365 ONE: day 186…Airport Toilet Craziness!

Day 186: July 12th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was =Walking

Dance of the day was = “Pesto Me ‘Na Fili” by Katie Garbi

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Chocolate Dance”

Anything to Note =

Well that was a first yesterday…I had to do my dance and then all fitness criteria, so push ups, planks, and sit ups, in the JFK BA terminal 7 toilet stall!!!!

I was in packing crazy and then we saw both our respective flights were delayed by an hour or so, so I planned to leave an hour later and had more time – then Virgin had contradictory travel info and then they said they were still doing the same cut off time to check in baggage regardless of delay in case they could depart earlier – so the gears had to shift suddenly and we had to leave!

Thus I did not have time to do my dance or fitness 365 before we left the house. It became frantic pack time with weighing and adjusting and weighing and re-adjusting to fit the weight limits.

We realized that Virgin had changed their hand luggage rules – not only do they weigh the hand luggage which most do not, like on BA I was fine, but they added this new criteria where you are not allowed to also carry a separate laptop bag in addition to the hand luggage, so the laptop had to be included – which sucks as that is how we beat the system. We have a wheelie bag to carry on and go overhead that fits things and takes some of the weight, and then the laptop bag is what we need out and goes under the seat – and with mine being a netbook (and now iPad thanks to my generous boss!) they don’t take up the whole bag so there is even room in that to fit extra things!

But with Virgin weighing the ONE CARRY ON that has to include the laptop then nothing else can be combined with that. I mean literally! We weighed Stuart’s laptop and it was already almost 7 lbs and the total allowed was 12 lbs!


Anyway I managed to get everything in and all under the weight limits – just under, but it worked!

That took up my last moments though so I was faced with where do I do my dance and fitness 365…

Naturally one would choose the loo! Right???!!! The gross airport disabled toilet!

It was ridiculous with me dancing with headphones on let alone on the floor, the airport toilet floor, doing planks and push ups!

AND there was a woman pooping in the stall next to mine!!!!!!! Seriously!!!!! My head was near her feet!!!!!!

After I washed my forearms down vigorously I looked behind me and you could totally see into the cracks of the stall!!!!!!


Anyway, after that it became a race to who would get to the UK first on our different delayed flights…..


In the end…

I WON!! 🙂

365 ONE: day 22…and a new week begins…

Day 22: January 30th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking (with heavy backpack)

Dance of the Day was = “Land Down Under” by Men at Work

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Silent Dance”

Anything to Note =

I had to cram in my criteria again today as had my staged reading performance of Three Sisters tonight at The Player’s Club with rehearsal there in the space all afternoon. So I did my planks, push-ups and sit-ups at the office. It’s so much nicer to do the planks on carpet – it doesn’t hurt your arms as much – and with the push-ups too I guess. There is that little room before you enter the actual bathroom at work with a large mirror and couch, and carpeted floor – I love doing my 365 there. I went back to do my sit-ups but there was a girl in there on the couch so had to do them on the floor in the disabled bathroom larger stall! It was gross! Doing my sit-ups on the tiles near the loo!!!!! This girl who also works in our suite tends to have moments in her day where she sits on the couch to rest, or sometimes cry (really sad) but she prevents me from using that space, so it makes it hard sometimes to coordinate! I always hope she is not there when I go to the bathroom so I can use the carpeted area!

I just want to add again though – it was gross doing sit-ups on the cold tiles, in a bathroom, literally right next to the toilet! AND…in a nice dress!!!

I danced to my Aussie song today in the bathroom at The Player’s Club – of course I chose this song to honor my Aussie cousin’s birthday, who is staying with me in NYC at the moment…or at least I will gladly say so….but not sure I put two and two together until after since I found the next song and pressed play!

I then decided to do my crazy upload in that bathroom too! I spent a lot of my 365 in bathrooms apparently today! HAHA! The bathroom downstairs at The Player’s Club though was sooo warm and the theatre was soooo cold, so I was happy to be down there – in front of full-size mirrors 🙂 I haven’t watched my video though – I can only imagine what came out….vaguely remember me doing a “silent dance” with a bathroom stall like I am crazy!! But too late so wanted to just get my blogs posted so I can go to bed!


365 ONE: day 5 and still alive!!

Day 5: January 13th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Speed Walking/Loom Exercises

Dance of the Day was = “Alors on Danse” by Stromae

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was something I like to refer to as = “Bathroom Joke”

Anything to Note =

This non-sleeping thing is just worse than my normal non-sleeping problem I have. So any worse is just like NO SLEEP! It’s really starting to get me down with such early mornings and such long days….and FRUIT and VEG still. Well, I am hoping to be done with the fruit and veg sunday as that will be a whole week of detox, and I need to really adhere to my “Eat Healthy” criteria as I know this is not healthy. But do you really want to know the truth? I could probably go on and on and on and on with fruit and veg. Those that know me know I could. I really believe that…but NO! I. Will. Stop. That is why its a criteria to Eat Healthy as it’s a challenge for me. Backwards, I know!


Inserting these criteria in my day is just funny really! It would make for a good reality tv series! Not to say that my life is just so tv-worthy!! No, what I mean is from the outside eye some of my daily moments I think would make some good crap tv!

Speaking of that, I would love a videographer or camera-man/woman to help with my acting improvs I’m filming. I decided on the bathroom this time for my upload and was almost caught! I just feel a little limited…but I will persevere – forgot to ask at the Apple store when I was there today about that, I just realized! Boo! I was going to ask them about an ipod touch remote and didn’t. Ugh. Will have to go back.

Was late home tonight so had the dance to still do – picked one so that my cousin visiting from Australia and my hus*and (still have a hard time saying that out loud!!) could perhaps join along with me as I danced in the living room…but nope! They both sat and played on their computers/phones!! I saw a few finger motions – what a bunch of Lazy Susans!!!!