PUPPET ME 365: “Get Some Rest”…You Tell me How I’m Supposed to Sleep Through This!!

365 ONE: day 190…Dumbo or Giant Spiders??

Day 190: July 16th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Aerobic-like Dancing

Dance of the Day was = “Other Side of the World” by KT Tunstall

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Train Outside”

Anything to Note =

I seem to keep getting caught with my 365. Meaning – it seems to be somehow left until later in the day but then we don’t get home until after midnight and suddenly I have 365 to do…and by “365 to do” I mean ALL of my 365 to do!!!!!!!


I don’t know – I have been planning this out poorly but I also keep thinking we’ll be home later and I can do it, and then it seems to be super late when getting home or getting around to doing it….when all I wish I could do is take a moment to relax and lie down 😦


Today I did actually feel nauseous so left 365 until later, but it’s now 1.30am and I am typing this up! Ugh!

The nausea was really my fault today though as I didn’t eat enough and didn’t have any snacks on me and we were out for a while, well longer than I anticipated or really I was just stupid as I know I should just have snacks on me all the time.

Who’s a…



I would just like to share with you this wonderful clip from YouTube though before I sign off and try to sleep…although after this I am not sure I can really!!

We were over at Stuart’s brother’s house for dinner and then right before we left we got to talking about spiders and how we don’t like them. And then naturally we started talking about giant spiders (getting chills down my neck just thinking about giant spiders uuuuuugh!)

We were talking about the phenomenon that when you are afraid of something you kind of also want to look at it. Meaning – people who are afraid of flying tend to research plane crashes, or people who don’t like the sight of blood are drawn to hospital TV shows….and in our case they were saying that it’s odd that they are afraid of spiders yet they have looked up online giant spiders….

We, humans, are fascinating, aren’t we??!! Ahhh psychology!! (For another time as it’s too late now for me to go into that!!)


Speaking of that, here is what we found on YouTube…haha!!

Now granted this will make you jump (see aren’t you curious already!!!) but it’s also funny at the end when the guy tries to get out of there and puts his foot in it…watch!!!