Virgin365: day two hundred and seventy-seven…Training/Marathon/Medical Tent (not finish line)

365 ONE: day 232…Tedious

Day 232: August 27th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Ksexase To” by CReal

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Keep Calm and Drink Tequila”

Anything to Note =

Tedious day.

Seriously tedious day.


I was up early after a restless usual no sleep night – partly I am sure to the fact that my mum and I watched The Thaw horror film late last night about a parasite that crawls into your skin – just thinking about it again gives me the shivers!! I went through bedbugs and so naturally anything about small creatures crawling over you is not the greatest way to make me feel relaxed. How could it to anyone!

Anyway, we had a workman come over early so was up early and had to be out of my room so I literally spent the whole day upstairs at the desk where I can get Internet….doing tedious things….dealing with tedious things! Literally – I was there from 10am sitting at that desk until close to 7pm!

First I spent hours looking for a flight for my dad to come over to London. It’s his birthday in two days so we’ve been searching for a flight over tomorrow for the week so we could be together and there was simply nothing! I mean, I would not give up as I really thought there had to be a way – I searched air miles, all airlines, cheap websites, combinations of planes…the only flights I could find that we’re not sold out were outrageous in price! So now we’re all disappointed. I can hear it in my dad’s voice too. I’ve never spent a birthday away from him. And I know he will be over for when the schmonkie is here and that’s not far away, but it’s just sad.

Then I had to move on to figuring out Stuart’s flight to come over for when Fashion finishes. So more searching and irritation at how expensive things are. I was however able to figure out a way to pay out less by using some of my mum’s air miles. Annoyingly I discovered that my mum’s United air miles had expired and she had lost a lot – enough for two trips to USA and back – and this happened in March when my parents were sick and of course pre-occupied and nobody checked. But there was an option for reinstatement for money so to do so and use air miles brings the price down for Stuart. A little more successful, or we’ll see, but again was not ideal.

Then had to deal with mortgage emails and a lack of understanding and miscommunication with back and forth of emails that were driving me crazy! They kept saying they didn’t have attachments when they did and not understanding what I was talking about, and all of this is from my blackberry as my work email is on there. I was trying to take care of things to keep Stuart from having to deal with it as he was busy at work today, but my blood started to boil….I was already stressed from the day so far and I just couldn’t deal with re-explaining again and again, using different tactics. I had to give up and asked Stuart to just re-send what we had sent over ten days ago on his lunch break.

I knew I needed to get out and away from the desk and soon.

Instead I tried to do as much as I could as I was already at the desk. I have to swap over planners as my current one ends in three days and I have been putting it off! I have to copy by hand all my notes and all that into the new planner – yup, I still believe in hand written planners versus on my blackberry. I fear for everything being wiped! And actually something happened to my blackberry a few weeks ago and all my photos were wiped! Which was horrible!! So I now have less faith in the technological planner than ever! But copying everything is….


Anyway, it got to 7pm and I just couldn’t do anymore. I needed to get up and out and some fresh air…to breathe out the stress of today.

Out for a walk around the park!!

What a day. A tedious one.


365 ONE: day 225…Stress Rant

Day 225: August 20th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Brown Girl In The Ring” by Bonny M

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Stress”

Anything to Note =

Not such a good day today.


Emotions running high – me and my mum – with me trying to save money and trying to figure out ways to not buy certain items twice, and then both of us getting sad when I mentioned that NYC really is our home base, which implied to my mum that that was home….when really I want it to be half and half….half of our time in USA and half of our time in Europe….and she thinks I’m being unrealistic. And you know I don’t know. It made us both sad. But home is where my family is, and I want to be closer and can I not make it work as I can legally work in both USA and UK, and wanted to be transatlantic as my goal anyway, before baby was in the picture….and apparently I don’t realize how hard it is going to be, but I believe there has to be a way to make it all work….and, I don’t want to be away from family – I’ve been away since I went to boarding school at 13 which is why I am here now. And my green card was to enable me to be able to work transatlantic with acting and be more flexible and it took my 12 years to get! But I can’t leave for more than 6 months or something at a time on that and we are buying an apartment in NYC now with all our money….and….my mum says I don’t understand how money weighs into the lifestyle I want and I know it’s going to be tough but want to be able to fly my parents out to NYC to be with us too if I can, and help out with their financial crisis situation. And I’m sure the emotions within me are high also because I’m tired and pregnant and scared and…


That was a rant.

And that’s just a taste of it!!

I could have gone on and on with what is boiling inside of me.

We’re both stressed – me and my mum – with life around us that is not so great, outside of the baby world.

And I have to be strong to keep the rest of the family up.

