Virgin365: day one hundred and ninety-one…Teat Brush Tickle

365 ONE: day 211…What I Learned After My Spetses Weekend

Day 211: August 6th, 2012 = 2012

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Hearts Collide” by Eleftheria Eleftheriou

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Photos”

Anything to Note =

Here is what I learned over the weekend…

1). Never walk in Spetses as it gives you blisters!

2). Therefore always take the moped.

3). You don’t need alcohol to feel drunk, just go to Rendez Vous bar and absorb it in the air đŸ™‚

4). Always walk into bars bottom first when pregnant to avoid the jumping drunk dancers bumping into the bump!

5). It is very easy to stay out until 6am with no booze!

6). Being pregnant saves you so much money as you’re not buying alcohol.

7). The bump brings attention and questions and touching so be prepared with something more than “I don’t know” as it leads to more questions!

8). Driving the moped at grandma speed allows you to enjoy the view more!

9). But driving the moped at grandma speed also tests your patience and competitive urges after watching every one zoom past annoyingly!

10). Go in the sea more frequently than two brief plops!

11). Water is your new favorite drink in the heat.

12). Don’t leave the remainder of 365 until 6am!!

13). Delegating shots and drinks to others is fun!

14). Once again it is very hard to do work on your computer while on Spetses. It’s just hard to be productive when you don’t realize what day or time or date it is!

15). Be careful on Spetses while pregnant as the concept of giving birth on an island with no hospital and a crap clinic is not pleasant.

16). It is impossible to see everyone and do everything with a day and a half!

17). Therefore non-island time schedule does not work on island time.

18). Stray dogs and cats are drawn to you when pregnant.

19). So are children.

20). Spetses is only a magical island when you fully partake in the Spetses-ness, otherwise you leave exhausted, with back-ache, foot-ache and in food and island withdrawal!!


365 ONE: day 209…You Can’t Keep The Spetses Away Even If Pregnant!

Day 209: August 4th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Jump” by Flo-Rida feat. Nelly Furtado

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Pregnancy Swimsuit on Spetses”

Anything to Note =

I went to bed after 6am this morning!! Apparently I am keeping true Spetses hours just with no alcohol!! Haha!!

I didn’t actually mean to be out so late as I was so tired. But I kept getting stuck! I had to go see my brother, then dinner, then a drink with older bro at younger bro’s bar, then walking to steal Internet to do stupid blog and stuff, and then walking back, and then of course I got stuck at Rendez Vous!!! And then the blisters made me walk super slow home, and then since we have a landline at house I was able to speak with Stuart after a while, and then I realized I hadn’t done my 365 push-ups and sit-ups and planks!! And then the sun was rising!! CRAZY!!!

Ahhhh Spetses.

It truly is the best place ever. The best island. So beautiful. So many memories.

It is home.

It is the little schmonkie’s home….as well as the UK of course.

I leave again tomorrow which is sad – a day and a half is just nothing. I can’t see everybody or do everything, but I guess being here for any time is better than no time. I came to see family, primarily Thanassi which I am trying to do amid the crazy schedule and Thanassi’s work schedule. Actually snuck out to steal some Internet while the laundry is going that I put on for my bro as he has done nothing since he arrived here as work started! Trying to help a bit!!

Of course while stealing the Internet I am also having a chocolate milkshake right now!! I actually came here specifically for a mocha milkshake as they are the best but they don’t have any mocha!!! So was going to have the famous waffles but will have to squeeze them in tomorrow!!

It’s funny – as soon as I started drinking my milkshake the little schmonkie started bubbling like crazy!! I guess he liked it haha!!

The little schmonkie then had its first Spetses milkshake. As well as his first swim in the sea!! The Greek doctor told my sister-in-law that she could not swim while she was pregnant and I heard that a lot yesterday when I said I was going to jump in today. What?? I had never heard of that so my parents checked with their gyno doctor friend and of course he said I’m allowed to go into the sea!! So I had a little dip! Literally it was like for a minute haha!! But it was nice. I had a lot of eyes on me as I went in and sat in the sea….the Greeks are crazy!!

I was also told that I should not ride my moped because of the risk and the bumps and such. So i walked everywhere last night annoyingly, and with stupid shoes on that I found in the cupboard as my trousers were too long, which sadly gave me blisters!!! Despite the fact that those platform sandals are old and from when I was young, they obviously are not cut out for the heat or walking!!! I mean, how would I know if they were good for walking?? I never walk in Spetses usually!! I am the moped girl haha!!

So….after some walking all morning/day and my feet hurting, I made an executive decision to take my moped down to the Internet place and just go slowly. I mean I look like an old grandma at the speed I’m going!! But much better!!! Of course, more stares along the route as they watch the pregnant bump drive by!!

Have to finish up now as have a long last night ahead on my little sleep….I actually felt drunk going to bed this morning as was so tired! And of course just sitting at Rendez Vous bar I was drunk from association haha!!