365 ONE: day 139…Who Has A Moo-Moo?

Day 139: May 26th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “Give It 2 Me” by Madonna

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Tennis Match”

Anything to Note =

It’s one of those days…you have a shower and then boom you’re drenched again it’s so hot, and you haven’t even left the house yet!! I have to carry props today too of course in this heat mania! It’s the humidity that’s going to kill me – and its only May!!

Holy Crappo!!

That’s part of the reason I hope to get out and have the baby in London as this will be horrendous here if I have to stay as its going to be such a hot summer at the rate it’s going! UGH! It’s going to be miserable pregnant here!!

AHHHHHH!! Please Green Card come before I can no longer fly!!!

I’m also in that in between phase too where I feel like I do still need to cover the bump, which is there, because I still feel like I’m in the “unsure if she’s pregnant or just fat” area! And still in denial, I know I know!

I have lots of baggy clothes so that’s not the issue, although you can still see the bump, but I need to wear layers too under as in my office and in rehearsal it gets cold – so I can’t win in this dire heat!! All the baggy clothes that are the lightest for this heat are super huge too so I look even bigger, but frankly I don’t care in this heat!

It’s just too hot!!

365 ONE: day 61…with Denise Austin

Day 61: March 9th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Denise Austin’s Cardio DVD Workout

Dance of the Day was = “Fly or Die” by N.E.R.D

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Denise Austin-ness”

Anything to Note =

I got home and still had my cardio to do. I was about to put something on the Wii when I remembered I once had a dvd workout somewhere on my dvd shelf. It was a Denise Austin dvd workout, a personal training dvd. I put it on and it was hilarious! It felt like it was from the 1980’s but looked at the back of the dvd and it said only 2004! My favourite quote in the intro was…

“Thanks to dvd technology you can now work out in your own home”

Thanks to dvd technology??!! In 2004??!!! I feel like we went back in time – I also felt underdressed…should have had on my leg warmers and headband….which later inspired my video upload of the day 🙂

I chose “moderate intensity” instead of low or high, thinking that I didn’t want to push it too hard, especially as I had just eaten, but clearly I was mistaken – I barely felt any sweat or increase in my heartbeat. It was not intense enough! I also had issues though – her workout required a lot of walking side to side, which was not possible in my living room, so had to modify and perhaps that meant I was not as committed? I am not sure that was entirely to blame though. It just wasn’t enough. I will need to try the “high intensity” program to see!

I also kept laughing at her constant smiling and cheesy lines of encouragement and commentating with her eye-popping! It’s too hard to…just watch this! I could not find the exact cardio workout online I did but here is a little taste…


365 ONE: day 33…is two bums or boobs!

Day 33: February 10th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Barefoot Side Jogging in Place for 15 Mins

Dance of the Day was = “Would You…” by Touch & Go

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Strip Show”

Anything to Note =

33 looks like two bums!! Doesn’t it?? Flip your head and look at it! Or two sets of boobs! I know, I know, I am like 5 years old, but I typed in Day 33 and it made me laugh! Bums were my first image though…what does that say about me? Hmmmmm…

Okaaaaaaaaay then…

A couple of things I did for 365 I wish I could have done differently today:

1). Tip-toes on a crowded train in boots = soooo not funny! It was super smooshed on the 7 train – something was wrong as the amount of people was outrageous. Anyway, I get pushed in and barely holding on when I realize I had to go on tip-toes. So hard! When it’s so super crowded like that I could not re-adjust with the weight and so my legs were dying!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, had a couple behind me who would not stop talking about how horrible being crowded was and they needed to get off to get a cab, and its only cabs from now on, and this is a good time for pickpocketing, and they were so glad that the level of BO around them wasn’t so so bad…..SHUT UP! Some of us are trying to focus on our tip-toes around here! I was going to walk to the other station as my cardio and I didn’t….mistake!!

2). Barefoot “Side Jogging” in Place = WTF???? I don’t even know why or how I came up with that! I came home and knew I had to do something as my cardio but no idea how it came to this! I went into my room as our subletter was home and turned the TV on and then decided to re-create a Wii fit exercise where you jog in place to the circuit on TV, but instead I would do it to some TV show that was on. Set my phone timer for 15 mins and boom…off we go! It was more than 5 mins in when I realized I was doing some sort of “side jogging” to avoid just bouncing up and down – and by “side jogging” I guess I was swinging my legs out side to side in place…not sure what to call it but “side jogging” feels accurate 🙂 I think it was to prevent movement forward too as my pile of clothes on the bedroom floor limited my cardio area! And I had to be just there to see the TV haha! Then it was another few minutes before I realized that my calves were really hurting…and oh wait…I was barefoot and had no trainers on! And as a result I was on my tip-toes due to no support! Great! And had a long way to go still! So what did I do….stuck it out to the end, and now am in pain! Why oh why?

3). Shuffled Song After Cardio = great techno oldie song came on again but it was right after my major calves workout from my disastrous cardio so was not able to really dance. Instead ended up doing a lot of pelvic thrusts (as the song does indeed call for that since the chorus does say “Would you…ummm….would you go to bed with me?” !!) But even the thrusts hurt! And then ended up relying on mostly arm movements that turned into 60’s swimming dance moves?? Again, WTF?? I should have waited to do the dance later but wanted to get all my 365 done!


