Operation 365 Poem: day 213…Through the Crack

Through the Crack

Through the crack
Straight down
One minute in baby’s hands
The next minute, on the ground

Not even on the ground
Through the wooden slit
It’s a wonder that it got through
A crack where knuckles won’t fit

Believe me I tried
To contort my fingers so
To try and push my hand through
But there was no way it would go

They tried using twisted metal
They tried a BBQ prong
I even brought spatulas
It’s right there, below, but too far gone

I thought that’s what I get
I was ready to give up
I mean, I was the one who gave baby the iPod
And it falling through is my bad luck

The owners of the beach bar
They cut the wood with a guy they knew
Generous and amazing won’t happen again
Baby, no more iPod for you!