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365 ONE: day 243…Barren Ring Finger

Day 243: September 7th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Dare” by Gorillaz

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Glass Emperor-ess”

Anything to Note =

I have now gone down to NO rings! First I took off my engagement ring and now my wedding ring!

Which I was trying to avoid but in fear of more swelling and having my wedding ring cut off or preventing blood flow or something like that, the wedding ring has now also been removed. Just a barren ring finger now šŸ˜¦

The doctor the other day at my appointment advised me to do this too as my hands are swollen, and there is a clear indent from my ring when it gets bad during the day when walking, or when lying on it when sleeping.

I have noticed that my hands are swollen, and don’t seem to be really going down annoyingly. It is not super bad but noticeable. I definitely notice it in the mornings as my hands are sore and there is pressure when bending them…my feet go up and down so they are better…but it’s hot again here so that’s not helping!

My feet go down though by morning as I am sleeping with them raised, but how do you sleep with your hands raised…above your head??!! That’s not going to happen! Especially as I can’t sleep anyway!

It’s just funny though as there was a time that it felt so strange to have any rings on – in fact it still does – I look down and see my rings and have a “woah, wait what the?? I’m married??” moment all the time! Yeah, I am still not used to that. My mum the other day was on the phone talking to someone and I heard her say ” Zoe’s husband arrives on the 16th” and I was like WTF???? It’s still so weird in general but hearing my mum say it out loud was super weird!

It’s strange to be referred to as married let alone have two rings on that show proof of that every day!! However, I have to say, being so far away from Stuart has made me feel closer to him with my rings on, and so losing one when I took off my engagement ring felt odd as that completed the ring set that Stuart gave me, but now with both off it feels not right.

So once it felt funny with any rings on and now it feels funny without any rings on!


And it’s not because I believe in all that superstition that you should never take them off or that it’s bad luck – as I have had to take them off many times when acting characters that are or cannot not be married. So I have no issue with that.

But I guess i’m just saying it feels a little more lonely right now without them on. And just not right.

It makes me want to say: Sorry Stuart šŸ˜¦