Virgin365: day two hundred and fifty-seven…Origami Penis

365 ONE: day 226…Until I Give Birth Then??!!

Day 226: August 21st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the Day was = “I’m Waiting For The Day” by The Beach Boys

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Two Caps”

Anything to Note =

First….Happy 25th Birthday to my cute little brother!!!!

I can’t believe he is 25!! Crazy!!

Today I had another hospital appointment this morning. Everything is fine from all the tests I did, including the glucose tests that I had to re-do. So they don’t consider me to have gestational diabetes over here…so that’s good news!!

I got the synopsis lowdown from the midwife about labour and delivery and meds and the procedure and steps to follow when the BIG IT happens!!!! It was all a little overwhelming and scary!! But I came over so late and have been unable to join any classes that’s supposed to explain all this as they are full! So she was nice enough to do a brief point by point in case I can’t go to any classes and have the good ol’ YouTube to rely on!

And then she was like, make two appointments to see your GP at 37 and 39 weeks, and go out front and book to come back to the hospital for 41 weeks now in case I have not had the baby by then….so I booked an appointment for September 25th on my way out!!!

That was strange.

Soooooooo….I said bye to the hospital for now – and a “see you when I am giving birth!”




On the weird note….

Last night I think the little schmonkie had the hiccups! Seriously!! I was lying down and I could feel a repetitive little beat for a long time! It went on for a while and was so consistent so it had to be that!!

I got worried actually as it really did go on for a long time!! But it did eventually stop so that was good!

So I gave the little one the hiccups with whatever I ate! Great!!

365 ONE: day 190…Dumbo or Giant Spiders??

Day 190: July 16th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Aerobic-like Dancing

Dance of the Day was = “Other Side of the World” by KT Tunstall

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Train Outside”

Anything to Note =

I seem to keep getting caught with my 365. Meaning – it seems to be somehow left until later in the day but then we don’t get home until after midnight and suddenly I have 365 to do…and by “365 to do” I mean ALL of my 365 to do!!!!!!!


I don’t know – I have been planning this out poorly but I also keep thinking we’ll be home later and I can do it, and then it seems to be super late when getting home or getting around to doing it….when all I wish I could do is take a moment to relax and lie down 😦


Today I did actually feel nauseous so left 365 until later, but it’s now 1.30am and I am typing this up! Ugh!

The nausea was really my fault today though as I didn’t eat enough and didn’t have any snacks on me and we were out for a while, well longer than I anticipated or really I was just stupid as I know I should just have snacks on me all the time.

Who’s a…



I would just like to share with you this wonderful clip from YouTube though before I sign off and try to sleep…although after this I am not sure I can really!!

We were over at Stuart’s brother’s house for dinner and then right before we left we got to talking about spiders and how we don’t like them. And then naturally we started talking about giant spiders (getting chills down my neck just thinking about giant spiders uuuuuugh!)

We were talking about the phenomenon that when you are afraid of something you kind of also want to look at it. Meaning – people who are afraid of flying tend to research plane crashes, or people who don’t like the sight of blood are drawn to hospital TV shows….and in our case they were saying that it’s odd that they are afraid of spiders yet they have looked up online giant spiders….

We, humans, are fascinating, aren’t we??!! Ahhh psychology!! (For another time as it’s too late now for me to go into that!!)


Speaking of that, here is what we found on YouTube…haha!!

Now granted this will make you jump (see aren’t you curious already!!!) but it’s also funny at the end when the guy tries to get out of there and puts his foot in it…watch!!!

365 ONE: day 104…Bolt Bus Bust!

Day 104: April 21st, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking with Bags in Rain

Dance of the Day was = “Lambada” by Kaomo

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “On Set At Eden Valley”

Anything to Note =

It was a Bolt Bus day. And annoying trips both on my way to my filmshoot in Baltimore MD and back to NYC. Plus it was a long day as my bus left near Madison Square Gardens at 7.45am and then had to be on the 7.45pm back, which meant I was up at 6am and didn’t get back home until after Midnight. Ugh.

Both on the way there and back of course someone chooses me to sit next to when both bus trips the bus was not full! Always happens. I must have a sign on my forehead or a low maintenance vibe. You can see why they chose me when you look at what the other people are doing – sitting on the aisle and putting their belongings on the seat near the window so taking up both seats. I can’t do that. I think that’s a bit of a jackass thing to do, so I couldn’t do that.

I was so tired so I tried to sleep on the way out there – why I thought I could sleep on a bus when I can’t sleep well in my own bed was beside me, but tried – and you guessed it…..failed. I’m having issues with being uncomfortable these days – can’t sleep as am uncomfortable, after I eat I feel uncomfortable, so naturally on the bus I felt uncomfortable. My bum was uncomfortable! Was wearing flowy trousers in order to BE comfortable and the seats were leather so I kept sliding down them! It was super annoying! Thought it was me slipping down while trying to sleep but bum hurt again on the way back without me doing anything – so I don’t know! The Bolt Bus seats did not agree with me! It makes me wonder though about flying and whether I will have a problem sitting in those airplane seats for long periods of time too. Ugh I hope not!

Well I would have stood for the two 3.5 hour bus rides but I could not justify that as part of my “no sitting on public transportation” 365 criteria as that really is for in-city commuter transport, AND ummmmm that would be CRAZY!