365 ONE: day 24 with some technical difficulties

Day 24: February 1st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!

Cardio was = Wii Just Dance 3 Just Sweat Program

Dance of the Day was = “Disco Lies” by Moby

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Tribble Dribble”

Anything to Note =

I had some downtime in between things this evening so saved all my 365 criteria for that period of time….which I don’t recommend. The “to-do-list” of 365 items looks like a mile long when it’s not broken up. Doing it ALL in one go….ummmm….BLOWS!!

I think it dampened the whole process actually – I certainly was not in the mood for that Moby song. And I love that Moby song but dancing to it I suddenly just wasn’t into it at all, and by the time I felt like I didn’t want to dance to it, I had to just go with it so I didn’t have to start a whole new song. Song was too soft too….technical difficulty number one.

I decided on Wii Just Dance 3 for my cardio today. My cousin left NYC and the coffee table was still out of the living room due to the pull-out sofa space so it was perfect for me to dance! I did the Just Sweat program which I never had done before as all I’ve done is challenge people. The Just Sweat measures how much “sweat” you’ve supposedly worked and then after each thousand lets you know what that is equivalent to. So by 1,000 I apparently had crossed Central Park! And by 2,000 I had run some laps at some field…great can’t remember!! Brain….technical difficulty number two haha!

An annoying thing kept happening though with each Wii song I was dancing to – at about a quarter way through my speaker kept cutting out so the volume was severely reduced and it was too far in to stop or do anything. This happened FIVE times! For each song! No idea what the eff was happening with it tonight. It obviously hated me!! Sooooo annoying as part of the fun is the song and I need to hear it to keep beat for the points with the movement accuracy!! Technical difficulty number three!!!

I noticed something odd though today. I don’t breathe much when I do push-ups. I may not breathe at all! I also didn’t breathe much when doing the Wii dance…but maybe that was because I was trying to hear the music!!!! I used to have that problem with skiing and racing…holding my breath really with any physical activity…which is not good. I have to make the audible sound to rememeber…but I guess I still forget….technical difficulty number 4!! haha!!

365 ONE: day 1 & 2

So its day two…meaning its 363 days to go still….HOLY SH**********T!!!!

I guess I technically need to report on two days since yesterday was my introduction to the whole 365 ONE Challenge on here, where I must blog daily. I accepted the challenge and then I went home and had to complete all the criteria I had set forth for myself.

My question is = why did I not pick only one thing to do for a whole year and not ELEVEN friggin’ criteria to do DAILY!!!! It’s too late…I must now take the challenge. Ugh. I was trying to explain the whole thing to my mum on the phone back in London and she said something along the lines of “Are you crazy?” and started laughing! What did she ask me…same as what I just asked…

Mum: “Zoe, why didn’t you just pick one thing to do for a whole year??”

Me: “I don’t know. I should have. But it didn’t sound as extreme, and you know, I’m extreme girl”

Like I am some kind of superhero – “Extreme Girl” to the rescue….of herself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mum did make a valid point though, in that I blog daily as one criteria and I have to upload a new improvised piece every day to my Zoe The Actor blog, and this is evidence of me doing it, but the rest of the criteria like the fitness, cardio, daily dance, transportation crazo rules I guess you will have to take my word for it. I wanted to upload a dance video every day too but then I discovered that the music of the song would be heard and that’s copywrighted…so I don’t know – maybe I will come up with something along the way as proof or something to show other than to write about it – silent video of me dancing???? Any ideas???

Mum: “They will just have to take your word for it. So then no one will know if you don’t do it”

Me: “I would know!!!! And that’s the whole point! I would know I cheated!!”

And that’s it. This is my challenge, so folks – you may have to take my word for it that I did the number of sit-ups and push-ups and such but I will not lie to you. If I fail a criteria then you will be the first to know! Let’s hope I make all ELEVEN all 365 DAYS!! I really don’t want to fail 😦

So….to report:

Day 1: January 9th 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!

Cardio was = Wii Just Dance 2

Dance of the Day was = “Its Raining Men” by The Weather Girls

Improvised Acting Video to other blog was what I refer to as = “Big Glasses”

Anything to Note = Day 1 was hard!! I decided to add a fruit and vegetable only detox as my Eat Healthy criteria…..why would I make it harder….shoot me! I wanted to go on a detox. Thinking of a week of just fruit and veg, maybe longer. But not sure as rehearsal packed schedule starts so hmmm.

Day 2: January 10th 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!!!!

Cardio = Running up and down stairs/Walking

Dance of the Day = “Family Affair” by Mary J. Blige

Improvised Acting Video uploaded to my other blog was what I refer to as = “Office Theft”

Anything to Note = Haven’t actually seen the whole of my uploaded video yet haha!! Recorded it and then my boss came in while I was playing back so just uploaded it! And still haven’t had time yet to view it! Today wasn’t even a busy day compared to what it can be and will be starting tomorrow and I found myself crunched with time – meaning, I did the 20 push-ups in the office bathroom!!! I also danced to the song in the office with the door shut. I’m sure the offices across the road were laughing their asses off if they saw anything 🙂 I feel like this may be a way for me to incorporate the criteria into my days so I expect more to come ahead of fitness in the loo and dancing to the skyscrapers across the way!!!

Oh, and note to self: don’t do the stretching exercises in tight jeans!!!!!!!