Operation 365 Poem: day 335…Shocking Shock

Shocking Shock

A shocking shock to my system
Accidentally becoming a 2am victim
Was about to finally go off to bed
Then landed flat on my face instead
Clearly I have done some serious harm
As it was a true collapse of my arm
Went to do a push-up randomly
And I know I have some sort of injury
But had no idea it was this bad
My left arm collapsed and made me sad
First my mouth, in disbelief, opened wide
Then I broke down and…just cried
What in the world have I done?
Is this the shift to old from young?
Or do I just not give my body time to recover?
How can anyone who is a mother?
But I do crazy stunts that risk my health
And I’m not very good at looking after myself
My neck also hurts I noticed when cocked back
Sends pain down the left that’s out of whack
I know it’s not right but was waiting to see
Until I’m done with my play and it’s choreography
But that’s not until January, at the end
Too long to see if alone it will mend
I hope it’s not nerve related or something worse
Scary…hence my emotional burst
I can’t believe I collapsed on the floor
I know, I know, this I can’t ignore no more
No need to rush me into a helicopter
But I agree it’s time to see a doctor