Operation 365 Poem: day 152…Weather to Leave in

Weather to Leave in

Weather says storms
Weather says rain
Of course it does
Right before I leave again

I’m surprised it’s only saying that
And not something like snow
Its not impossible
To have snow in July you know

The weather knows I have to go
That I have a plane, or two, to make
With a baby, appointments on arrival
That there’s a lot at stake

Once again it’s out to get me
Although they say rain is a blessing
Its “good luck”…apparently
So it’ll rain on departure, and at our wedding

It poured at our NYC wedding
And at our celebratory event in the UK
So trust our “good luck” it will rain at our Greek wedding
And when I leave to plan for that Tuesday!

Let’s just hope it doesn’t rain every day!
I don’t believe you Weather Man…okay?!