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Operation 365 Poem: day 167…Half Marathon Walk

Half Marathon Walk

On a whim
I decide
To join in
On a charity ride

Half marathon
13 miles
Walking speedily
To raise money piles

No exercising build to this
But why not?
How hard can it be
I walk a lot

3 and a half hours later
Legs in pain
I did it!!
But should have trained

I work by challenges
Clearly that’s the case
Sometimes I wish I wasn’t me
Treating it like a race

I had to push myself
I had to go past
All the 700 people
I could not be anywhere near last

That last mile
My poor aching body
Tomorrow I’m going to die
I need a hot toddy!

Did I mention
It started at midnight
And it was 80’s themed
Although I liked dressing bright

Of course with my time
I was not satisfied
And that I didn’t win
Even though I tried

Oy vey…I’m fried!