And now I feel I let my guard down for a second and perhaps put a crack in the perfect distracting baby world where my mum could live in quite happily for now. So on top of it all I also now feel guilty. Because I do want to be here and America is what I associate with work, and she was just so quick to jump on the sad element to America and how far away it is, and how far away I have been since the year 2000! And now will have a little baby that will also be far away from her.

And that makes me really sad.

And I don’t know what to do really. How to rectify it. How to make it better. How to prove to her and me that I will find a way to be transatlantic – for real.

I have to.

365 ONE: day 203…Final Moving Day in Athens

Day 203: July 29th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Moving/Packing/Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Don’t Look Any Further” by Dennis Edwards

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Columns”

Anything to Note =

Final moving day.

It’s a sad day today.

We are leaving the old house here in Athens to a new rental house. My parents and little brother moved here while I was at boarding school in the UK and they have been here ever since. They really planned on living here for the rest of their lives. That breaks my heart. Instead they stayed here for around 15 years, and now these hard times have taken the future away from them.

My mum put so much into this house, well she always does as she is an interior designer, but so much hard work is here that we are ripping out and packing up.

I was in boarding school and then went onto college and then graduate school, and so really I left home at 13, but I still call this house home. The constant throughout my life was actually Spetses so that is really where I consider my home home, but for my little brother, he was young when he came over to Greece and he grew up in Athens, so this house is his home.

He is sadly working down in Spetses as he got a job and had to take it in these bad times with so much unemployment out here, so he is not here to say goodbye. It’s probably a good thing really that he doesn’t see it go.

I just feel sad also because I can’t help my family the way I would like to. I so wish there was something I could do to help them all. I also can’t help the way I would like physically right now either being pregnant, and that is something I keep struggling with. Both my dad and mum are not well but have been at this packing and sorting and moving for over a month and they should not be doing all this. I came over to help but I just want to pick up boxes and carry heavy items, and I can’t. I know I’m doing some things but I’m the girl who carries their own suitcase (as the phrase goes)…the stubborn one who asks for no help. The one who lifts too much, does too much, has moved like six times….and so here, in this state, I feel a bit useless 😦


Amid this chaos and crazy, hard, sad times, my dad remains the eternal optimist. Well he used to be, now he goes in and out, but when he wakes to a new day that strength has regained in his sleep still…it is amazing! Something I have always admired and wished I had. He still has it within him. It’s actually something that Stuart also has, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with him – I love that about him. They say you marry qualities of your father….it is true!! And I wanted that, being a true daddy’s girl of course!!!

In the words of my dad then…

“We must look ahead as we are the A Team!”

The A Team is our nickname for Team Anastassiou.

We even had ski shirts made once and raced as the A Team!! My mum also made us family A Team t-shirts, with each of us as an A Team hamster!!! Haha!!!!

Anyway, the A Team represents strength, courage and determination to look ahead and fight! So we must look ahead.

To a new day tomorrow.

A new place.

And hopefully a new future. Soon.


365 ONE: day 201…NYC vs Greece

Day 201: July 27th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Lay Down Sally” by Rod Stewart

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Batty Dating Profile”

Anything to Note =

Stuart left for NYC yesterday. He is now back a million miles away, in our home.

It was weird and sad leaving him to come to Greece when he was in London – that in itself felt far away, but London vs Greece felt better than it does now with NYC vs Greece, being now 7 hours ahead….missing him for hours already and it’s only 8.30am there so can’t message him otherwise I will wake him.

And we have days and days of this ahead to get through.


I know Stuart was also sad yesterday as he boarded that plane. And that made it even more sad for me knowing he was also sad….ahhhh good times!!! Ugh.

As he was flying yesterday I was at my little nephew’s birthday party, seeing some family and family friends and of course all they asked about was “Where’s Stuart?” or “Where’s your husband?”…..my what?????

I had a hard time dealing with that….my husband…..that still feels funny!!!!!

And then it’s onto the pregnancy bump and how far long am I and how am I feeling, amid all the babies and five year olds running around!!!

Since the last time I was in Greece, a little under a year ago, a lot has happened! I am now married with a little schmonkey almost here!!!!! CRAZY!!!!

Crazy especially as we were supposed to be having our Greek wedding so some people have not met Stuart yet or for only a brief second, and I kept having to explain that it will now have to be next year with the baptism due to the fact that the exact date of the wedding turned out to be the exact due date of the baby!

It’s all a little hmmmmmm.

They can’t believe I’m old enough and all grown up enough to be sporting a baby bump…..well hello????…..there’re telling me!!!! I can’t believe it!!!!!

Again, all I can say is….ahhhhh good times!!!



