Operation 365 Poem: day 316…Sexual Shower Power

Sexual Shower Power

Run the water
Takes time
To get the temp right

Close the window
Keep the cold out
From the night

Hot and steamy
To strip down

Hand in
Perfect now
Slip off my dressing gown

Head under first
Let the water run
Soothing muscle sting

Eyes closed
I don’t notice
When or how you slip in

I feel your touch
Behind me
I can’t just shower

Quick wash
Is no longer
With this raw sexual power

Mist rising
Like a hot spring waterfall

Won’t be able to walk
Will barely be able to crawl

If only I wasn’t 5’2″ tall!!

365 ONE: day 261…Induced Date Set If Nothing Happens

Day 261: September 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Rich Girl” by Gwen Stefani

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Super Size”

Anything to Note =

I had my hospital appointment this morning.

I had this scheduled in advance as an appointment for after the 40 weeks and due date had passed in case the little monkey had not come into this world. And being now three days late in I went.

I had a little chat and said that I was feeling a lot of pressure and pains so we naturally talked about first babies being stereotypically late and the concept of induction. They will wait ten days before they induce and so will give me another week for the little monkey to have a chance to come out naturally.

Of course the things you hear about in the movies – you see how educated I am from movies??!! – are true ways to encourage labor, which she mentioned that we have all heard:

Spicy Food

Long Walks


I would like the little one to emerge naturally, ideally. I wonder what else works… 🙂

This morning they performed an internal “sweep” on me – which I will not go into detail about other than its an internal exam to naturally help start labor and check if I am on that forward route at all…turns out its quite painful despite being compared to period pains…..ummmmm, no! It was worse than that thank you very much!

And to make it worse I had it done TWICE as there were two in the room – the first girl I think was an intern or something as she performed it first and then said she would need help/confirmation/assistance or something…so the OB went in and did it again!!

Trust my luck that I get it done TWICE!!!

“Just relax and breathe” – oh ok, no problem!!!!!! Don’t you just love those words when you are in a compromising position!!! Oh vey 😦

It was painful TWICE and it made me think just how lovely this whole labor shindig is going to be!!!!!!! Great!! Epidural please!! Well, there was never any doubt to that, but hey 🙂

Anyway, turns out I am dilated but only at 1cm so have a big stretch (hahaha my wit amuses me sometimes!!) to go before I am ready to give birth. So I am scheduled for another of these wonderful “sweeps” for this coming Friday and then if nothing still and the little monkey is still being stubborn (a good friend of mine yesterday pointed out like mother like son….thanks!!), then i am booked to go in to be induced for next Tuesday. Which if that happens will mean he will be another October baby!! Ahhhh the month of October is a popular one in my family! My brother, mother, two nephews, sister, brother-in-law, very good friend, and Stuart’s sister all have birthdays in October just to name a few!!

So, we are hoping for September to change it up!!

It made me think though back nine months to how all these people ended up in October…as well as possibly the little monkey….and it comes down to some hanky panky being obviously popular around Christmas/New Years time 🙂

I also then thought back to me and being born in May and nine months prior to my birthday being August…and suddenly a click went off in my head!!!! My parents got married in May the year before I was born, or had their civil registry wedding then, and then they went to Greece to have their church wedding in September in Spetses….and it hit me!!!

I turned to my mum and asked her if she was in Spetses in August already, prior to her wedding, and the answer was….YES!!!!!!!

So yeah…..I was conceived in Spetses!!! Woo Hoo!!!! That is just perfect!! And makes total sense haha!!

Now THAT made my day 🙂


365 ONE: day 245….One Week Till Stuart The Burge!

Day 245: September 9th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Baby Room Thus Far”

Anything to Note =

Stuart will be here a week today!!!!

And I can’t wait to see him and be with him….as I haven’t seen him in almost two months! Which is a little crazy – have been so busy that I’m not sure where the time went! But I have felt so far away and miss him so only one more week to go!

Although he has not seen the whale I have become!

Just you wait and see Stuart!!!

I was a whale before but now I have developed into a W.H.A.L.E!!!!! The couple times we have Skyped have not been able to show just how much….so prepare yourself Burgess!

I really can’t wait to see him but there is also an element of being scared that he is coming over in just a week….because that means that we are close to the finale here!!! It means, that things are really close, that giving birth is close, and that freaks me out!!

It’s a double feeling of missing him so much and can’t wait to see him….to….ahhhh he can’t come over because then things will get real!!!

Soooooooo…..going to push that out of my mind for a second!! And show you something hilarious. We have a cable TV service over here in the UK called Sky and so my mum and I watch movies at night and browse through the names to figure out what’s on etc. Well, if you press the info button it tells you a bit about the movie…well late last night we clicked on the info for a movie to see what it was about and this popped up…


This cracked me up!!

I love the warnings about this movie….the usual of course: sex, violence etc etc….but then at the end…live octopus ingestion!!!! What the????!!!!! I have never seen that before!!!!


365 ONE: day 214…Next One A Girl….NEXT ONE????!!!!!

Day 214: August 9th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Stairs

Dance of the Day was = “You Never Know” by Marly

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Getting Ready For Baby”

Anything to Note =

I went to see my Godson today as he happened to be in town today before he leaves tomorrow and I leave on Saturday, and he is off to college!!! Crazy that I baptized him and he is now 17!!! Where does the time go???

I mean, I can’t believe my little bro will be 25 in just over a week!!!

I can’t believe I am 31!!!

I can’t believe I am married!!!!

I can’t believe I’m pregnant!!!!!!!!!!

Where did the time go???

No, seriously…where did the time go?? Anyone, anyone, anyone?? Bueller?? Bueller??!!!


Speaking of babies….seems to be anything and everything everyone seems to be talking about!! I wanted to talk about my Godson and his college and stuff, and I got a little in today, but then it was back to babies!!!! I seem to be the only one not talking about it haha!!

The conversation switched to cribs as my Godson’s mother wants to put money towards it, so we spent time online looking together for a nice white crib….still all seems so foreign to me!! Weird!! Her husband is one of the top gynecologists so he wrote me a letter to be able to fly on Saturday at 33 weeks, as I should have it on me. But that didn’t help the conversation shifting back to babies!!

I know people can’t believe that I am pregnant….well, as I have already mentioned…I can’t believe it so it makes sense why everyone is chatting about it!!

It was funny as before we left my mum asked him about how to have a girl next time!! I mean I know everyone wants a girl since we have so many boys – mine being the seventh grandson!! Lets get through the first baby, is what I said!!!! But my Godson’s father is famous for his IVF treatment so of course he was saying that with in vitro you can get a girl, but naturally, he said that the best chances of having a girl….ready for the secret everyone….????…..is to have sex further away from ovulation as the sperm carrying the female gene last longer. So you have to have sex up to five days before ovulation and that will increase your chances!! But this is not guaranteed of course but wanted to pass on to you all the secrets 🙂

Since this little schmonkie came out of nowhere I actually think that we fit into that category of making us more eligible of having a girl because it was far away from when I calculated ovulation to be….we were destined for a boy I guess!!

A boy right on when our Greek wedding was supposed to be!! Ahhhhh boys – ruining all plans!!!