365 ONE: day 65…which means 300 to go…HOLY S****!!

Day 65: March 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking (in 70 degrees weather in black boots as the weatherman told me there would be severe thunderstorms – damn the W man!)

Dance of the Day was = “It’s My Life” by Dr. Alban

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Miracle Spot Cream”

Anything to Note =

The announcement of me being pregnant yesterday made Facebook explode!! Literally! I posted it as my status as well as in my blog that feeds to Facebook and within seconds it started…messages, ‘likes’, instant messages, posts, texts, cell phone rang, landline rang….CRAZY!!

Now am more overwhelmed than before!!

Had to sign onto Facebook and then keep signing out!!

I know it was the easiest way to reveal the news to the most people as was tired of explaining individually, but I forgot how instant news travels and how far!

Yesterday was a milestone with the news of being pregnant. A HUGE curveball in this game (I am playing with myself!!!!!). I don’t want to give up though because look how far I have come…65 whole days!!


And then you think a little…65 feels like an accomplishment, a milestone, as you can now cancel out the 65 in 365, but…then that leaves…300 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!

Now that makes me want to cry!!!!!!

I do. I want to cry.

I had no idea, literally, what I was getting myself into, well I knew it was going to be hard and a LONG LONG LONG year. I just thought – when is there a good year really? When does someone have 365 days that are easy? Or a year to spare? And I even thought that there would already be drama as part of this “Zoe: the 365 reality show” with the fact that I would be having two weddings in London and in Greece this year and have a honeymoon…and all of this would be on the 365 Challenge! And that would be my niche, my climaxes in the reality show, but I had no idea that THIS would be the Act I was given to play out!

(yeah, yeah…cheesy acting jargon as my metaphor)


Do you think I can do it?

No, really?

365 ONE: day 30…reached the THIRTIES!

Day 30: February 7th, 2012: COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Light Jogging

Dance of the Day was = “Erota Mou” by Elli Kokkinou

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog = “He-Ho Chat”

Anything to Note =

I don’t feel these days that rehearsals are enough physically to count as cardio – we are working through things so I just don’t feel like its enough to count as raising my heartbeat. As we are approaching our opening of our show we are working through things and realize that it doesn’t make sense for my character to be a part of all the dance choreography sections that I learned so I will see when we get to run the whole show how much of a workout it will end up being. Although we added a little bit of athleticism for me today to raise me up….sound intriguing?? Get ready for Loom Ensemble’s “Erosion: A Fable” that opens at LaMama February 17th!!


So thus lightly jogging home from a few subway stops earlier than when I would get off was my cardio tonight. Although, I wanted to take it lightly but I had to fight the urge to just full-out speed run home! The backpack I had on helped to keep me slow as I shouldn’t be speed running after 11pm!! I got myself all ready on the subway – ipod arm pouch on, ipod in, sweater off, backpack tight, music on….GOOOOO!! People always find it funny to see someone jogging with a backpack on or not in full workout clothes 🙂

I was excited tonight as on shuffle came a wonderful Greek song, and I realized that I hadn’t danced to any Greek songs yet which is outrageous! This is a great song as it’s a traditional or close to traditional Greek belly dancing song – or perfect for it. I forgot how much of a workout Greek female belly dancing is! Having to keep my arms up for basically the whole song really works the arm muscles!! And my legs were feeling it so either it was me not used to the slow long movements or I danced too close after jogging home! Either way, I was happy to have some Greek music! Must have more of that!

Ahhhhh. Now, I miss Greece, Spetses Island, home. Boo 😦

My improvised video upload was fun tonight too – I did another one of my favourite characters who speaks a made-up language….or does she??!! It is sooo much fun to speak your mind in something so free. I think my gibberish language is pretty good actually, if I do say so myself haha! Take a peek at my ZoeTheActor wordpress blog!

365 ONE: day 21…THREE WEEKS WOW!

Day 21: January 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = 5K on Treadmill Running & Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Beautiful” by Akon

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Reality Show”

Anything to Note =

I wanted to take it easy today but somehow I ran more than I wanted to. My last meeting was right near Planet Fitness so how could I not go!! Just for my free tootsie rolls haha! I decided to do a 5K but wanted to run and walk it slowly, and not what I ended up doing. The stupid treadmill had the 5K pre-programmed with levels so I chose Level One thinking it would be slow, but the speed was 6.0! I wanted to walk it and then do some light jogging but it kept re-setting my speed back to 6.0. It was super annoying especially as I was writing some texts and stuff and it would re-set from my walking to that higher speed and it would suddenly speed up! That could have been a serious disaster scene! I did want to run and walk equally but I ended up giving into the 6.0 and ran more….ugh. I know, I know….I am also crazy so whenever I say I will take it slowly I never do. I could have run the whole time, but I fought against it, so step by step I am getting better….right??

I was emotional today off and on. It was odd as I was dancing to my song of the day and crying at the same time. It got to me and it was strange to dance and cry at the same time, and fight through it all. A very weird experience.

I did lighten my mood after though with my video upload – it’s a character I love to do and would love to do more and more of her. I must pursue her. There was talk once to do a whole play around a more exaggerated version of her, but I put her in a reality show in this upload today and it fit very well! So, maybe a webseries or reality show upload is in the future perhaps 🙂