!!

2).  Stuart got to finally see the little schmonkey on the ultrasound as he has never been able to make any of my appointments to see that – he has only heard the heartbeat – so he finally got to see how active and naughty the little one is, with his constant moving around!! We couldn’t get a face photo, only profiles as he was again misbehaving!!

3). I found out that I can actually fly later internationally than I thought with a doctor’s note, so that gives us a little more time for the green card to arrive before my absolute deadline of flying. It will mean later than the already booked July 11th if the green card doesn’t arrive by then, but now I know what I am dealing with in terms of timeframe for how late my flights can be if I have to change them. It’s so much later than I thought – granted he said it will be uncomfortable for me but I will take it if it means being able to be in the UK with family and be on the NHS. I actually thought the airlines had rules with cut off dates but the doctor said that’s not true – you just need a doctor’s note. I mean they don’t want you to give birth on the plane of course, so thats why a note is required – but it sounds like the absolute deadline is at 8 months! Anyway, good to know.




4). The “bubbles” I am feeling in my belly are KICKS!! I mean I kind of gathered that but they feel like bubbles as the baby is not big enough to kick stronger or bigger and of course I am in denial!! But, when I have a moment to lie down, usually not until late at night as so busy, I can feel and see my belly bounce from the “bubbles”!! I made Stuart put his hand on there the other day and he could feel them and said they must be kicks but I was like – no, no, they are bubbles!! I am still calling them bubbles even though the doctor thought I was crazy yesterday – in denial!!! It’s weird if I think that it’s the baby that’s inside me kicking!!! That freaks me out!!!!

So anyway, now I have to come to terms with the fact that it’s not “bubbles” or it is but they are “baby bubbles” and not gas haha! I mean, I know it’s the baby….baby steps…mama needs baby steps to come face to face with reality!! Baby steps…or baby kicks haha!

I’ll get there.

I need the little one to get bigger and give me a big kick or two to knock some sense into me!!

As I just wrote that I got a little “bubble” haha!! 🙂

365 ONE: day 114…May Day!

Day 114: May 1st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Kylar’s Guitar (Club Mix)” by VooDoo & Serano

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Eye Twitching NOT”

Anything to Note =

Kalo Mina! (Happy First Day of the Month in Greek)

May is my month, well and Stuart’s: tomorrow is my birthday, on the 15th of May is when we got engaged, and on the 19th of May was when we first met and will be celebrating four years! A month of celebrations!

It was a good start to the month – it was predicted to be thunderstorming all day but cleared up and stopped raining, and the sun came out!

Another good thing was that everyone in the cast of my presentation I had today at The Actors Studio didn’t know I was pregnant! They all said they couldn’t tell and would not have known 🙂 So, I guess the bump is not as BOOMING as it is and feels like to me! OR….they all think that I am fat instead!! Great!!

Went back to the maternity shop today as it was on my walk to the subway. They had one of those 7 month predictor belly belts in the dressing room that you can try on with the clothing. I put it on to see what it would look like and freaked out!!!!! It made me look and feel like…

Stuart came to pick me up from there to go to a pre-birthday dinner.

What do you get when you put Stuart in a maternity shop full of preggos = UNCOMFORTABLE! And silent 🙂 Hahaha!


Farewell age 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!


365 ONE: day 96…belly ipod :)

Day 96: April 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Right Now” by Pussycat Dolls

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Cheerios”

Anything to Note =

Happy spooky Friday the 13th!!!

Actually, in Greece, Friday the 13th is not bad luck it is Tuesday the 13th 🙂 Also the 13th is my parents lucky number as its their wedding Anni or first date or something like that, so it’s a lucky number…so I try to keep that all in mind when things go wrong!

So far today I witnessed some Friday the 13th bad luck for people on the train….who were caught by me picking their noses!! Seriously!! There were so many and some even more than once! I sneezed and then was sniffling so was aware of my nose all of a sudden and then started noticing the nose in general and then how many people were picking their noses! And not in a subtle way, but lingering long reaches in and out!!

Lovely Jubbly!!

Nice start to the morning 🙂

I have a jam-packed day today so had to get my 365 in early. There was no one in yet to the office so decided to christen the new office with some 365 🙂 I did my video upload but then in the middle of it a co-worker’s daughter walked past to say hello! But continued filming of course!

I also decided to do my dance of the day in the office. I am now in a separate space across from Elisabeth but we share the floor with lots of others around, so even though no one from our gang was around I still had to be mindful of others, so had my ipod on super low and started to dance around. I kept thinking people were about to walk past so kept pausing it! But I managed to get it all in.

I actually decided to hold the ipod close to my belly so that the little one could get some music. My mum has been saying that I should be playing music for the baby and singing, since I sing, and I keep telling her that the baby gets at least one song a day for my dance of the day, so the baby is getting music! It’s just mostly techno and not soothing classical music that she has in mind 🙂