TESTING 1…2…365: Taste Off?


Day 249: September 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow” by The Monkees

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Urine Sample Bottles”

Anything to Note =

So last night my mum and I finished watching Lost season 6, the final season, that I had bought on DVD for her.

I LOVED Lost – it was a great series and even though I caught on late and had to watch the first three seasons in one go, which I did in less than a week!! It was one of the best shows I had ever seen.

There was no way I could watch it live though and have to wait a full week to wait for the next episode, especially with the cliffhangers at the end of each episode…I don’t know how anyone can wait a whole week to see what happens next with any show really!! It’s sooooo annoying! But even more so with Lost!

I would try though sometimes to watch it live as everyone would talk about it the next day so it was hard not to get any spoilers, but my schedule hardly allowed me to keep up, so for some of the seasons I waited for the DVD, some I watched on ABC.com as they would become available the next day after airing live, and some I would watch live with friends….but we were usually drunk before meeting up so then had to watch it again as had no clue what happened!! 🙂

And, if people know me…any chatting during shows or movies or anything results in me getting annoyed and pausing on remote, or rewinding back to re-watch…as I take them very seriously!! Haha! I recognize my crazy but I can’t help it!!

My mum is the most annoying as she will randomly chat about something that has nothing to do with what’s she’s watching or she asks questions that either just happened or will happen….and all she has to do is watch!! And with Lost, when everything is crucial information….there is always a lot of pausing!!!!

It has become a ritual with us with Lost. Since my mum and I watched the first three seasons together over a week one Christmas holidays years ago as everyone was raving about it, every year since then I would buy her the next season on DVD to watch over the Christmas holidays. I would have already watched it, depending on how much time I had, but we would addictively sit and watch the whole season in just a few days. And people who had no interest, like my dad, would have to watch something else. Although with my dad it worked out well as he would go to bed earlier anyway or want to watch the news. But then when Stuart came into my life and started to come with us for Christmas I then had to get him on the same page in order to be included!! So he had to catch up before he came out the first time and had to watch I think three or four seasons in one go too! I know – we are crazy!! But otherwise he would be left out!! So I watched a bit of the catching up with him too…which was so interesting to do with all the knowledge I already had.

Anyway, Lost ended a while ago, and I had bought the last season, season 6, when it did, ready for my mum and Stuart to watch….but then that Christmas was split with me in London with my parents and Stuart in Redhill with his….so we waited. And then this last Christmas I couldn’t leave the country due to my Green Card application and my parents fell ill and could not travel…so then again it could not happen.

So it’s been a waiting game….and naturally, and I don’t blame them, people sort of gave up. It had been so long that Stuart lost interest and didn’t care any more and then my mum sort of did the same. Which I found sad as a true Lost fan!

I had watched the final season of Lost, all 16 episodes in ONE DAY, on the day of the finale, as I had to catch up on the whole season to make it in time for the live two hour finale event that evening!! And it was an emotional whirlwind of crazy!! So I had always wanted to watch it again when I had time and could really pay attention and see how I felt and be able to interpret the ending properly.

So I have been waiting to watch this last season again…and since it has been a ritual with my mum and Stuart, I didn’t want to be a poop and watch it without them…so I have been holding out….and it just never happened!

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to bring with me now since I would be gone for 6 months from NYC and may be a good time to make the others watch with me perhaps??? And then I realized that it had to be watched now, before the baby, as apparently I will have no life after the baby haha!! So….since Stuart said be didn’t care…I made my mum and I watch a few episodes every day on a pre-baby arrival rush, and we just finished last night!! (Don’t worry Stuart, if you want to watch it, which I think you should, I will gladly see it again with you!!)

I have to say it was hard because it had been years since season 5, so remembering all that info and complexities and then having to explain to my mum, was quite taxing! As well of course as my pausing and rewinding constantly because she was soooooo annoying!! So it did take us longer to get through…but it was GREAT!!!

What a great show! And what a shame really that it is over.

I was quite surprised with how I felt at the end this time. And how my mum and I interpreted it….can discuss properly now with my Lost buddies!! Since I was so out of it that one single day of watching them all!

My two friends Paloma and Brianna said they wanted to watch the whole of Lost again, from the beginning…we said in one weekend, but that would be quite the feat….although I kind of want to do it that way as it would be an amazing challenge…so let’s do it!

Anyone else want to join us???

Stuart…you can watch the little one until we get to season 6 and then you can join in, right???? Or the little monkey can be the youngest Lost fan and watch the whole thing with us! 🙂


365 ONE: day 197…Oddities Around!

Day 197: July 23rd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!


Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Breakout” by Foo Fighters

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “The Burgess Family”

Anything to Note =

There were some oddities today that I think deserve a quick mention…

1). We went down to have lunch in town with one of Stuart’s friends and on our way back we were behind a woman pushing a stroller up the hill in front of us. It wasn’t until about half way up that Stuart noticed and pointed out to me that she was not wearing any shoes! And this was a main public pathway with all kinds of icky-ness on it, plus it must have been super hot on the ground as it was super hot out. Very bizarre! I looked to see if there were any shoes anywhere like in her hand or in the stroller but I couldn’t see any…..odd.


2). While down in town I needed to go to the bathroom before heading back up home – seems to be the case these days annoyingly…we have lunch or a drink or be somewhere and we leave and THEN I need to pee….not while we are there but after it!!! The schmonkey must be on my bladder though as I seem to always want to pee these days!! Especially when I start walking! Anyway, had to pee as soon as I left having lunch with Stuart’s friend! So went to the Harlequin across the way to use their bathroom and there was a woman in a stall two down from me talking to herself! At first I thought she may be on the phone or something. But then every time it was quiet I could hear that it was constant mumbling! Like a mumbo jumbo of nonsense mumbling!! It was very very strange!!!