Would have typed this up and done my video upload to youtube with the free wifi on the Bolt Bus but it was horribly slow! And kept kicking me off, so gave up.

AND I lost my water bottle on the Bolt Bus on the way back, so was soooo thirsty!

Clearly the Bolt Bus experience, my first, was not the highlight of the day!

What was the highlight was arriving on set as it was gorgeous. I got in a little early after all that so there I was on a porch of a house with a purple door listening to just nature in the woods – amazing! It was too bad I couldn’t just sun tan all day and not have to get into white makeup to play the mother dying of cancer 😦

Another highlight – two bees mated on the chair next to me on the porch haha! And I managed to get a photo of it although only had my blackberry on me annoyingly at the time and not my ipod to video or get a good shot, so here is what I got…

(sidenote: just had to re-type the whole blog as tried to save time by typing some of my post on my blackberry and then copied and pasted it thinking it would save me some time as its so late and it wouldn’t friggin’ format – so thank you Stuart for reading it out for me to re-type directly into wordpress…..an end to annoying day!!!!!!!!!!)

(Oh and another sidenote quickly – had dinner with a good friend from the UK yesterday and I said I would mention and thus tag her as part of my 365 but had already written yesterday’s blog so this is a shout out to you Jemma Withers!!)

365 ONE: day 48…lift that butt!

Day 48: February 25th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Walking

Dance of the day was = “Ma Baker” by Bonny M

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Bad Sleeper?”

Anything to Note =

Jam packed today again – yet another day of two shows so had to take care of the 365 early on. Yesterday I didn’t get home until around 2am so it was a good thing I had done the blog and all. That is the last thing I want to do when I come home that late, that’s for sure!

You know what helps you do the 365 fitness, doing it in front of the TV while watching an infomercial about getting fit! And ironically, this morning the infomercial was Jillian Michaels and her new 90 day DVD set 🙂 Normally I get the Insanity infomercials on a Saturday morning – which I have seen so many times!! And yet funnily enough, I seem to watch a lot each time before switching channels…I have to admit I like the before and after pictures…although it makes you wonder with the technology these days, what stops them from having overweight people and simulating what they would look like thinner and toned with Photoshop? Or the other way around – having a super athletic person and then transforming what they would look like if they were fatter and out of shape with a little Photoshop….

Right after I watched way too much of the Jillian Michaels show, guess what was on the next channel…another fitness infomercial, but one I had never seen before…something to do with a Brazilian personal trainer making promises to lift your butt! That’s right…the women testimonials and pictures were all about how this program had changed their butts! NO JOKE! The before and after photos focused on the butts of these women transforming with this fitness and dance regime over a few months…it was hilariously graphic!!! The butts did look better and lifted! That was a new one for me on a Saturday morning 🙂

Interestingly on these photos, just after I had thought about the photoshopping possibility and the authenticity of the before and after shots, this Brazilian butt lift show had photos too and at the bottom it said “these have not been photoshopped” or something like that! And boy did these photos look R.E.A.L!!! The real-ist before and after shots I have ever seen…stretch marks, fat dimples…it was, on one hand a relief that finally a show is baring it all, but on the other hand now seriously made me wonder how much photoshopping is being done on all the other fitness infomercials out there!

I found it, the Brazil Butt Lift brief infomercial on YouTube, but sadly this is like a minute version so the good real before and after footage is not there, but here is a little bit of what was on TV…its like butt porn!!!!!!!! BOOTY PORN!!!

365 ONE: day 27 and I Wanna MMM…

Day 27: February 4th, 2012 = COMPLETE!!!!!

Cardio was = Loom Movement/Wall Squats/Walking

Dance of the Day was = “I Wanna MMM” by The Lawyer

Improvised Acting Video I uploaded to my other blog was = “Restaurant Faces”

Anything to Note =

Firstly, since this is fresh on my mind, please watch the ridiculous music video of my dance of the day song “I Wanna MMM” by The Lawyer!! The song itself is just hilarious for those of you have never heard it before, but we just looked up the video and it is bizarre!! Here…

Stuart had never heard this before although it came out a while ago and of course since it’s a Euro Dance Song it was a big hit in Euro Techno land! It’s also just funny! Stuart actually danced along for the first time, but I believe we were both doing the dance to work on our bowels moving after a huge meal out!! Haha! I Wanna…poop poop poop!! HAHA!! I am still so full that I am delirious!

Going backwards now, since I am crazy after all, I managed to get my fitness criteria in at rehearsal offstage in the scenes I was not in but I felt guilty as I didn’t want to distract or make noises while other people were working on stage…it was a little tedious but I knew we were going to dinner tonight straight after rehearsal so wanted to get it all done – sorry Loom Ensemble if I disturbed you in any way.

Again, on the crazy theme – I didn’t think the Loom movement today was enough so added wall squats when I could and then ended up still not thinking it was enough cardio so added more walking into my day. When is it enough, is what I want to know, since I clearly struggle with that.

I had to take the R train to Astoria tonight as it was closest to the restaurant and holy moly do I not want to take that train again! The tunnel tip-toe requirement was so hard! The tunnel is super long and it goes super slow…I was fumbling around in my boots – I am sure people were wondering why I could not keep still. It was horrible – will be avoiding that if possible!

And to end….I just want to say…I Wanna MMM…do you?