365 ONE: day 115….It’s My Birffffday…Is It??!!

Day 115: May 2nd, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Xeria Psila (Remix)” by DJ Stelios M. Feat. Mixalis Xatz

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Mini Birthday Cake Celebration”

Anything to Note =

Happy 31 to ME!!


Although, today has sadly been an icky day and hasn’t felt at all like my birthday 😦 I had a rough bad night of no sleep so felt icky and had a headache all day I couldn’t shake so stayed at home to work from here to try to get better. Nice way to turn the good ol’ 31 – sick in bed!

I also was very emotional today. And we can put it down to no sleep and over-tired, as well as probably hormones, but I was sad and have been sad today because I was supposed to be in London celebrating today with my parents – and I was looking forward to it and they were looking forward to it – and as a result I never planned anything or thought about it really, and now the day is here. So it was a little sad.

Sad and icky – great!!

I thought maybe  just maybe I would get the greencard today as a nice birthday gift but no, that would be too lucky!

So it’s been a little “meh” today which again is sad as it really is my birthday – would have loved a day off from everything but being sick and not feeling good is not a day off annoyingly and had clients calling me and emails to respond to…so hmmmmm….will have to reward myself with a birthday day off soon then!

Stuart sadly (ah the famous word for today – and actually a famous word I use often!!) had to work today and until late, but he gave me his cute birthday card before he left home this morning – which was beautiful 🙂

And made me emotional!!

My parents said we can always celebrate my birthday together on another date…

“Like on June 2nd” my dad said…inside joke so will explain…

Ok, funny story – years ago, I think the year before I started graduate school, so must have been in 2004, on June 2nd, I was in NYC staying with my friend off and on while I looked for an apartment and had audition interviews and such so I was staying with her when I would drive up from MD, where I lived at the time. And we spent my birthday together. And my phone rings. So I pick it up and its my dad on the phone and he says:

“Happy Birthday!!”

And I say, “What?” And start laughing.

“Happy Birthday my darling. I am so sorry that I forgot but I just remembered and woke up early to tell you Happy Birthday and that we are so sorry we can’t be there with you to celebrate” my dad says with a sleepy voice, as its something like 4am in Greece, where he is calling from.

“Daddy, it’s not my birthday. It’s June 2nd. My birthday is May 2nd. And you did spend it with me in NYC. You and mummy came over for it” I say through half laughing.


I thought he had been joking but turns out he actually was not!!

To this day we joke about that because we have no clue what happened!! And it never happened again – that one moment of, (kind of scary if you think about it), crazy! It was so weird! It was like half an hour of back and forth convincing my tired dad that it was a month late and that I had seen him on my birthday! If you ask me, I think he woke with a start from some dream that had something to do with my birthday and must have believed it and called…


I guess I can celebrate my birthday again on June 2nd 🙂 Which is now the day after Stuart’s birthday! And maybe it won’t be so icky then!

June 2nd will always be my “second birthday” thanks to my dad’s mishap 🙂

365 ONE: DAY 100…I REACHED DAY 100!!!!!

Day 100: April 17th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Hey Mr DJ” by Madonna

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Cadbury Mini Eggs in Hiding”

Anything to Note =


I reached DAY 100!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know…I have sooooooooooooo long to go still but reaching a large number like that feels good! I can’t believe I have been doing this 365 Challenge for 100 friggin’ days!

Well, on day 100, it felt again like 100 degrees, appropriately!! It is beach weather out there for sure! People in tank tops and short shorts…crazy! It was nice to walk in but hot. Walked over to see an apartment for a client and then walked to Macy’s to see if I could find some luck with some maternity bras as have failed everywhere! But I forgot how much Macy’s kills me! Too many people!! However, I had a Macy’s gift card so decided to check out their maternity section…and yup, you guessed it, I got super overwhelmed. And emotional in the fitting room! I was a little sad that again nothing looks or feels good. I know I am still in the hiding the bump as much as possible phase but also feel like I am in the in-between phase of being pregnant. All the clothes are really made for those to be showing off their bump, which is beautiful, but feels like that is a later stage than now. Ugh. I also got a little sad as I feel like this is something my mum should be around for. 😦

But its DAY 100!!

Must think of the positive!!

Positive things:

– I am not a third of the way through the 365 Challenge but close to it, and past a quarter of the way through!

– Some big auditions coming up tomorrow and next day so that’s good!

– I have a little one somewhere inside me who’s probably already thinking I am crazy!

Oooooh that last point scared me a little writing that.

When am I going to get over the overwhelming feeling? Or the scared feeling? Or the denial that there is even something in there and that will be coming out and changing my life as I know it??


Just going to focus on…that it is DAY 100!