365 ONE: day 195…Go To – Go There – Do That – Day

Day 195: July 21st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = On My Feet Working at the Harlequin Bar

Dance of the Day was = “I’m Down” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Teddy Central”

Anything to Note =

Today was just a random day, full of lots of different random things that kept me busy….

First up – had to get up as Stuart was up early to play golf with his brothers and dad, but before he left his mother made a full English breakfast…so I had to be up for that!!!!!! I could smell the bacon and goodies downstairs 🙂 Nothing beats a good English breakfast!! Yummy!!


After that – Stuart’s mum and I went to the nail salon. We didn’t think it would be that long but got stuck behind a family getting their nails done….oddly, it was a family of young girls getting their nails done while another family waited and watched. Which was sad actually, as these girls were young and obviously this other family of girls were not allowed to have them done so they just had to watch 😦 They did ask a few times and got a little upset and stroppy when they kept being told “No”. Although it was bizarre – as these girls were super young and getting fake nails on!! It must have been for some event like a wedding or something…or I hope so as it was just weird!


Then off to Costa coffee – with Stuart’s mum to meet up with her special someone.

Then – heading to Stuart’s brother’s house to have a quick hello and cup of tea with the three little cute kids since Stuart’s brother was off playing golf for the day.

And then – home for a quick change and some crumpets.

Before heading to the – Harlequin to help out behind the bar for a dance show they were having in the theatre which was supposed to have 400 some odd people attend. They were understaffed and so I said I would help out. Arrived there at 6pm and instead of having time to look around and figure out whats what I was thrown in as there were already people arriving and queuing up. At first I started by helping others and then there was just too many people so had to dive in and do orders too. It was funny as I of course had to figure out the cash register and where everything was and how much everything was as well as figure out what the UK “drink slang” meant and what it was!! So as I passed Stuart’s mum or others I knew who worked there I would ask them sneakily on my way!! It’s quite organized though there so soon caught on but it was just a funny process – should have been my video upload of the day!!! If only someone could have been filming from the side!! Especially with some muck-ups like giving the wrong change, typing in the item three times instead of once on the cash register, not being able to find the correct pint glasses for the different beers! 🙂

365 ONE: day 194…Baby Boom

Day 194: July 20th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Jimmy Ray” by Jimmy Ray

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Cup of Tea”

Anything to Note =

I went to bed at almost 5am the other night as had work to do (always lovely when you turn the light off to go to bed and it’s already light out!) And today had to be up at 7am for my 2nd national health nurse appointment that was sadly to my dismay, that I tried hard to change, in Chiswick, at 9.40am!

Crazy times!!!!

Crazy hours!!!!

Soooooo tired!!!!!!

It’s been a couple of days of national health appointments now with one yesterday and one again today. And now I have to wait for a call from the hospital to schedule another appointment there…but I will be going to Greece on Tuesday for a few days so guess that may have to wait for a little bit…although I am coming up to 31 weeks tomorrow sooooo am guessing I need to be at the hospital and the doctors a lot….

Still strange to think about….what?? No idea what is going on??

I have to say that there seems to be a boom of babies around and pregnant ladies! Seriously. Both here and in NYC. In the waiting room there were so many babies both times. The best part was when a mother came in with her triplet stroller!

I am amazed it fit through the door! When I saw it coming I was like – there is no way it will fit through the door….and it did!!

I actually can’t believe that was this morning! What a long day!!!

After the doctors appointment we went into Redhill town to see the Olympic torch relay that was coming through!! It was great but over in literally less than a minute! But still it was exciting!! That kept me awake!!


365 ONE: day 173…Rushing and Running!

Day 173: June 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Oye Como Va” by Santana

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “A/C Heaven”

Anything to Note =

Here we go with the crazy hot days ahead!

Actually yesterday when I had to walk across town from my office at Grand Central to show an apartment up near Lincoln Center I was dying of heat, and yesterday was supposed to be a “non-hot” day!! Non hot…my butt!!

I’m finding it very hard to walk let alone in this humid thick smog like air. For me there’s nothing worse than being too hot when you don’t feel so good. It is the worst for nausea – so it’s not helping how I feel 😦

Less than two weeks until I leave though!!!!!

I have so much to do there is no time to bask in the glory of an A/C for hours upon hours and do nothing! Oh how I wish I had that time to!!

I have a feeling I will be running and rushing right up until the plane takes off….as usual!

Although leaving the country won’t end the running and the rushing…

-I have to head straight to the NHS offices when I arrive to register

-drop off the million bags we’ll both be bringing over to the UK (much to Stuart’s dismay! He is probably cringing right about now as he hates it when I make us carry a million things! Which, I apparently do every time we fly no matter whether it’s a week or for 6 months haha!)

-then head to Redhill

-then the next day driving up to Loughborough to see my sister that I haven’t seen in ages to meet her three new additions (that’s how long its been sadly) as we overlap in the UK for two days only

-back to Redhill to stay and visit with Stuart’s family

-then I fly to Greece for only 5 days to help my parents and see more family before I am unable to fly again

-then back to the UK

-go to our amazing Olympic ticket events we got….and by “amazing” I mean…hmmmmmmm….We got tickets to Handball and Hockey!! Not to offend those sports or athletes at all, but again I say hmmmmmmmm


I’m hoping I’ll be able to get some rest after that and before I GIVE BIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!

What the???????????

I don’t know!!!!!!!!!! I am not sure the words “rest” or “relax” seem to ever apply to me 😦