365 ONE: day 58…NYC and boots

Day 58: March 6th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Shot You Down” version by the Audio Bullys

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Film Within A Film”

Anything to Note =

“NYC was made for walking, and that’s just what I’ll do. One of these days, these boots are gonna walk all over you!”

I had a pretty important reading at The Players Club tonight so had to be dressed smartly – which meant I could not turn up in my trainers! So, boots it was! Me and my boots! I recommend of course trainers to walk around NYC or anywhere really and not boots, but surprisingly these black boots I have are pretty comfy…they just slow me down! I am used to speedwalking my way through and doing that in boots makes you feel ridiculous and I am sure look ridiculous – hunched forward as your upper body tries to lead you faster than the boots will take you!

I had to walk as my cardio since it was such a long day, so walked from work to my rehearsal down at The Players Club and a few places here and there, but it just doesn’t feel like real cardio in boots. It feels like I am in slow-mo or something!

So of course when I got home I was a little dissatisfied – hence my dance of the day song turned into a crazo aerobic hardcore workout! The song I picked is a rendition that is half the original, so slow, and the other half jazzed with a techno beat, so…that’s what I did…went aerobic crazy on the techno beat part! And on the slower part, I tried to move as much with my body as I could….like a snake….a modern dance snake!….on crack!

365 ONE: day 22…and a new week begins…

Day 22: January 30th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking (with heavy backpack)

Dance of the Day was = “Land Down Under” by Men at Work

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Silent Dance”

Anything to Note =

I had to cram in my criteria again today as had my staged reading performance of Three Sisters tonight at The Player’s Club with rehearsal there in the space all afternoon. So I did my planks, push-ups and sit-ups at the office. It’s so much nicer to do the planks on carpet – it doesn’t hurt your arms as much – and with the push-ups too I guess. There is that little room before you enter the actual bathroom at work with a large mirror and couch, and carpeted floor – I love doing my 365 there. I went back to do my sit-ups but there was a girl in there on the couch so had to do them on the floor in the disabled bathroom larger stall! It was gross! Doing my sit-ups on the tiles near the loo!!!!! This girl who also works in our suite tends to have moments in her day where she sits on the couch to rest, or sometimes cry (really sad) but she prevents me from using that space, so it makes it hard sometimes to coordinate! I always hope she is not there when I go to the bathroom so I can use the carpeted area!

I just want to add again though – it was gross doing sit-ups on the cold tiles, in a bathroom, literally right next to the toilet! AND…in a nice dress!!!

I danced to my Aussie song today in the bathroom at The Player’s Club – of course I chose this song to honor my Aussie cousin’s birthday, who is staying with me in NYC at the moment…or at least I will gladly say so….but not sure I put two and two together until after since I found the next song and pressed play!

I then decided to do my crazy upload in that bathroom too! I spent a lot of my 365 in bathrooms apparently today! HAHA! The bathroom downstairs at The Player’s Club though was sooo warm and the theatre was soooo cold, so I was happy to be down there – in front of full-size mirrors 🙂 I haven’t watched my video though – I can only imagine what came out….vaguely remember me doing a “silent dance” with a bathroom stall like I am crazy!! But too late so wanted to just get my blogs posted so I can go to bed!


365 ONE: day 9 and surprisingly I’m fine!

Day 9: January 17th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog is what I refer to as = “Ground Move”

Anything to Note =

The sit-ups were really hard today, way harder than the last 9 days. I could feel the aching in my body and stomach so maybe I am just feeling the repetition of these exercises, which I can’t do anything about, or I am just not strong, boo! Hopefully I will get stronger, I imagine I will and that excites me! I do try and change-up the 40 sit-ups so I’m not doing the same exactly every day – this may help to rest some of the muscles ready for the next day, or day after next.

I had a hard time getting the other physical criteria done in the office bathroom. It was like I was cursed today – as soon as I went in, someone would come in. Or as soon as I got on the floor to start the plank I had to jump up as the key in the door would rattle. It was super annoying and so I had to revert to the stairwell again. The cold sterile poop-hole of a stairwell! Where there is no lovely carpet 😦

I had a super busy day today, and will again tomorrow, even more actually tomorrow, but today I had to be at a lot of different places so I decided to walk or speed walk, or as fast as I could with my heeled boots for most of it, all over NYC. I felt it in my legs certainly. It was nice to not to take the subway and I just had enough time in between it all to accomplish that. So, duh, that became the cardio – it’s an obvious choice for me but especially when I am so busy. It’s the best I can do right now – at least its something, right?!!

Note to self or advice to others in regards to dancing – don’t dance in pajamas with no underwear on! Boobs flailing and pajama pants falling is not fun to deal with – I am sure it would be hilarious to watch from the outside, but terrible when you are actually trying to dance to I Kissed a Girl!!! Hahaha 🙂

I find it very funny when I explain what I am doing or what 365 ONE is. Today I had to explain a number of times and it’s just so funny to watch people’s faces and how perplexed they get – a little shaking of the head, a little head tilt, a little frowning! All in all, the same reaction and the same thought I am sure = Are You Crazy? They all did like it in the end though and also the added charitable encouragement part that I will add later on. I was glad they seemed to understand and oddly despite the questioning, they all seemed to be on my side. So thanks guys! I will need all the support I can get!

Speaking of support – if you like what you read, or see on my other blog with the improvised acting videos, or both, why not FOLLOW MY BLOGS!! 🙂 Or spread the word! Like the posts! Or all of that!! Why? Because this is quite the Challenge I have set myself and I really do need to know you are out there in some way. I know I will need it more the farther I get in to this but I want to make sure I get that far so any help would be much appreciated. And why not start your own 365 Challenge and join me!!! If I can do 11 criteria, you can do 1, right???!!